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  1. Yeah numbers are way off. Half of those games in PETCO as well. If it's 100 and 60 spilt I think Hedges gets you 12-13 and Mejia might get you 7-8. You are probably looking closer to .250 20/65-70 at best and you also have a valuable bench slot wasted on a 2nd C.
  2. I like all pieces in the deal. However, Franco is the answer. It's just not a good use of the asset. If you wait 2-3 months and Franco continues to shine in the minors you could have the next Acuna, Soto or Vlad jr. to offer around in trade. I think come July you could get a much better piece for Franco if you still want to deal him then!
  3. No worse lineup than what he had in Baltimore last year. Myers and Hosmer offer protection and with guys like Tatis on the way - it's a lineup with some upside. The pitching matchups won't be any less favourable. Dodger stadium is no hitters park and he was on pace for 33HR over a full season in LA. A great hitter is a great hitter. I get he isn't playing those games in Camden, Rogers Centre or Fenway but I don't expect much drop in HR when you consider games in Coors and Chase will be plentiful.
  4. Would you consider dealing for AD anyways, even if it's only for a run this year. Cash in on him in the offseason and get back a bunch of assets and picks. You could also make room for another FA in the process. Keep Murray/Joker/Harris and add AD to them and they probably become the best competiton to the Warriors in the league. AD/Mirotic/Moore/Frazier for Barton/Millsap/Morris/Beasley/MPJ and a 1st rounder would work. They would get Barton, Morris and Beasley as core pieces as well as the high upside MPJ. They also get a 1st rounder. Millsap is off the books after this year and they get rid of Moore and Mirotic who are both on the block. It's a legit offer with legit pieces. Morris, Beasley, Barton and MPJ are comparable to the 3-4 guys the lakers can send over, plus you spite the Lakers and AD by not sending him to LA. Could also leave Barton/Beasley out and make it Harris if that's what it took. Harris represents the best piece being tossed around for AD right now (and 2nd best behind Tatum). I think the nuggets have every bit the assets to make it work and IMO better assets than the lakers (and comparable with the Celtics). Have to make a go of it when you can, and like I said, if AD still wants to go to LA in the offseason you sit down with him and figure it out. Will he stay 1 more year? If he wants out so bad you take the pelicans place and get into a bidding war with the C's (if they are still in) and Lakers. C's might give Tatum/brown and then you have Murray/Joker/Tatum/Brown and other pieces to keep competing. If not, you get Kuzma, Ball, Ingram and such and find a way to make those pieces work (could flip some in other deals). Long story short, I hope the nuggets cash in on some of the assets - from a fantasy stand point anyways.
  5. Can't believe this is really a debate. Manning was one of the 3-4 best to do it, but Brady is the goat. Since the thread was started Brady has been to 2 more Super Bowls and put another ring on his finger. Statistics are important when deciding who was the best, but it's not the only tell of the tape. Brady has that clutch factor that the box score doesn't show. The crucial 2 minute drives to win big games. Doing whatever the team needs him to do to win, whether it be throw for 200 yards or 500 yards. No other QB leads a comeback against ATL other than Tom. Peyton had more skill than Tom. Threw a better pass, commanded the offence in a way I'm not sure Brady ever has (certainly not for most of his career) and I will admit while having the better options on offence for much of his career probably had the inferior DEF most years as well (except in DENVER lol). In the end, despite me claiming this shouldn't be a debate I don't hate on anyone who thinks Peyton > Tom. I think you can make a good argument for both. The people I can't stand are the "Peyton sucks" or "Tom Sucks" people. I think we are the luckiest generation to have been able to grow up and watch these two match up once a year in the regular season and then again almost every year in the playoffs. I will add, I don't think there will ever be a better story than the Tom Brady story. 6th round pick, too slow, not athletic enough, not starter quality, etc. Fights his way up, gets his 1 opportunity (late round picks typically get 1 shot) and runs away with it. The man is defying what we thought about age and one could argue he was as good at age 40 as he was at age 30. His compete level is right there with the likes of guys like Michael Jordan. The man hates to lose and has dedicated the last 20 years of his life to not losing.
