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  1. Gary is neither cute, nor cool. He is simply, the Gary.

  2. best RW blurb ever: Heath Bell worked around a walk to strike out the side Tuesday and earn a save against the Dodgers. His choice of song was "Blow Me Away" by Breaking Benjamin, in case you were wondering. Apparently, you don't get to choose grown-up music until after your first 30-save season.
  3. Krono is one of my best friends on RW.

  4. i think the face-eating attack chimp was listening to your song before he went crazy, Gary
  5. Gary i love ya bro but damn i worry about people who listen to that stuff. I'm a HUGE metalhead, but that stuff is just some weird mix of Hot Topic and Columbine High School.
  6. CopaCabana and I MAde It Through the Rain
  7. Several Species of Small Furry Animals Gathered Together in a Cave and Grooving with a Pict

  8. How about the new Metallica? Are they back? It sounds a lot like "One" with lesser quality lyrics. Kirk Hammett is making up for all the missing solos on St Anger...the last half of the song is a shred fest.
  9. Preston Wilson and Dante Bischette both had crazy seasons at Coors.. whoops just read page 2. Brady Anderson is King.
  10. f**kin A right. somebody around here likes rock and roll!
  11. Oh no every time a music discussion breaks out here there's way too much love for Linkin Park.
  12. damn you guys and your artificially-created scarcity on closers! You just MADE me take George Sherrill in the 12th round (no worries though, he'll be top-5 in the AL)
  13. ....problem is everyone in this league is gonna be lighting fast on the pick ups...not like some Yahoo public where you can snag Accardo after he picks up his 7th save.
  14. No. My 1st round bust Pujols is not condusive to side-betting.
  15. Goodbye ARod and Ortiz, hello Mags, Ichiro and Suppan!
  16. I hope so, his team goes to sh*t when he does.
  17. I can neither confirm nor deny that I'm gonna have to go with a plan B closer next
  18. LOL tried to make a face with that but i came out all fah'd
  19. But that's you think Zara will make another long-distance pick?
  20. No, you stole Soria, you're dead to me. DEAD TO ME