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  1. No fracking way I accept that. Not even worth a counter offer . Jusg say thanks you but I politely decline .
  2. I love miggy but I would pass
  3. One of the best trades be seen this year , Great deal for you !
  4. Is this a one year league ?
  5. I need another bat . Thinking of offering Darvish 8.00 for Bregman 6.00 12 team AL only 5x5 i love Darvish and Bregman may be in that year long soph slump thing I know I should shot higher than Bregman . Who are a couple you would consider ?
  6. Pitched a solid game Weds. After the hr settled down and kept the Rangers close enough to win for him. I'll take it. A win is a win.
  7. He's going to take too long to get his crap together for me to roster. He was at 45 pitches in the second inning. The Tigers aren't going anywhere and neither is he. You can have my turn.
  8. Still hits and got on base.
  9. Thats the guy !!!!
  10. I agree 100 % . I had a closer from the Brewers about 10 -12 years ago. Name escapes. The Brewers were the worse team in baseball. They had more save chances than the Yankees that year and he converted something like 23 of 25 saves after the ASB and we all know the break isn't the end of the first half or the start of the second half. Basically my point was they could throw just about anybody out there to try to close games to see what they have . especially Sept 1st on.
  11. Tampa sucks and will always suck until they move to Montreal. We get more fans at our single A farm games then they do in Tampa. The Rays will be out of it by mid May and they'll be looking to move anybody that can get them younger players. Colome will attract lots of attention long before the trade deadline. And does it really matter who takes over there when he's gone? By August 1 st they'll be fielding a AA team with one or two vets . Sorry I went off topic . Just needed to say that
  12. Well I'm not suggesting the Rangers will continue to give Chirinos all the at bats. They do have a large commitment with LuCroy but they also have a commitment to win. Will Chirinos continue to crush when he plays ? You can say you will bet he won't but none of us really know do we. Of course the odds are against it but for now ride that hot hand. And YES i will continue to hold Villar. Am I expecting last years numbers? Once again NO I'm not but lots and lots of worse options .
  13. The Royals are terrible. Why not give anybody with a pulse a chance.
  14. Theres always a first time for a player to get hot and stay hot . And its not uncommon for a star player to have a down year . Call it what you want but one is and one isn't .Just saying