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  1. Trade Jose Ramirez?

    Check here first before you hit accept !
  2. James Paxton 2019 Outlook

    Over his career Paxton has 2.93 ERA at Yankee Stadium. Over the last two years he is 2.73. He has a 11.1 K's per 9 . I think this was a great trade for the Yankees.
  3. Trade lots of future for win now?

    Hell YES !!! Do this trade. I don't trust prospects especially pitchers.
  4. Kris Bryant 2019 Outlook

    Bryant is too good not to bounce back.
  5. Term question

    Was it easy to figure out? How ? As I said . If somebody doesn't know the answer to a question why not ask? We blurt things out without even realizing what we are saying
  6. Term question

    Not sure what some seem as funny. If you think about some of the things we just say without thinking about it. This is one of those. I could give you many more that you would say. Oh yeah. Never thought about it that way. We just say it because everybody else does.
  7. Term question

    Yeah I remember him using that term . Wasn't that long ago. The three point shot was adopted in the NBA in 1979
  8. Term question

    Hi everybody, Not a fantasy question but thought I would post this here and see if I could get an answer. Its a serious question and in my mind if you don't know the answer it isn't a stupid question. Why is a three point shot called From Downtown ? If you think about that for a couple of seconds it does sound like its from long distance.It is more dramatic BUT if you think like I do you question that because Downtown in my mind is IN town . The heart of the city or town. Where everything happens.The business section. A three point shot is on the outskirts of town. Less action .Fewer shots from outside. Anyway I was watching a game last night and I thought to myself why not ask ?
  9. Trade Mookie

    Just so you guys know a little about my league and pricing Judge went for 54.00 Stanton went for 61.00 Springer went for 52.00 and was the 4th name called out . Kluber 41.00 verlander 41.00 Cole 41.00 many of my league mates like having lots of money to spend and having cheap players going in . Even if they aren’t that great . they look at it like it’s better to fill those spots as keepers and not have to depend on end of draft garbage .
  10. Trade Mookie

    Be nice
  11. New York Yankees 2019 Outlook

    Hmmm seems like Bird did the same thing Voit did before he got hurt .
  12. Trade Mookie

    12 team AL only 5x5 OBP Mookie 52.00 for Mondessi 8.00 Three year keeper Both going into second year
  13. OBP vs AVG Leagues

    This ^
  14. Byron Buxton 2019 Outlook

    But Buxton will lose more games with his bat then he will win with his glove . He sucks giats balls and until he puts together a WHOLE good season very good season he won’t be on any of my teams of the biggest teases out there .
  15. Vladimir Guerrero Jr. - 3B TOR

    With all this hype I can see him going as early as round 3 in many leagues. Every league and everybody is different but who doesn't want to take that chance on maybe the next best thing? Yes its a gamble.But one I am taking having traded for him in three leagues. I believe he is worth it more than any other player in recent history. Right there with Trout but how many bailed on him after he crapped out in his first shot in the majors. I grabbed Trout right after that and have had him for 6 years in one league. If Vlad pulls a Trout I will go down with the ship and hopefully he rebounds. He is one special player.