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  1. Teoscar Hernandez 2018 Outlook

    I like Grichuk. Not sure what the metrics say but eye test tells me he is a good defender with a good arm in RF. He is a free swinger but I had him as a dark horse for 30HR now that he is in Toronto and looking at a career best in ABs and playing time. He has big pop and some sneaky speed.
  2. Teoscar Hernandez 2018 Outlook

    He was the buzz here in Toronto before the season started. Everyone was calling for him to start the season with the big league club. They didn't have the room to start the season but clearly wanted to get him up the first chance they had. I think everyone had the blue jays offence wrote off with EE gone a year, Jose gone, Tulo all but done, etc but the Jays made some great moves bringing in Diaz, Grichuk, Solarte. The best move they made however was getting this kid from Houston for the rental of Liriano. What a steal. Houston is so stacked however that they would of never found a roster spot for him. I've questioned Gibby's managing a lot over the years but he doesn't tend to shy away from the hot bat. Even if it's a 4 man rotation in the OF as long as Teoscar is hitting he should get the majority of starts.
  3. Nomar Mazara 2018 Outlook

    I guess there is a big difference between owning him in a 1 year league and owning him in a dynasty. As a dynasty owner in a 20 team league I'm both holding and not really interested in even seeing what I can get for him with his low stock. We had hoped for better last year but he finished with 20 and 101 as a 21 yr old 2nd year player. That's after 20 and 64 as a 20 yr old in year 1. Not every top prospect takes the league by storm. 20HR from a 21 yr old and all you hear is that the power isn't developing? He is 5-6 years away from reaching those power years. He has the frame to hit for power. He has the swing to hit for power. I'm not ready to predict 40HR in his future but a couple years of small improvements and we could at least be looking at a .280 30-100-100 guy right? I don't play in 1 year leagues so I'm not really sure what advice to give for this year. Without worry of giving up a future stud I would have a short leash on most players in a 1 year standard league, especially if we are talking 10 and 12 team leagues where guys like Jose Martinez might still be floating around. Also, who made the Beltran comp? He had over 300 SB. If Mazara makes a 15 year career out of baseball I'd be surprised if he has more than 50 SBs. Juan Gonzalez is the comp I have always heard. Someone who had 40HR power, played a solid RF and could hit for a good average. Juan Gonzalez would be the best case scenario but it stands as a better comp for Nomar than Beltran. If someone tells me a player is like Carlos Beltran I'm expecting 30-30 upside and a 20-20 floor!
  4. Franklin Barreto 2018 Outlook

    You nailed the comp LOL
  5. Kenley Jansen 2018 Outlook

    Probably not even injured. As you said, barely pitched in spring and the sample size is stupid small. Only mistake he made as a bad pitch straight down the pipe. Even Jansen blows a couple saves every year - don't overreact because it was his first chance of the year!
  6. Tommy Pham 2018 Outlook

    Crazy what a really talented player can do if we give him more than 2 games in a 162 game season.
  7. Marcell Ozuna 2018 Outlook

    Calm down guys. 0-9 start and suddenly he sucks? Just got his first hit and RBI of the season. Take a chill pill!
  8. Yahoo 16 Team Dynasty 3 Managers needed

    Interested in team 2 Send me an email at I usually prefer to go with 20 team leagues but this one looks interesting!
  9. Mid-season Calder Conversation

    Top 3: Brock Boeser Charlie McAvoyMikhail Sergachev (Barzal close 4th) Midseason winner is Boeser easily I think Boeser wins it at the end of the season too. He is a streak away from 30 goals and likely gonna finish with a 30 30 season.
  10. Fantasy Hockey vs. Other fantasy sports

