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  1. Meadows by a couple miles for me. I'm always wary of Cs in dynasties bc of the wear & tear and shorter shelf life in general. Plus, Meadows is one of those rare 5-tool hitters. Getting him for Alonso feels like a steal, TBH! Help here?
  2. I definitely wouldn't burn a waiver on Hamels, bc you've got some nice free options there. I'd go Gibson myself (feels like the year he puts it all together), but I also like Lynn, Stroman & ERod. Gibson feels legit, though, & this also looks like it's MIN's year. As for Votto, that's a tough one. I like Avisail and Mazara quite a lot & you need an OF more than a 1B, but if Votto ever turns it around, you'll regret not burning a waiver for him. I'd grab Votto & then trade either Alonso or Voit bc you'll get Tatis back soon and Eloy will start hitting soon at the very least... Help here?
  3. I like them both, but redraft I'm going Senzel too. The Reds aren't looking at the playoffs, & the Phillies will probably make some trades soon so Kingery can't afford any slumps... Help here?
  4. 20-team redraft 5x5 roto. 1400 IP limit. IF: Chirinos (C), Goldschmidt (1B), Shaw (2B), Chapman (3B), Rodgers (SS); OF/UT: Dahl, D-Santana, Frazier (OF), Rizzo (UT), M-Smith (UT); BN: Peraza (2B/SS/OF), Mercado (OF), Laureano (OF) SP: Paddack, C-Smith, Woodruff, Pivetta, Thornton, Eflin RP: Doolittle, Holland, Neris, Robles DL: Simmons (SS), Taillon (SP) So I'm getting a little tired of both Peraza (not stealing much when he plays) & Thornton (nice k/9 but too erratic to trust). Here's the best the wire has to offer: Hitters---M-Gonzalez, McNeil, Tapia, Aguilar SPs---Plesac, DeSclafani, Stripling, Josh James Would you make a switch? If so, who? Thanks for the help! Leave a link.
  5. Whoops! Forgot to include my link!
  6. As long as you're okay with selling low on Nola (I'd personally wait till he puts together a few decent starts---bound to happen soon, it's not like his velocity is down or anything, right?), I'd pull the trigger on #3. I wouldn't want MadBum even if he was to end up on a contender, & as much as I love Hill, in H2H you're just playing russian roulette & hoping he's healthy for the playoffs. Don't like #2 either, esp, since Holland could always get traded. But if you could give up Nola & either Winker or Eaton for Springer (I'd keep Kepler myself---this feels like MIN's year in the central) & Giolito, that feels like a pretty good deal to me. Help here?
  7. 20-team redraft 5x5 roto. 1400 IP limit. IF: Chirinos (C), Goldschmidt (1B), Peraza (2B), Chapman (3B), Rodgers (SS); OF/UT: Dahl, D-Santana, M-Smith (OF), Rizzo (UT), C-Frazier (UT); BN: Simmons (SS), Mercado (OF), Laureano (OF) SP: Paddack, C-Smith, Woodruff, Eflin, Thornton, Pivetta RP: Doolittle, Holland, Neris, Robles DL: Shaw (1B/2B/3B), Taillon (SP) I've been offered Cutch & Montas for my Domingo (Santana) & Eflin. I've been looking to sell high on Eflin (I like him, but can't deal with the low k/9) for a while, & this is the best offer I've gotten. I like Santana as well (enough that I offered Dahl instead; he wants Santana), but I think Montas could be huge this year & that's got me ready to pull the trigger. What do you think? Thanks! Leave a link.
  8. I agree (take Dozier). There's not enough ABs to go around in SEA, esp. now that Seager's due back soon. & Mallex also has to work his way to the top of the lineup, which may not be all that easy. Dozier, on the other hand, will keep chugging along. That KC offense is weirdly fantasy-friendly this year. Help here?
  9. Forsythe is hot right now (& was pretty good a couple seasons back), but I like McNeil a lot more ROS. I'd drop Marco for him. You can trade Cutch or Voit for a better SP than him. Help here?
  10. IMO, both Sanchez and Pham are significant upgrades over Riley ROS. Sanchez is a huge upgrade for you at C, but if you need speed then Pham's your man. They're both pretty close value-wise for me, so if you think Posey bounces back some (he's not going to stay this bad, surely?) and can be patient for another couple weeks to see if he does, then pull the trigger on Pham. If you're getting impatient with no production out of your Cs, then make the trade for Sanchez and think about dealing for speed? I'd go Pham myself, but wouldn't blame you for picking Sanchez instead. Help here?
  11. 20-team 6x6 redraft roto (standard 5x5 plus OPS & Holds). 1250 IP limit. IF: Posey (C), Smoak (1B), Peraza (2B), Dozier (3B), M-Gonzalez (SS); OF/UT Soto, Peralta, C-Frazier (OF), Senzel (UT); BN: Healy (1B/3B), Heyward (OF) SP: Buehler, Corbin, C-Smith, S-Gray, M-Perez; RP: Allen, Rondon, Watson, N-Anderson, C-Green DL: Stanton (OF), Severino (SP); N/A: Happ (3B/OF) I've been offered (his) J-Turner, Goodwin & Wainwright for (my) Dozier & Sonny Gray. I should jump at this, shouldn't I, bc Turner is a stud & Dozier's #s have to stabilize at some time? On the other hand, as much is Turner is an upgrade, he's an injury-prone one & I kinda love Dozier this year. Plus, I like Gray to be decent this year even pitching half the time in CIN; Wainwright & Goodwin are both not-very-sweeteners. If I made the trade I'd drop both of them & grab the best SP on the wire (probably Pineda or Canning, bc it's a pretty deep league). I could also make the trade & then drop Waino & trade Heyward for an SP? What would you do? Thanks for the help! Leave a link.
  12. It's a coin flip for me, but I'd probably go Darvish and the bounceback. Wouldn't blame you for sticking with Happ, but Darvish has more upside, IMO. He could slot in as your SP3 (after DeGrom & Castilo) ROS. Help here?
  13. Why not? You could keep churning that slot if Hiura doesn't pan out. Help here?
  14. It's hard to trade Murphy right now bc he's a buy-low. You should be able to get Ray for him straight up but I doubt that happens right now. Santana & Perez on the other hand is a solid offer for Ray, but that does leave you a little exposed at 1B. If you think you can get Walker then I'd go for it. Thanks for your help w mine!
  15. I'd drop Martin. Kelley's due back soon & they want LeClerc closing, if he cooperates (which of course is no sure thing). Barnes will worst-case be in a 2-man committee & even then he's a much better pitcher than Martin---his counting stats will help regardless. Help here?