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  1. Hassan Whiteside 2017-2018 Season Outlook

    I definitely agree lack of effort is a big factor. You can see the difference in certain games. I just want to know why and who caused this! is it his knee or is it Spo and his sudden lack of faith and trust in the big guy.
  2. Hassan Whiteside 2017-2018 Season Outlook

    I will never understand Whitesides fall from grace this season. Hes been my guy the last 3 years but he may be on my do not draft list going forward. Remember his first game of the season? 26 points, 22 boards, 3/3 from the line, one assist, one block and one 3 pointer (36 min played as well). Pretty much standard big game whiteside except less blocks. Are you ******** kidding me that I have to look at his garbage lines every night now and this is what we saw first game of the season!!! Maybe the knee is more of a factor then being reported. I honestly have no clue how hes become so bad so quickly. I cant imagine this is the whiteside we would be seeing if he didn't miss those 3 weeks in the beginning of the year.
  3. Hassan Whiteside 2017-2018 Season Outlook

    Spo has not treated Whiteside like this in previous years so this minutes demotion makes no sense... Only thing i can think of is they are aggressively trying to trade him and thus keeping his minutes down to risk injury. Nothing else makes sense as hes been a proven Beast in this league for years and helped them make an amazing playoff push last year. Ive owned Whiteside the last 3 years in a keeper league and hes helped me get to a final and win a championship but this year hes absolutely killing my season (along with John Wall and Milsap)
  4. John Wall 2017-2018 Season Outlook

    Never been more disappointed to be right. the writing was on the "wall" last couple games. he had no explosiveness. 3 of my first 4 picks this year were Wall, Whiteside and Milsap. The fact im still fighting for a playoff spot is a miracle
  5. John Wall 2017-2018 Season Outlook

    Will we ever see last years John Wall? Is the knee a bigger issue then they have let on? If it wasn't for 3 three pointers in the final 2 min of garbage time his line would have been pretty bad besides assists. I'm in a keeper league and kept him from last year and I know he put up career numbers but I didn't expect him to drop off like this In my opinion he doesn't look the same as last year and is playing very lethargic and not aggressive. its either the knee or hes decided to mail it in for Scott brooks for some reason.
  6. Damian Lillard 2017-2018 Season Outlook

    is he playing tonight
  7. [WDIS] Need 2 WRs [WHIR 100%]

    I kinda like Mike wallace since maclin is out. Indy secondary is awful. id go Wallace and Bryant but honestly dont think youre in trouble any way you go...
  8. Championship help.... Whir please leave link

    Id go JUJU and Ebron
  9. Set My Lineup

    id leave your lineup as is. Goff at QB is best option and i think Goodwin will still get a good share of targets even against ramsy. him and Jimmy have something rolling right now
  10. need to start one. who should I go with? Please help! 1) Kirk Cousins at home against Denver 2) Blake Bortles in San Fran against the 49ers 3) Joe Flacco at home againast the Colts
  11. Serge Ibaka Outlook 2017-18 Season

    any updates? im not sure if I should start him in my weekly lineup league. seemed like it was a random day off type of deal but there are no updates that Ive seen today
  12. Kris Dunn 2017-2018 Season Outlook

    Ranked Top 80 in last 30 days. Is that rosterable?
  13. Taurean Prince 2017-2018 Season Outlook

    Im not a big Budenholzer fan. Find he benches guys a lot for poor play and sits them for long stretches. Even the "studs" arent immune to this treatment. His rotations are funky at times too. Mike Malone and Bud remind me of each other in this sense. Im a big believer in confidence levels attributing to players success and I know if I had to deal with constant benchings for errors or a poor stretch in play it would really affect me mentally about my game. Just let them work through the mistakes and learn, not rub my nose in it. Especially in full tank mode like the hawks are in. Maybe reading into it too much but for a young guy like Prince wouldn't be surprised if this was a little bit of a factor. Hes ranked 96 in Yahoo average stats for my league but was hoping for more of a jump from last year. Hopefully in the second half of the season he really feasts