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  1. I got him in two leagues today problem is where will he play ? Siemein is now playing rehab games and lowrie had plsyed well this year andxdo had pinder currently on the dl
  2. No salt on that crow please Is he support one a good defender ? Nerves ?
  3. A rude awakening for the youngster . You ain't in the minor leagues anymore kid . Welcome to the show
  4. Smart move on the Yankees part to do this now . Carter is a bum . They can give Austin a month to see if he can cut it . If not they make a deal for a first baseman at the deadline . A monrh should be enough at bats .
  5. It was the first time they opposed each other. Being from the same country I'm sure the juices had to be flowing like crazy . Also both have been not pitching well of late . More so Tabaka Players get more pumped when playing better teams . Od course they both wanted to out do each other . I watched and they were both on their game . I'm one that wants to see either lots of offense or a no hitter . Pitching duels don't usually do it for me but this one had me watching every pitch . It was fun
  6. Two wrongs don't make a right
  7. Keep in mind the ASB doesn't mean th end of the first half. Depending on the teams they will only have 68 - 71 games left.
  8. No way I accept that offer you are asking for too much back and really only giving quantity and quality . I love Paxton but until he proves he can he in the same conversation as Sale he's not a good return. And you want Pollock as well ?
  9. I agree I don't own him this year but I grabbed him at the end of last year and he was money . Valbuena is worse than Cron He hit a grand slam and got sent down . He got a home run in his first game back . He just needs fulltime at bats
  10. Don't forget he'll get two less starts after the ASB
  11. I hope you aren't referring to Tillman ?
  12. Think we've seen enough to say he'll most likely be nothing special or close he won't be n any of my teams until I see at least a years worth of consistency
  13. I agree with Fuzzy. Take a chance on Choo
  14. I like this trade. But you lose lots of power with only Stanton. I traded David Price to get JD. I couldn't be happier