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  1. Damn these rest days are ridiculous this year ....
  2. Wait why didn’t he start??? I need his production badly 😕
  3. Hopefully he plays tomorrow! Need him in both my leagues badly.
  4. Bum. 3 games left this week...still hope
  5. That’s rough. Did the same thing with Tatum yesterday morning. Really need a big week from Payton to compete after losing Nurk (not that anyone cares). 3 triple doubles this week please!!
  6. terrible injury 😕 he was having such a terrific season and was really coming on for the blazers. for owners in h2h in deep leagues who are you picking up? I have one move left with the likes of Plumlee (4 gms), Hernangomez (3 gms), Moe Harkless (3 gms) as the best options. this one stinnnnngs bad.
  7. Dropped for KCP’s 4 game week without hesitation. Tatum has been pretty mediocre (at best) lately and I need all the counting stats I can get in the finals.
  8. He played 2 games this week and did work in both. It still sucks cause it may cost me in one of my h2h leagues - but hopefully he gets out there for all 3 next week.
  9. If Otto really misses tomorrow that puts him at 1 possible game remaining for the week and only 3 for next week (if he’s healthy). Dropped for House Jr. without hesitation. No time to wait around in the 2nd round of the playoffs.
  10. MRI came back clean. It's his non shooting wrist, I hope we see him play Wednesday.
  11. I really hope this is just a precautionary MRI and he can get back out there tomorrow. Would be an absolute shame to have to drop him right when he's starting to heat up.
  12. This. He walked off under his own power and the game was pretty much out of reach at this point. He also just posted a funny story on his IG so I’m guessing he’s alright.
  13. Well KD just went down with an ankle contusion. I’ve never seen Curry miss this many clean looks...