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  1. Rank These Hitter Options Please WHIR

    I'd want Cargo in the summer for sure. I like Hicks as well, but when Ellsbury gets back there's going to be a logjam in that OF, isn't there? Desmond is the other guy there who interests me. I think he could have a big ROS as well. I'd probably load up on the Rockies, & I'd let Brinson and Moncada sit there for now in a 10-teamer. Help here?
  2. Thames or Odor? WHIR

    I want Thames too. He's still walking, so I'm guessing he picks it back up soon enough. I like Dozier better than Odor anyway, so you don't really need another 2B, do you? Besides, I might put in a second waiver for Odor, dropping Headley, just in case no one else wants to blow a waiver on him. Help here?
  3. I think Neris is the Philly closer for most of the remaining season, so he'd be my pick too, but they may want to pump up Neshek's trade value by getting him some saves (he's said he expects to be traded). I'd stay away from WASH closers for now unless this is a super-deep league. Help here?
  4. I like JBJ myself. Best lineup, best chance for counting stats. Calhoun will be steady but not great by the end of the year. If you need speed, Odubel's your guy (but as someone pointed out, he doesn't seem to stealing much---perhaps that's because he's hitting all those doubles). But if you want the best power stats, I think JBJ's final line will look similar to his line last year, which puts him slightly ahead of the other two for me. Help here?
  5. Norris or Ross

    I'd want Ross over Norris based on upside, and I would definitely not drop DeLeon in a dynasty, especially if you can keep him stashed in an NA or prospect slot. Help here?
  6. 20-team redraft 6x6 roto (standard 5x5 plus OPS & Holds). 1250 IP limit. IF: Hedges (C), Encarnacion (1B), Gyorko (2B), Turner (3B), Correa (SS) OF/UT: Thames, Trumbo, Gardner (OF), Kepler (UT) BN: Bradley Jr., Zimmer (OF), Phillips (2B) SP: C-Martinez, Ray, McCullers, Bundy RP: Giles, Bradley, Law, B-Parker, N-Jones DL: Karns, McHugh (SP) 1. So like everyone else I've been hit hard by the DL bug. I've got 4 guys hurt and just the 2 DL slots. Even though it looks like McCullers is just out for the minimum, I think I'm going to have to drop one of Karns, McHugh or Nate Jones. I like McHugh's upside coming back sometime in July or so, Karns was looking good before he got hurt, and Jones could very well end up closing by August if he isn't hurt too badly. Who's the drop? 2. There really isn't much on the wire for SPs, just Eickhoff & Ryu plus an assortment of lottery tickets. I don't want to damage my ERA/WHIP, so I'm thinking of going the RP route for now (with a 1250 IP limit the ideal combo is 4 SPs & 5 RPs) since I'm also weak on Holds. Tony Watson, Darren O'Day (should be back in a week), Shawn Kelley, Matt Barnes (he'll never close, but he's racking up Holds and his #s are good), Enny Romero, Strop, Barraclough, Gott & Lorenzen are available. Who's my add? Thanks for the help! Leave a link & I WHIR.
  7. Tanaka Put On Block - Worthy Target?

    If you can get Tanaka for Desmond, it's worth a shot. You could stash Dahl on your DL & grab HanRam. HanRam & Dahl >> Desmond anyway, so the deal would be a win-win for you. Help here?
  8. 20-team redraft 6x6 roto (standard 5x5 plus OPS & Holds). 1250 IP limit. IF: Hedges (C), Encarnacion (1B), Phillips (2B), Gyorko (3B), Correa (SS) OF/UT: Thames, Trumbo, Gardner (OF), Kepler (UT) BN: Turner (3B), Bradley Jr., Zimmer (OF) SP: C-Martinez, McCullers, Ray, Bundy RP: Giles, Bradley, Law, Barraclough, N-Jones DL: Karns, McHugh (SP) I need SBs & Holds pretty badly. I've been offered Villar & Will Harris for my Gyorko & Law. I'd start Villar at 2B once Turner's back and slide Phillips back onto the bench. I love Gyorko, and reached a little for him in the draft, but I have to take this deal, right? Harris is also insurance for Giles and is a better pitcher than Law (and he'll get more Holds). What do you think? Is Gyorko for real? Does Villar bounce back (he's been pretty crappy so far)? Thanks for the help! Leave a link & I WHIR!
  9. Who would you rather have?

    I want Price's upside. It may take a few more starts before we see it, but I trust him more ROS, and besides, the other team's buying really low on Price by offering up a pretty unimpressive (so far) Quintana. You should be able to get more, or at least wait for one good start before putting Price on the market if you don't believe in him. Help here?
  10. Bregman in a vacuum. He's got the pedigree, hits in a great lineup, in a great park, and is making up for lost time. Followed by Cozart, because Cozart has nowhere to go but down (although he's been so much better than expected, so down may not be terrible) & then Souza. Merrifield and Duda feel like stream-while-hot to me. Help here?
  11. 20-team redraft 6x6 roto (standard 5x5 plus OPS & Holds). 1250 IP limit. IF: Hedges (C), Encarnacion (1B), Phillips (2B), Gyorko (3B), Correa (SS) OF/UT: Thames, Trumbo, Gardner (OF), Kepler (UT) BN: Turner (3B), Bradley Jr., Zimmer (OF) SP: C-Martinez, McCullers, Ray, Bundy RP: Giles, Bradley, Law, Barraclough, N-Jones DL: Karns, McHugh (SP) 1. I've been offered D. Gordon for my Phillips & either Zimmer, Bradley Jr. or Kepler. What do you think? If you like this deal, who should I give up, Zimmer, JBJ or Kepler? I feel like Zimmer has the most upside, but he's going to sit against all lefties at the very least, and who knows what happens with PT once the Indians get healthy, while both JBJ & Kepler have started to heat up... 2. What's your take on Derek Law in a Holds league? Jake McGee is available---he's been very good very quietly this year, and with Ottavino down, becomes the 8th inning guy in COL (& I don't want to drop Jones, who's coming back soon, but Barraclough could be expendable, even though I'm still a believer). Thoughts? Thanks for the help! Leave a link & I WHIR.
  12. Which SP ROS?

    DeGrom by a million miles. The others are a few tiers below at the very least. Help here?
  13. Which OF? WHIR

    I like Pillar & Belt slightly better than Tomas from everyone on that list. I'd say Belt for average (he'll bring it up, so he's due for a hot streak) and power, Pillar for speed & Runs. I'd lean Belt because I'd guess he's due to heat up, while Pillar could slow down a little, but Pillar could give you whatever you thought you were going to get with Odubel, so I could totally see you going that route. Help here?
  14. Walker's your drop---he's not that much better than Kennedy to begin with (he's got more upside, but I'd bet Kennedy puts up better, and more consistent, #s). And if you can get Berrios or Godley as well, even better. I'd lean Godley myself, but I understand totally the appeal of Berrios. Go with your gut. Help here?
  15. which player ROS (WHIR)

    It's Perez for me, for sure. I'd rather have the speed/power combo than the average and occasional power. Help here?