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  1. I think he easily posts top 50 stats. I'm expecting top 30. Even before news of KG & Pek.
  2. Yeah, I'm gonna consider a guy who's gonna average 7 TOs, 41% on 27 shots with a volatile playing style and injury history with the 1st to 4th pick, right? NO. Not to mention his assts will drop after losing an offensive beast in Durant.
  3. Making a package for Vucevic who looks like he's on the trade block in Orl would be ideal.
  4. Nothing on this guy? Could possibly have his best season yet as a dominant perimeter threat and possibly the only one in Memphis. Having big dogs like Zach & Gasol down low should increase his assists from his Dallas days. No doubt Parsons played at an all-star level right before & after the break. 18pts 4asts 5rbs with good %s should be quite attainable.
  5. We have to temper expectations, but I think this projection is spot on. Not too low and not too crazy.
  6. All of their FA moves were bad. Paying Turner over Crabbe? Even though I'm a happy Crabbe owner as I want to see him unleashed in a starter's role. Portland did nothing to get better and probably got worse. Telling Turner he'll start over a very nice 3 & D player in Aminu doesn't even make sense.
  7. They are comfortably better than he is, like you stated.
  8. This is completely accurate. He's still going to be a 2nd-3rd rd value.
  9. How does this change him from being reserved? He cannot have an opinion that one all star is better than the other? You're just a hater. He did not diss Kawhi. He simply stated he'd prefer George, which was understandable at the time. This is a non-story.
  10. I apologize that I don't live on the rotoworld forums like you do. Sorry, but I have a life and this is probably the 4th time I've visited since last offseason.
  11. Are you done?
  12. Well that was easy. Ran through the playoffs luke Usain Bolt. Giannis & Lowry were my major steals. Gobert was a huge disappointment as I expected, while others droll over him. I also projected a double double average from Randle.
  13. I'm thinking what he's trying to say is that he has a gut feeling Gobert won't be as good as he's hyped up to play this off-season. I tend to have that same gut feeling, especially among the rotoworld community that seems to be extremely pro-Gobert.
  14. When he was drafted, and through the draft process, he said his role at the NBA level was SF. Even though his game indicated the opposite. That's the position he wants to play and that's one of the main reasons he decided to put in all his off-season work on hitting 3s instead of working on some low post moves.