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  1. I would start Gordon and Sutton. Good luck!
  2. Tough to say it..but I too would drop Fournette for Michel. Good luck!
  3. Only room for two to start: Miller at Denver- stunk it up most of year, but solid few week snow Sutton vs Houston- Hou DST not great and should see targets Murray vs Detroit- Det can be run on. Would be no brainer after few good weeks, but Cook is back to take some carries Please pick two and if you have time ...tell me why? Thanks! WHIR!
  4. Need to start one in PPR..... Reed vs Dallas or Olsen at Phil Thank you!
  5. Tough start and need a win bad.... PPR and need to pick two from: Duke Barber Goodwin Snead Ito Murray Thank you! WHIR!
  6. I am happy to have grabbed him off WW...and plan to roll him out this week and sit Reed in my PPR. Good luck all!
  7. I like Lynch and revenge factor...good luck!
  8. With no Cook...against ARI...I love murray! good luck!
  9. OJ, cooper willliams for me....thanks for the help!