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  1. Only a handful of closers with security . Or at least much more than most . And he ain't one of them .
  2. Every league is different my man.
  3. G-M-S side for me easy
  4. In a fu#king heartbeat !!!!!!
  5. I agree with the Duck. Stick with what you have
  6. Pollock
  7. I'm going to say Fowler. Her offers something in all cats.I like players that offer more . Not a one or two trick pony. Plus he has been around a while . I think the new car smell with Peraza will go away fast.
  8. Trade Ra Davis 1 .00 and Sam Dyson 2.00 for Miquel Sano 6.00 in a 12 team AL only 5x5 260.00 auction league. I do have another closer .This league tends to over price players . I love Davis at 1.00 for cheap steals. I do have two others that will give me steals . Based on what I have said adding nothing else what would you do ? I play to win one year at a time .
  9. Mainly because Stanaton can't stay of the field. But what some people are forgetting is when Stanton is on the DL the numbers you get from his replacement count as well. Its not like Stanton leaves a total whole.
  10. I agree. And honestly I wouldn't make the trade even without C Martinez . Trout is still the best player.
  11. I have the same as the poster above me.
  12. Ok ? Did i miss something or is there not a question attached ?
  13. Dahl will help you a hell of a lot sooner than Moncada who may not help this year .
  14. Yes . Do it