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  1. June Closer Thread 2018

    See MLB tonight comparing Hand to that of an Andrew Miller. Hand could very well be the difference on a championship team. I agree, Devers is a very steep asking price but Hand is under control for 3 years! I think with where the game is evolving to these RPs really carry serious value. A lefty that dominates hitters from both sides of the plate and capable of going a couple innings. Really don't see someone like Devers being moved for him but I wouldn't be surprised to see a bigger name prospect go back in a deal. I think the biggest thing between Devers and Torres is that Torres was traded nearly 2 years before he debuted. As highly touted a prospect we never seen him produce at the MLB level. Devers has 22 HR in less than 500 MLB ABs for his career. Red Sox have some good prospects and I could see one of them going for Hand no problem. I'd be shocked if Devers wasn't pretty close to untouchable in any deal.
  2. Nick Castellanos 2018 Outlook

    I sorta disagree with what you said but I won't argue it. Personally I had higher hopes for Nick than 20-90-70 this year. I think he is currently on pace for 22-93-82 while hitting .310 but I think as the weather heats up the power might come a little more frequent. The team sucks and he is not going to benefit the same as if he were hitting in the middle of a lineup like the Phillies (maybe a potential destination). I had him pegged for 25-100 and if that comes with .300+ I'd like to know how small the league is where that's not useful enough!
  3. Middle Relievers 2018 Outlook

    Want to drop an under the radar MR. Jose Castillo. I would of dropped this name 4-5 days ago but I only just made the move to add him and wanted to keep under wraps until then. 22 yr old, 6"5 lefty with a nice FB/Slider combo. 2.31 and 1.16 in the minors this season with 35K in 23IP. Started him MLB career with 9K in 4 scoreless innings for the Padres. No clear path to saves with Hand dominating and Yates behind him, but for those of us who are in deep leagues and holds leagues and don't own RP just for the SV category this is a name to add or at least watch. Age is really the factor with him. They transitioned him from the rotation to the pen a couple years ago and he took off. This is typically something that happens later in your minor league career and often times we are looking at someone 25-27 years old in a similar situation. I hit gold once jumping on Seranthony Dominguez already this season. Hoping I found it again.
  4. Marcell Ozuna 2018 Outlook

    He was just missing the same pitches he is now crushing. I know it's a numbers game and I love the numbers aspect, but sometimes slumps and slow starts aren't really about the numbers. He looks comfortable and in a groove now. He hits the ball hard and while 37 HR looks out of reach I don't see why he can't push for 30 even after that cold start.
  5. Marcell Ozuna 2018 Outlook

    .366 with 4HR and 11RBI in the last 14 days. Top 25 player. I never expected him to repeat those numbers from last year but I still believe he is a .290 25-100 guy. Defended him several times on this form when he was off to a slow start. Hitting a lot of hard hit balls at OFers for singles too it seems. I expect them to start finding the gap and for those doubles numbers to increase too.
  6. Dallas Keuchel 2018 Outlook

    I'm trying to not be bias (because I love Keuchel) but I watched yesterdays game and that was just terrible luck. 2 infield singles, marwin missed 2 balls that pretty much any SS gets fairly easily and only 1 extra base hit (a double). Throw out the current 3 game stretch and he has a 3.39 era and 1.15 whip in his first 11 starts this season. Let's quit the overreactions for a minute. If you are in a roto league then I can understand a little bit of a sour taste in your mouth. If you are in H2H and play in a real size league (12+ teams) I would be shocked if you have a better option on the wire to swap in for Keuchel. Also, looking at those HR distances is pretty unlucky. 337? 339? 350? Those sound like easy fly balls lol
  7. Joc Pederson 2018 Outlook

