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  1. Interested can play right away.
  2. Bump...!!!Email draft redraft leagues
  3. $300, 12 team PPR, ESPN, Snake Draft 8/31 @ 10p

    Wednesday bump lets fill this...!!
  4. eagle just login to your leageuesafe and you will see it.
  5. @Red Sox Nation once you add to LS all they have to do is login to their account and the payment fee should show up there as one of the leagues. so even if it goes to junk you should be able to see in LS
  6. 12 team, ppr, snake, ESPN, $300

    Sunday bump
  7. 12 team, ppr, snake, ESPN, $300

    I’m in!!!! Let’s do This Thang!!
  8. Looking for: 12 tm, $200-$300, ppr, snake

    @redsox nation I ’m west coast so anytime on the 27th or 31st I’m good
  9. Looking for: 12 tm, $200-$300, ppr, snake

    I have a conflict with that date can we make it 27th or the 31st? settings looks good
  10. Looking for: 12 tm, $200-$300, ppr, snake

    if you build it they will come.....PPR preferable FAAB waivers....
  11. dont forget the yahoo taxes you have to write of end of the year it can get messy.....