    I'm in a 16 team dynasty league. Originally I was in another 16 team dynasty that died out because I think it was just too boring. We made the following changes: 4 x C 4 x LW 4 x RW 6 x D 6 x BN 2 x G 2 x NA We also added hits and blocks to the usual G, A, PIM, +/-, SOG and PPP. We kept the same 4 goalie stats of W, GAA, SV% and SO. We found the these changes made the player pool a lot bigger, and for people that like to look through the wire daily it's a huge improvement. Rebuilding is made easier this way and so is trading. Now teams can get value out of depth players that might only get 20 points a season but are good for 200 hits and 80 PIM for example. The positions make rosters deeper and also make it feel more like an actual NHL lineup, which to me and others is a big part of what can make fantasy sports fun - replicating the real thing as much as possible. We considered adding even a few more stats but decided that while we wanted something more in depth and exciting we didn't want to get complicated. We have a 1 round draft every year and the pick for the next season can be traded starting on day 1 of the season (the 2018 draft pick could be traded starting day 1 of the 2017-18 season). Once again we went a little more in depth without getting too complicated. No 5 round draft and no trading picks 2-3 years in the future. Keep things simple but exciting. I seen a comment about hits and blocks making you roster some unforgettable players but I look at it the other way. Hits and blocks expand the player pool and make some good hockey players relevant fantasy players. Luke Schenn goes from unrosterable to #5 or #6 D man on my team. We also kept the goalie stats to 4 cats while moving players cats to 8. Why? Goalies are probably worth too much in the 6 to 4 cats. We dropped the value of them, especially in a league where you stat 2 goalies and there are 16 teams (16 x 2 = 32 goalies) but only 31 NHL teams. Backups become valuable then, but it doesn't make Price or Holtby impossible to trade or worthy of the top pick. Also, when you roster 26 players and only 3-4 are goalies, why should it be 6 to 4 cats?
  11. 11/5/2017 Falcons @ Panthers Game Game Day Thread

    I expect it will be changed. Looked like the ball was tossed forward to me!
  12. Bogdan Bogdanovic 2017-2018 Season Outlook

    They did. They promised him a 4 yr deal worth close to 40 million lol
  13. Taurean Prince 2017-2018 Season Outlook

    I hope you are right. I have stocks in him in my 2 big 20 team leagues. Ilyasova, Belinelli, Bembry, Bazemore, Babbitt, Delaney - I'm not suggesting any of these guys are great options, but they will all be factors. I hope they are ready to start Prince and run with him for big minutes. I just don't think it's going to be as simple as locking him in for consistent minutes and consistent production. But as I said, I hope you're right and I'm not.
  14. Taurean Prince 2017-2018 Season Outlook

    11-5-1 and pushing the 1-1-1. I think he will put up a little more than a stl and trey per game and should be around half a block per game. Minutes could be a little erratic and will likely have some better stretches overall. Things could change if he is needed to take a bigger role in the offence, but he really isn't that kind of player. I think their bunch of 'ok' players cut into minutes and atlanta will be going with whoever is playing the best game to game. I like him as a player and think his game has room to grow.
  15. Brandin Cooks 2017 Season Outlook

    This is a stupid reply! Nobody made this claim. All people are saying is that Cooks is the 2nd best WR that Tom Brady has ever had. Look at the last time he had a true #1 WR. It was special. Brady was younger then too and Moss was no doubt a step above Cooks, but Brady has made some pretty mediocre WRs (Brown, Branch, Givens, LaFell, Lloyd) have big years and earn contracts they clearly didn't deserve when they went to other destinations. Hell, I don't think Edelman is close to the same player outside the Brady/BB system. I think Cooks could be a PPR stud. Brady's targets are to his RB, TE and slot WR. Cooks will give him a speedy WR with great hands in the slot, and Brady's style are those quick, short yardage passes to move the chains. I expect BB to get creative and line him up all over the field too, maybe even in the backfield. Edelman went for 98-1106-3 last year. I think Cooks tops all of those numbers. I think you can lock him in expecting 6-7 catches for 70-80 yards with 8-9 TDs sprinkled in throughout the season. Plus he likely has 2-3 games that lock up a W for you. I really think he is a back end WR1 in a 12 team league and certainly in 14-16 teamers.
  16. Eric Hosmer 2017 Outlook

    Since the April 26th date where I said to suck up his slow start and keep track from this date: .400 2HR 9RBI 13R 3SB in 21 games The 2HR and 8 XBH aren't the best in 21 games but the man is hitting. I think a few more bombs will come as it heats up. Biggest knock on Hosmer IMO is the offence he is in!
  17. Eric Hosmer 2017 Outlook

