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  1. 16 Team Dynasty Startup

    If it is Yahoo -
  2. Interested in the 20 team leagues once rosters available
  3. Horford/Dunn for AD/Turner

    I assume it is Evan Turner not Myles Turner and would still say yes do it. Help with mine?
  4. Keeper League Trade - Towns

    Thanks - there is literally nothing on the waiver so there will be a throw in player from Towns side, someone whos probably borderline top 100 with no long term keeper value, e.g. Dirk.
  5. Pick up Millsap? No IR league? WHIR

    I think your team can afford to stash Millsap. If he's been on the waiver for a while then try to make a 2-1 trade, otherwise if he's recently dropped then pick him up now, dump Biyombo. Help with mine?
  6. Your team is stacked....make a trade. Even if you give up a little value in the trade it is better than leaving one spot open.
  7. Am I giving up too much for Jokic? WHIR

    I would do it - always favour a 2 for 1 or 3 for 2 trade with upgrades. Not sure how successful you're with the punt AST, you could always re-adjust strategy especially with Jokic a first round talent (strategies are set based on who you draft in round 1-2 usually anyway), or as other said flip Jokic. Help with mine?
  8. Which side comes out on top? Whir

    Prefer CP3 / Beal, Conley would be back at some point or Evans may be dealt for a first rounder.
  9. Brown for Tatum

    Tatum is so much better than Brown.

    I prefer Wall in this trade. He's better than AG and Hield has very little value.
  11. I would do it. You get the best player in the deal and Lauri is pretty good as well, trust your gut on Dragic.
  12. League is 20 teams, 13 man rosters plus 1 INJ spot, so 280 players deep. Keep 5 at no cost each year. Offer is Kevin Love + Hassan Whiteside for Towns. Team with Towns is in bottom half rankings and not really any other quality keepers. Team with Love and Whiteside is contending for playoffs. Fair trade, giving too much for Towns, or not enough?
  13. Jayson Tatum Fantasy Outlook 2017-2018

    Best rookie after Simmons?
  14. How would you guys rank the top rookies in dynasty now that we are a few games in? I'm thinking Ball, DSJ, Tatum, Fultz, Isaac, Jackson, Fox, Collins, Markennan, Mitchell.