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  1. We all know he has the wheels, but kind of power do we think Trea could produce this year? I felt like he's only a year or 2 away from turning a few more doubles into homers. What's his ceiling?
  2. You really cant go wrong here, love both these guys, but I'd take Vlad. For one thing he's 7 years younger that Judge, who is still very much in his prime, but older than most people think. I'm also totally drinking the koolaid now. I went down a deep rabbit hole reading articles on Vlad the other day and the comparisons are just unbelievable. Seems like even if he disappoints by those standards, he'll still fall somewhere in the higher echelon.
  3. His conditioning / endurance is one thing, but I have faith in that part of the gamble. My big questions lay in the effectiveness of Tyrod and/or Baker, plus the hierarchy with Jarvis. How do you guys see those things impacting his numbers? What is his realistic floor and ceiling?
  4. I’m assuming this is referring to Gordon’s upside?
  5. That team looks really strong. As mentioned above I would look to trade or package Olsen for a better RB2. Burton will be a quality TE1 this season
  6. I don’t love it on paper, but there are definitely a bunch of boom or bust players in there so it could easily turn out to be dominant too.
  7. I can keep one or the other. Who should it be? They're basically complete opposites in so many ways, but both have the potential to be extremely valuable. Please help me choose!