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  1. Knows to hate the right members. He rhymes with mush.

  2. Gary is neither cute, nor cool. He is simply, the Gary.

  3. best RW blurb ever: Heath Bell worked around a walk to strike out the side Tuesday and earn a save against the Dodgers. His choice of song was "Blow Me Away" by Breaking Benjamin, in case you were wondering. Apparently, you don't get to choose grown-up music until after your first 30-save season.
  4. we goin to the pub tomorrow to watch the sox game?

  5. Krono is one of my best friends on RW.

  6. i think the face-eating attack chimp was listening to your song before he went crazy, Gary
  7. Gary i love ya bro but damn i worry about people who listen to that stuff. I'm a HUGE metalhead, but that stuff is just some weird mix of Hot Topic and Columbine High School.
  8. CopaCabana and I MAde It Through the Rain
  9. Several Species of Small Furry Animals Gathered Together in a Cave and Grooving with a Pict

  10. How about the new Metallica? Are they back? It sounds a lot like "One" with lesser quality lyrics. Kirk Hammett is making up for all the missing solos on St Anger...the last half of the song is a shred fest.
  11. Preston Wilson and Dante Bischette both had crazy seasons at Coors.. whoops just read page 2. Brady Anderson is King.
  12. f**kin A right. somebody around here likes rock and roll!