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  1. JD/HanRam vs. Stanton/Enciarte

    Jd and jram Stanton looks lost . This isn't Miami . The pressure of playing in New York is mounting and it's going To get worse . Players have down years . Of course Stanton could turn it around but JDM looks comfortable on Boston and is hitting . Jram is already a excellent hitter
  2. Better 2018 season: Moncada or Merrifield? WHIR

    Merrifield for me as well . Got off to a slow start but so have dozens of others . He's picking it up .
  3. Which Catcher to add

    I agree keep lucroy
  4. SHOtani, Albies, Cespedes 4 Archer, Altuve, Cain WHIR

    If I'm the other owner there is no way in hell I'm accepting that offer. Maybe change the pitcher included and you might get something done. Peopel seem to be finally waking up to Archer not being as good as they thought .
  5. Enough for Blackmon?

    One year ? Keeper ?
  6. I agree with this . Needs a long term injury or trade .
  7. Blockbuster is it close ? WHIR Immediately

    Thing is you won't get a stud bat for Archer . Youll be lucky to get a mid level bat . I love Blackmon but man I got to go with the younger two . Marte gets you the steals Blackmon would get you . Between the two you get Blackmons hrs .
  8. Done deal how did I do

    You got the best player in the deal. Blackmon.
  9. Chris Devenski 2018 Outlook

    Let's not forget that the so-called first half of the season is approximately 60% of the season with only about 70 games left for the so-called second half which is like 40% so he would've been somewhat tired and was used in a different role last year if he indeed does become the closer which is too early to say he won't be used in multi innings like he was last year so he will be stronger toward the end of the year hopefully
  10. Chris Devenski 2018 Outlook

    Maybe a bit early to say. Its been a week since Giles got a save chance but we'll see what happens the next time a chance happens.
  11. Drop Kinsler for Devenski?

    I trust Kinsler more than I trust Moncada. It still isn't Devenskis job
  12. Miguel Andujar 2018 Outlook

    Add a homerun
  13. He's desperately trying to trade Robles

    I agree with above . Keep the guy that can help you now .
  14. Miguel Andujar 2018 Outlook

    Oops . Another double tonight