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  1. If you had one free slot which RB would you stash: Mattison, Edmonds, Henderson, Penny, I.Smith (and I do not own any of the RBs in front of these guys) Half-PPR 12 team
  2. Disregard. Just saw the report from early this morning that DJ is playing.
  3. If Johnson does not play today, would you start him or L.Murray today at RB? or another option, keep Murray in the lineup and start Edmonds over either A.Robinson or T.McLaurin in the flex? (Currently have ARob as WR2 and McL as Flex) ESPN Half-PPR, 12 team, redraft
  4. I’d probably hold and then see if there is a better RB you could obtain. I don’t see it as enough of an upgrade to make it worthwhile. Thanks for your help on mine.
  5. Slim picken’s: KC @ Den Sea v Balt Balt @ Sea Ariz @ NYG NYG v Ariz Dal v Phi Hou @ Ind Det v Min
  6. No trade should ever be vetoed unless obvious collusion. That's why in my league it's commissioner approval only and all trades go through unless commish sees collusion. Definitely drop out of this league. You don't need the aggravation.
  7. In a heartbeat! Do it now, before they change their mind!
  8. In a PPR I'm sticking with Thompson. Also, you can feed AP as much as you want. When they realize that he's not going to get more than 2 ypc they will continue to involve Thompson.
  9. I need Everett for this week since Waller is on a bye. So I guess I can try to grab one of them next week if still available.
  10. Believe it or not, I think I might actually go with Coleman. On any other week I would probably go with Brown, however, 49ers D has been pretty good at stuffing the run and on the flip side, their run game has been one of the best in the league and Coleman out snapped Breida last week. Breida had the big run, but Coleman ran really well in his first week back and looks fully healthy and he is their preferred goal line back.
  11. Everett would be the guy, but why are you carrying 3 TEs? Why not try to move one for a WR or RB, whatever your position of need is. Or package one with a WR/RB for an upgrade. Grab Henry, keep him and Hock and try to trade Walker.