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  1. lamarcus aldridge for john collins?

    Collins if this is one of your keepers
  2. The first and second trades are actually fair enough, not vetoable and definitely should not result in complaints and possible removal of the manager....The third trade he clearly loses so OK if vetoed. In my view just let the second trade through, veto the third and keep the guy in the league. He is at least active and trying to do something for his team.
  3. I just joined and am part of the dispersal draft and we need one more manager - you get to dive right into action with the offline draft!
  4. Accept and hope your league doesn’t veto. Lonzos value is much higher. Even if you have doubts, his perceived value is much higher so you can flip him for someone like Teague or better.
  5. Ayton Or Turner?

    I’d go Ayton, high floor and high ceiling.
  6. Dynasty League questions

    I play in a couple of dynasty leagues, am commissioner for one of them. The one I commission is with a group of friends / colleagues which helps with people sticking around for multiple years, which is key to a successful league. We have a nice perpetual trophy where winner's name is engraved each year and gets to keep the trophy, so we play for that and pride. No money - it is tough to do money in dynasty because teams could be bad for multiple years, it is fun to rebuild but people will quit if they have to pay in each year knowing they will lose. Depth of the league is important, I think 16 teams to 20 teams (20 is max on Yahoo) is a good number, deeper rosters if 16 teams. It makes draft picks for valuable, for rebuilding and trading picks. We do 2 round rookie / FA draft each year, slow draft via chat, so people can take their time, make trades. We had 11 trades go down during the draft this year, over the course of 3 days and it was a ton of fun, people trading up to take another manager's target pick, trash talking, etc. My suggestion for league depth is to think about how many rounds rookie draft you want to have, say 16 teams, 2 rounds, then to make the rookies who are in reality drafted in latter part of first round or early second round useful, you'd need to be about 240 deep so roster size of 15 or more.
  7. Steph for Butler + Jamal Murray

    Close one...wait a day or two to see where Jimmy goes. He could become top 10 depending on landing spot.
  8. giannis or kat

    Towns for me. Jimmy is gone and I actually would take Kat #2 overall.
  9. Taurean Prince + Gary Harris = Otto Porter

    Lol 2 Ottos - assuming your 4th guy isn’t good I’d take it. Harris is fairly close in value to Otto in my view.
  10. Final Keeper Spot

    I’d go Collins for sure.
  11. Dynasty: JJJ or WCJ?

    Wow #1 over Ayton and Doncic! This does make me feel better because I ended up taking JJJ 3rd in my draft, WCJ went 4th right after. I had #2 as well and went with Luka.
  12. I actually would support trading for Gobert and Draymond to increase odds of winning. Paul and Dragic are getting older and you have to go for it in dynasty when the window is there. In 2-3 years you can consider changing modes if needed, can always trade those guys for high picks and gamble for future top 10 guys.
  13. Draft Strategy - The Brow Build

    In my 12 team league AD fell to 4th to me, my next 3 picks were Beal, Lowry and Turner. In 14 teams I’d pick up one if the better guards that still remain at 28/29 (assuming AD goes first), and another big, see if somehow Love is still on the board (ranked 35). thoughts on mine?
  14. Final Keeper JMurray or GHarris???

    They’re about the same in my view, maybe very slight edge to Murray but given your keepers I’d go Harris. Thoughts on mine?