    Exactly what I have been trying to say for the past couple weeks. Back on April 26th I pointed out that it was a bad 20 game start but that his numbers from this day (April 26) onward would meet Hosmer expectations or better to bring him back to expected totals. In those 11 games his stats: 18-40 (.450) with 2 doubles, 1 triple, 2HR, 8RBI, 8R and 2SB. He struck out just 6 times and walked 5 times. His OPS is just under 1.200 during that stretch. In the last 2 weeks (which includes that 11 game stretch and the April 25th game where he went 1-4) he is the 19th ranked player in my league (a 6x6 league with OPS and holds). He is the 8th ranked 1B in that stretch but that includes a couple players like Marwin Gonzalez and Matt Carpenter who are likely being used at other positions. My point is, the first 20 games are gone. He had a horrible stretch and he was awful, but dropping Hosmer for Morrison doesn't change those numbers! You are swapping out Hosmer who had what will likely be his worst stretch of the season and swapping him with Morrison/Alonso who almost certainly had their best stretches of the season!
  18. Amed Rosario - SS NYM

    He is probably Andrus right now. Difference is that Andrus turns 29 this year and Rosario is just 21. The excitement around Rosario is more about the 'what he could be' than the 'what he is right now' I like the Bogaerts comp - a SS with plus DEF that is capable to hit over .300, hit 20 HR and steal bases. Like with Bogaerts, it might take a couple years before you actually get that 20HR power, but he is projects well to do that.
  19. Eric Hosmer 2017 Outlook

    I read it, but it doesn't tell the whole story. First of all, this past 365 days has been anything but the best we have seen from Hosmer. He struggled towards the end of last season and had a bad 20 games to start this season, just to add to the numbers. I get it - if you want big power numbers, Hosmer isn't your guy. I think there is that next level in his bat where he combines those .295-.300 seasons with his 25-100 from last year. Freeman made the leap from where Hosmer is currently to where Freeman is now. I think Hosmer has the talent to make another step to his game too. Plus, I only play in dynasties so dropping Hosmer is out of the question. I think he ends up in the middle of a good lineup next season and then the numbers are going to be very good. The hope is obviously in Boston hitting 4th behind Betts, Boegarts, Benintendi and ahead of Hanley, Pedroia and Bradley.
  20. Eric Hosmer 2017 Outlook

    Like I said, keep track from April 26 onward. So far since April 26th he is 11-26 (.423) with 1HR 5RBI 5R in 7 games. Small sample size, but then again so is 20 games. My point was that he is a very good hitter and was slated as a top 75-100 player in formats for a reasons. Cutting bait after 20 games makes little sense because he likely had the low point of his season already under his belt. If you drafted Hosmer for 30+ HR or because you thought the royals lineup would be potent this season then that's on you!
  21. Walker Buehler SP-LAD

    What does this mean for his ETA?
  22. 2017 Weekly Prospect Top 10

    Thoughts on Dominic Smith? Should be up at some point this year - possibly sooner than later. Kid can hit, even if there isn't a ton of HR power just yet.
  23. April Closer Thread 2017

    He has nothing left to prove in the minors. He has absolutely dominated them! We are talking about a 3 inning sample size. If this continues for 10-15 innings then yes, I'll agree. Also, Jimenez stuff is MUCH better than Bruce Rondon's.
  24. April Closer Thread 2017

    Jimenez has the elite minor league numbers. Jimenez has the two plus pitches. Jimenez made major league hitters look silly in spring training and in the WBC. Two full count walks that ended up scoring off hits from other pitchers and the lone hit he gave up was a homer. This kid just needs some MLB experience to get that confidence up - when that happens look out. People aren't excited about this kid because he should be a future closer. People are excited about this kid because he should be a future top 5 RP. Until he realizes his stuff is good enough to dominate MLB hitters and proves it, he should remain in lower leverage situations however. No need for him in the minors though - he has proven everything he possibly can there already!
  25. Eric Hosmer 2017 Outlook

    Keep overreacting. It's April. Do you guys believe Zack Cosart will hit over .400 too? You guys have made it through a bad 3 and a half week start to the season. It will get better. Might as well sit tight on him now! I've seen better hitters have the same type of stretches. But sure, drop him for Alonso. Good luck with that! LOL A .280 hitter has months of .220, months of .270 and months of .320 and the law of averages tend to take it's course. Keep track of Hosmer from today, April 26 until the end of season. Let's see how close he is to a typical Hosmer season from here on out.