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  1. Same here. He along with Dirk had a terrible stretch run and singlehandedly killed me in the finals of one of my dynasty leagues. I came into the offseason like a mad man to ship him off my team until I saw a report that his planter faciitis was the reason. The report said it bothered him a whole lot towards the end of the season. I figured that had to be the reason for the incredible downfall and pulled him off the trade block. I'm a happy camper
  2. Just quoting myself from a month ago. Nothing to see here fellas. Dieng is a beast.
  3. I've always known rotoworld's blurbs to be terrible. Get used to it. I just ignore them. I only check for updates on injuries. No doubt Collison's value would only increase being on a depleted Miami squad.
  4. Stay confused. We need owners like you to take Russ over Harden in our drafts so we can rejoice.
  5. Hipriest69 is the type of guy I like to have in my fantasy leagues. An easy 9-0 or 8-1 every week. A beating stick. He'll take empty scorers like DeRozan, Klay, Love and Wiggins in round 1 and 2 because they score a lot and leave guys like Dieng, Nerlens Noel and Rubio undrafted because they don't.
  6. You read wrong. Guy said does it make sense to pass on Milsap in round 2, to get Kristaps in round 3. I don't think anyone in any league should be taking ZinGod over Millsap this season.
  7. You're a legend sir. Well thought out and impressive piece of work.
  8. I think he easily posts top 50 stats. I'm expecting top 30. Even before news of KG & Pek.
  9. Yeah, I'm gonna consider a guy who's gonna average 7 TOs, 41% on 27 shots with a volatile playing style and injury history with the 1st to 4th pick, right? NO. Not to mention his assts will drop after losing an offensive beast in Durant.
  10. Making a package for Vucevic who looks like he's on the trade block in Orl would be ideal.
  11. Nothing on this guy? Could possibly have his best season yet as a dominant perimeter threat and possibly the only one in Memphis. Having big dogs like Zach & Gasol down low should increase his assists from his Dallas days. No doubt Parsons played at an all-star level right before & after the break. 18pts 4asts 5rbs with good %s should be quite attainable.
  12. We have to temper expectations, but I think this projection is spot on. Not too low and not too crazy.
  13. All of their FA moves were bad. Paying Turner over Crabbe? Even though I'm a happy Crabbe owner as I want to see him unleashed in a starter's role. Portland did nothing to get better and probably got worse. Telling Turner he'll start over a very nice 3 & D player in Aminu doesn't even make sense.
  14. They are comfortably better than he is, like you stated.