    Yup this is exactly the problem. This is the guy in the lineup you save your lefty to face. Unless the SP is pitching well he will likely see the lefty in his 3rd plate appearance in the game which means you might see him have a lot of starts where he only gets 2 ABs. Even if he gets the 3rd that's still not great when you consider he is leading off and probably looking at 5 ABs. Less ABs obviously means less chances to produce. Got to think they give him some chances against lefties if he keeps this up against RHP. Problem is, with every chance he gets to prove he can hit LHP, failing means a step back for him. I still think the biggest issue with Joc is confidence. That's why I jump aboard the train every time he does something like this - I don't want to miss it if/when he finally puts it all together.
  8. Joc Pederson 2018 Outlook

    That could be a problem. Likely gonna sit most of those 8 and probably be relegated to pitch hitting or to replace someone (kike) later in the game. Worst thing about that is it could mess with his rhythm. Hard to get in a groove if you are sitting every other game.
  9. Joc Pederson 2018 Outlook

    They seem set on keeping him away from LHP this year though. Only 2 ABs yesterday before being pulled. I'll say it again though - I don't hate it. If he mashes RHP I don't mind playing matchups and filling his slot with someone else when they face LHP. It will suck if the trend continues where the lefty comes in to face him in the 6th however.
  10. June Closer Thread 2018

    I'm not saying they are a lock to deal for one, but they have a ton of assets and teams like the Astros are always looking for a little extra push. I still think Britton makes a ton of sense and those teams match up well for a deal.
  11. June Closer Thread 2018

    I called Britton to Houston about 10 games into the MLB season. Houston has a ton of minor league assets to offer and Houston, while it has a very strong pen, doesn't have a dominant LHP in there. Send Fisher or JD Davis with a prospect arm and BAM.
  12. Joc Pederson 2018 Outlook

    I'd like to see the platoon continue for now. Let him build that confidence back up crushing RHP. Maybe give him the occasional start against a LHP if they face 2 or 3 in a row, but I don;'t want to see this guy thrown into a lineup facing Bumgarner, Lester or Corbin.
  13. Patrick Corbin 2018 Outlook

    Apparently it's typical with him. He goes up and down throughout the season according to dbacks commentators. FB velocity isn't really a concern to me. He locates it well and his success is all about the slider. I was his start last week and he seemed to be 90-92 for the most part with only a couple 88-89. He really doesn't need to be 92-93 ever time to have success.
  14. Middle Relievers 2018 Outlook

    Appreciate the response. Been following Conley and Miller went on my watch list when he was called up. Just noticed he pitched 3 clean innings with 5K yesterday. Numbers don't jump out at you but he has been just over a K per inning in his short time in MLB and in his career in the minors. Career numbers suggest he might be just off to a good start to the year, however I know that it doesn't take much for some of these guys to figure out something small and find more success! Was hoping for some younger names. I'm competitive and a 30 yr old RP isn't something I will ignore, however I'd like to be the guy to jump first on the 'next Seranthony Dominguez' like I was with Diaz a couple years ago or with Seranthony earlier this season. If you notice any let me know, and I will sure to do the same. And the help is appreciated of course. Glad to hear someone else in the same league setup as myself following more than just the guy who is getting the save on each team.
  15. Xander Bogaerts 2018 Outlook

    Okay that's probably fair. Typically when I tag a BA to a player it's not meant to be exact. If you think he is in the .280-.285 BA then fine. Maybe your number is even closer to reality than mine. Very good hitter who I think has started swinging for a few more fly balls. It';s great as it gives us more doubles and home runs. However, it's gonna result in a few more fly ball outs as well. I'm also not one to "if you forget the first 2 years it's" but if we are playing that game, take out his 1 outlier .320 season and his BA is .271. That season brought up his career marks quite a bit. That was a different Bogaerts too. He hit just 7HR in over 600 ABs that year. I hope you are right. I hope he is a .285+ hitter going forward. Nothing was meant to be exact about .275 but maybe that average drops a little based on the uptick in power. Personally I'll take a 25+ HR Bogaerts over a 10-15 one even if it comes with 10-15 points lower BA. Maybe if I made the post right now I'd say an even .280 just to cover myself on all grounds haha