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  1. Hey everyone this will be the leagues 9th year and we are in need of 1 owner that will be active and competitive. It is a 14 team mixed 5x5 roto redraft league built around a great group of guys. This is a weekly league. Payments are going to be processed and stored with Information about the league is below. If you are interested please email me at I would like to know a little bit about your fantasy experience. Looking for managers that will be active and competitive. Draft date is Thursday, March 22 It is going to be a $115 league run through fantrax The money will be handled through leaguesafe. The payout will be: $100 x 14 = 1400 1st 750 2nd 350 3rd 200 4th 100 Monthly Prizes: $15 x 14 = $210/ 6 months = $35/month *these will be paid out at the end of the year* *1st and 2nd place in standings for each monthly period (1st-30/31st) 1st - $25 2nd - $10 It will be a 14 team 5x5 mixed roto league. Rosters are 1 c 1 1b 1 2b 1 3b 1 ss 1 ci 1 mi 5 of 1 ut 9 p (sp or rp) 6 bench spots 1 injured reserve Scoring using a 5x5 Rotisserie system - Trades are allowed - Waivers will be processed on a weekly basis - Free Agent pickups will be done using a budget system. Each team will start with $1000. This is a blind bid system. - Draft will be held online using a snake style draft - We use a Kentucky Derby Style system to determine draft order. * any more questions or concerns please email me at
  2. Everyone is currently paid through PayPal.
  3. Also, This is a PPR league and we use a snake draft. Roster settings are below: QB RB RB WR WR TE FLEX (W/R/T) FLEX(W/R) K D 7 BENCH
  4. Unfortunately I can't change the draft date....had trouble finding a good day for everyone this year.
  5. I have a last minute opening in my 12 team H2H league. The league has been around for 10 seasons and is hosted on Yahoo. The draft is Weds. Sept 6 at 8:45 pm EST and entry fee is $85. This is a redraft league, so this will be a fresh team. We already determined the draft order, via a draft lottery on Saturday. This spot will be drafting #12. Payments are listed below. If interested please email me at Payouts:1st - 460 plus trophy2nd - 2503rd - 170 most points season(including playoffs) - 90most pts single game - 30biggest blowout - 20