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  1. He played 2 games this week and did work in both. It still sucks cause it may cost me in one of my h2h leagues - but hopefully he gets out there for all 3 next week.
  2. If Otto really misses tomorrow that puts him at 1 possible game remaining for the week and only 3 for next week (if he’s healthy). Dropped for House Jr. without hesitation. No time to wait around in the 2nd round of the playoffs.
  3. MRI came back clean. It's his non shooting wrist, I hope we see him play Wednesday.
  4. I really hope this is just a precautionary MRI and he can get back out there tomorrow. Would be an absolute shame to have to drop him right when he's starting to heat up.
  5. This. He walked off under his own power and the game was pretty much out of reach at this point. He also just posted a funny story on his IG so I’m guessing he’s alright.
  6. Well KD just went down with an ankle contusion. I’ve never seen Curry miss this many clean looks...
  7. Big Waiters getting a little loose in the first half...
  8. Yes he jab stepped Theis to the ground and drove it in for a nassssty dunk. Clippers are making a serious push back into this game. Of course the Celtics lost Kyrie but Zubac is a major factor. He's much more involved with this offense. Lets see how the 4th quarter goes.
  9. He's playing with a lot of energy. Contesting every drive and shot resulting in deflections and 3 blocks. He's got a solid line right now (late in the 3rd quarter) and it should be even better considering he's missed a couple easy buckets right at the rim.
  10. If this guy gets 30 mpg he’s going to be monnnnney especially with that schedule. Do we see this happening?? Rotoworld blurbs are notoriously bad and I think Casey will give him tons of minutes.
  11. What does everyone think about his ROS value in 12 team h2h leagues? Obviously he can put up points in a hurry when he’s given consistent minutes ... Luka hasn’t missed games but is seemingly always getting banged up potentially opening up even more minutes. I have Taj and Bazemore I’m looking to drop. The 3-4-3 playoff schedule isn’t great but he could potentially hover around 28mpg as the 6th man right?
  12. And what a great fantasy playoff schedule ..... hmmmmm