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  1. Before going down with the foot injury last year Levert was THE best player on the roster. D-Lo only started to emerge once Levert got hurt (not to say it wasn't going to happen anyway, I like both guys). If he Played the full season he would have given Pascal a run for his money for MIP 100%. He can get to the basket at will, thats not a problem, he just needs to be more consistent with the jumper and 3pt shot (they arent bad just inconsistent). once defenders REALLY have to respect his outside shot thats when he will start dominating the league. Also an elite on the ball defender. Him and Prince will be called upon to shut down opposing teams best guards and forwards. Only thing that will hold this guy back is another injury...pray that doesn't happen
  2. I understand they want a run first mentality but I've never seen a team want to bottle up two of there best weapons before. Diggs and Thielin are two of the leagues best WRs. Just frustrating watching someone with that much talent only get 3 targets a game...
  3. the one week I'm already losing FG% by a million and he gets hurt and cant play. ugh this guy has been a mess for me the 2nd half of this season and now hes costing me a championship Always have been a J Rich fan but I will not be drafting again next year unless the price is right (auction drafter). Didn't see the improvement I was hoping for this year
  4. cant believe how far this guy has fallen. He was a beast in the playoffs last year for the sixers. drafted him thinking this was going to be a breakout year. Boy was I wrong.
  5. Is he good to go for next game? Unless there was complications with the birth Id imagine he'd be back. Havent seen any updates on him though
  6. When is Capela due back? or expected back i guess. thanks
  7. Whats AD's health status? I thought he was supposed to have a follow up last Friday with the hand specialist. I need to know in my weekly lineup league whether to start Okafor or not!
  8. im getting really worried about Jarretts rest of season production and minutes. I think the Levert injury really ****** Jarrett. They played so well together and Allens game is tailored to go with someone like levert who can get to the basket so easily. D-Russ and Spence just dont have the same game (especially D-Russ who is shoot first PG). Dinwiddie is more of the true point and Allen can def play along side him but they dont have the same chemistry as levert and allen Dont be surprised if you see allens minutes around 20-25 per night until leverts back in full swing. I want to be optimistic because i know allens potential but as a nets fan i watch a lot of the games and this team on the floor right now plays better with small ball lineups and shooters spacing the floor. Ed davis and RHJ will be playing more center min. going forward.
  9. owning Harrell and J-Rich these last two weeks has absolutely killed me. FIGURE IT OUT BIG DAWG!
  10. I benched in my weekly set lineup league. His turnaround starts tonight boys. You're welcome
  11. 20 TD's and 1 interception this year and all of you are talking about how bad he is. Only GOATS can have stats like that and be considered a "down year" The general sports public lives so much in the moment how quickly we forget how dominate Aaron has been his whole career. Yes he is having a down year by HIS standards but you would be lying if you said you wouldn't want him as your QB. If Aaron was with Sean Payton or Bill Belichick his whole career I assure you hed have more then one Superbowl under his belt and a lot more people would be talking about him as greatest of all time. Mccarthy has listed this long because of Aaron. he has always been a mediocre coach. Constantly makes the wrong decisions and his vanilla coaching style is very easy for teams to game plan against.
  12. watched the game last night and he 100% had two blocks. hope this gets fixed. Not sure how either one was missed as they were both blatantly obvious blocks by Caris
  13. It was a blowout in the second night of a back to back and Jarrett wasn't playing particularly great last night. Hoping for better lines but hes a lot less involved in the offense these last couple games then the first week of the season. It seems hard for him to get buckets lately. Levert has to start hitting mid range jumpers so the D has to contest and he can dump off to Allen for easy layups and dunks off pick and rolls
  14. What pisses me off is that the public was left in the dark about this foot injury. Ya he missed some preseason games with "foot soreness" but hes a vet and what vet doesn't usually take some games off during preseason. Also it was always listed as foot soreness. wtf is it? when i think of soreness i think of temporary pain but this is going to take a month + to heal? If i had any idea that he was remotely hurt to start the year I never would have drafted him. Kinda bull**** how they really didn't explain this situation prior to the season.