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  1. To me 5th pick is just as good as 1st this year and would take that deal.
  2. Zeller is better than all of those guys, just need to stay healthy and he is for now.
  3. For me Curry > Zion = Trey = Beal > KP6. However if you don't think there are feasible trades then just go for Zion or Trae for a rebuilding team.
  4. I drafted him 1st overall in my dynasty and have kept him since then. I think you need to go with Favors though...even if you have no chance he has better trade value and you can swap for a top rookie from another team who may be competing.
  5. I would go with Drummond if you're set on Rudy.
  6. Fair enough deal as Drummond is an upgrade over Capela but 5th pick is still pretty valuable...see if you can replace it with one of your lower tier guys instead and keep the pick, say any of Powell, Prince, Walker IV or Dinwiddie.
  7. Is Collins for Irving a fair trade or is there a material difference in dynasty value?
  8. Then yes I would, because Harden is a small upgrade over Jokic. Essentially you must lose one of Jokic or Lillard anyway...
  9. Thanks guys - I felt the same about taking a risk on KD coming back strong but wanted to get some validation.
  10. 12 team x 13 is fairly shallow for dynasty so #4 pick is of little value this year. Hield is more of a sure thing over Allen this year, and you should definitely be contending with that team. Towns and Giannis and Harden in a dynasty league...amazing.
  11. Would you give up the 4th pick in the rookie draft for KD in a dynasty?
  12. Get him to throw in a high pick and it is a deal, 1st rounder ideally if not 2nd or 3rd would be a fair deal too
  13. Personally I don't have a clear #4 so if in your position would trade down and grab another player or upgrade.
  14. I'd go for Oladipo who is 3 years younger although you'd have to be patient short term
  15. Assuming you mean 2nd rounder next year, I like the side with CJM and T. Brown.
  16. Probably better to trade one of them for a high first round pick.
  17. T. Harris and Randle. Horford is older so he's out as a keeper.
  18. 5 of those are obvious and I would go with Ball, Mirotic or possibly even Bog Bog over Wall. Don't think you'll any issues dominating the league with your top 5 so it doesn't really matter.
  19. 20 Teamer, 9 Cat H2H PG C. Paul, T. Satoransky, M. Morris, T. Dorsey SG K. Irving, J. Lamb SF J. Tatum, O. Porter PF R. Gay, A. Aminu, C. Diallo C K. Towns, R. Gobert, A. Len Won 4-3 by 0.001 FG% - Tyler Dorsey my savior
  20. 20 teamer finals - Lamb and Aminu combine 1/20 shooting, FG% anchor Towns shoots 5/17. Kyrie off 2 games, Len DNP, Bjelica 1 RBD game, Otto Porter out all week, Tatum sucking. Literally nothing going for me. Opponent squad has zero rest days all week. FML
  21. Assuming free keepers I'd go with JJJ
  22. Not vetoeable. My league had Wall for Markennan go through today.