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  1. 12 team standard My Team (13-1, 1 seed) His Team (11-3, 2 seed) QB MaHomes Trubisky WR Tyreek Evans WR Baldwin Woods RB Kamara Zeke RB McCaffrey Gordon TE Samuels Kittle FLEX Chubb Michel K Tucker Lutz DEF Cleveland NE
  2. I love having Mahomes and would only “consider” trading him for an elite WR or RB so if you can get AB and still have Wentz then I’d take it.
  3. That’s actually tempting in ppr since Boyd is going to be a target monster with AJ out but I think Tate going to Philly is actually a negative. What’s the rest of your roster?
  4. I like the trade for you. Ingram doesn’t appear to have the role he did last year and the rest of your RB are stacked. Tate should help Alshon IMO.
  5. Without seeing the rest of your team I’d drop him if you also have OJ. I’m in the same spot as I think I can do better but his schedule is great but it’s the Browns we are talking about.
  6. Btw It’s a 12 team standard and I’m sitting at 8-1
  7. Initial Team (those that matter) QB: Mahomes/Goff RB: Kamara/Mixon/Conner/Chubb/Drake/Cohen WR: AJ, Tyreek, Corey Davis, Robinson TE: Njoku Completed trades: Ekler for Boyd, AJ/Goff for Cam/CMC and Mixon/Cohen for DJ/Baldwin Current Team QB: MaHomes, Cam RB: Kamara/CMC/Conner/DJ/Chubb/Drake WR: Tyreek, Boyd, Baldwin, Robinson TE: Njoku Have a chance for Thielen with DJ/Boyd and after all trades essentially comes down to Thielen/CMC or AJ/Mixon combo after all trading. Who would you rather have?