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  1. If I was a Damien Williams owner, I'd be much more worried about Hyde, Thompson and Williams taking over touches than who the Chiefs are playing at the end of the season. I'm buying stock in the later three anywhere I can.
  2. The guy keeps rolling...….Can he keep it up? He's untradeable because nobody believes he can keep it up. Guess we just have to keep him in the lineup....stud counting stats.
  3. I agree that there are red flags but if he's been playing with a slight tear for 4 years, they may be checking to see how much is old damage and how much chance there is of further injury. I know that Hines Ward played for the Steelers his entire career without an ACL. He tore it early on in his career and never had it checked. Knebel is only 27 so one would think that he would want it taken care of but if it's been and old injury that may just flare up from time to time, he may choose to play through it. I would think that the longer it goes without a decision, the more chance there is that he plays through it. If he were to opt for surgery, I would think he would want to get the process started. We are all guessing but we know that it's an old injury and that he's the closer if healthy. I'd be shocked if he's sitting on anyone's waiver until there is more clarity.
  4. I think we to hold the brakes on Knebell being out. Without any definite answer...everything I've read is that he's pitched with this for about 4 years. What I see is a opportunity to buy very low. He could very well be back in a week or two.
  5. If they do draft Fant or Hock...I'm all in. Top 5 rookie pick.
  6. I see a 25 year old that was drafted 10th that has a great young QB who blossomed this year.....and one who just finished as the 4th best TE in fantasy. I'm not worried about ho hum Doyle and often hurt HIlton.
  7. I'm thinking the same thing. I picked up Theilen and cut him twice....thinking that this guy will never be anything. Until then of course, it's too late. This guy just keeps doing it and is still sitting out there in dynasty leagues. He may be nothing but he just may be the next top 10 WR. Seems crazy but just look at the numbers. Sometimes we overthink things.
  8. With a lot of the trade deadlines having passed....I'm looking to stockpile lottery tickets on my bench. Players that if the team's closer would go down, they would step in a become a top tier closer for the fantasy playoffs. I'm assuming Osuna HOU and Ottavino COL are rostered most places. Others I'm looking at are : Barnes BOS Betences NY Jiminez DET Kela PIT Hicks STL Colome SEA and Familla/Rodney OAK Thoughts on these guys and which ones look to be in the best situations to be profitable???
  9. So, can we drop Knebel now? What are the chances that he turns things around? He looks totally lost and it's probably a lost season for him.
  10. I know I'm debating cutting him for Hedges. That one week where Contreras went off is keeping me from doing it. One week though. What are the chances that it happens again? Ugh.
  11. With the BoSox getting Kinsler, how does this affect Nunez and his playing time?
  12. No way they pull Smith from the closer role for Strickland......Smith has been lights out and it's not like Strickland is the second coming of Trevor Hoffman.
  13. You don't think he'd be put ahead of Will Smith, Bud Norris or Box? He may not be as good as he once was but he's pitching pretty well right now...... and just getting a former "best closer in baseball" at the back of your bullpen would be enough to put him ahead of these guys.
  14. DBacks, Giants, Cards (Yes)........Stros, Braves, Cubs (unlikely but maybe)
  15. Just looking at places in which Britton could go and be given the closer role. Of course...just looking at contending teams....I've got Philly and Zona. I could see Philly wanting to move Seranthony back to the fireman role. I also get the feeling that Zona isn't very happy with Box and I think they could use some more pen help.