  6. Hard to say no if you can have Kuzma, Ball, Ingram, Hart and Zubac with a 1st rounder. Got to think the Lakers would put that on the table and the pelicans need to realize that at any point if Davis mentions he will only sign with 'insert team' his price immediately drops. No way Boston will give Tatum without AD signing a new deal/extension. Boston's offer doesn't look that good without Tatum. Kuzma/Ingram become 2 of your main pieces, Josh Hart is exciting and Lonzo can be flipped for another pick or another young player that you want. Plus Zubac looks good and the lakers pick might not be crazy low (could be in the 20-22 range as opposed to 28-30). I have Payton in 2 leagues and holding him in both - the injury def messed him up. He was putting up like 16-7-7 before missing 6+ weeks. With the injuries and such lately it's been a rough January for him and I think it's still getting his legs back in under him and the pels being really short with options (AD, Mirotic and Randle all out). Say what you want but it gets tough on a pass first PG when 3 of your best options are out of the lineup.
  7. I think he is just 2 years away, not 2 years away from 2 years away. LOL
  8. I'm in agreement with you. Not sure why people get so upset over a comparison like that. JJJ is extremely exciting because of how developed he is at such a young age. The skills and fantasy potential remind us of AD. Nobody is saying he will be a a superstar and yearly MVP candidate. AD in rookie year: 13.5pts 8.2rebs 1.0ast 1.2stls 1.8blks 0.0treys 52%/75% Jaren this year: 13.5pts 4.6rebs 1.1ast 0.9stls 1.5blks 0.8treys 51%/79% Aside from about 4 rpg those numbers are pretty darn close across the board. Jaren also came into a situation where Marc Gasol has hindered his production (usage rate, playing time, touches, etc). He is probably not as developed as AD was around the rim at the same age but his shooting is far superior from mid range and the 3 pt line. Look, JJJ will have to improve A TON to become AD. But to say his fantasy game can't compare is just silly. So far they are almost identical.
  9. Nice fit as a 3 and D guy next to Russ and PG13. The min will have to be in the 30's for there to even be a chance at value though.
  10. Not really a great option for spacing the floor for Simmons and Embiid but I can see a lineup of Simmons-Redick-Butler-Brewer-Embiid working at times. Not sure Brewer ends up going from 35 min to the 12-15 min Butler doesn't play. Might be a few minutes next to Butler as well.
  11. RB1 is pretty crazy expectations, especially right out of the gate. KC didn't need Ware for 20+ touches and probably feel they need to build him up to it a little. 15 touches and a TD is great for the first week. Baltimore will be a tougher task next week but I expect to see Ware catching a few more balls going forward - he is capable of 3-4 catches and 30-40 yards along with 15-20 carries.
  12. This is a frustrating thread to follow. A bad game and the sky is falling. You guys all see the upside and potential - he can put up better games than anyone currently on your wire. My advice: If you play in a 6 team league, you can drop him for someone more consistent. If you player in a league of 8/10+ teams he is a hold. Keep in mind that he is foul prone still so picking matchups doesn't hurt either. If he is starting against a really good PF then maybe you consider sitting him with the thought he might get into early foul trouble trying to guard them.
  13. They def are looking at at least one more year before playoffs. Holiday has a good chance to end the year on another team given his 1 year 5 mil contract. I'd add Dunn to those 3 names - he is a legit piece for them going forward. Jabari will still get minutes but they won't be consistent. I can see games of 17-18 min, I can see games of 26-28 min. I expect him closer to 20-22 mpg then 28-30 mpg and that could be a decent size hit.
  14. Maybe he gets a few SF minutes but he will lose more PF minutes than he will gain SF minutes. Justin Holiday is going to continue to start there. He is a better defender and a better 3 pt shooter than Jabari (still might not be a bad thing to sell high on him either). Lets also consider that aside from Markkanen coming back to take 30 minutes per game the bulls also have portis on his way back and Kris Dunn. Portis likely takes some C minutes but also a few PF minutes as well and Kris Dunn is at PG but that means LaVine doesn't play any PG minutes and takes more SG minutes. The shift in minutes are going to hurt Jabari no matter how you swing it. Dunn, LaVine, Markkanen and WCJ are the only ones safe with their minutes.
  15. Such a good, efficient scorer. The added 3 pointer was much needed. Aside from assists he helps you everywhere. He is very close to a 50/40/90 guy (51/46/88) while also being close to a 1-1-1 guy (1.7-0.9-0.8). Roto owners must be thrilled and as an owner of him in h2h I'm quite happy as well!