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  1. 2018 Keeper Dilemma - TOTAL INSNITY!!!!!!

    Correa, Blackmon, Turner, Mookie Yes pitching is important but keeping only four players the other nine GM's are in the same boat . I can't imagine most will keep stud pitchers over stud hitters so I'm thinking there should be a few stud pitchers available to draft. Now if Kershaw was on this list I would think differently . At least one spot. Love Bumgarner but not more than the four hitter I chose. Tough one. Good luck
  2. Willie Calhoun - 2B LAD

    What is an organisation ? Is it some sort of cult?
  3. September Closer Thread 2017

    What about the Twins closer situation ? Belisle blew his fourth save last night . Whats up with Perkins?
  4. September Closer Thread 2017

    Will Yost turn to Alexander the next time the Royals have a save chance? Think last night was the final nail in Herreras coffin ?
  5. Mookie Betts 2017 Outlook

    Let's not forget this was against tiger pitchers . The White Sox scored 17 runs so everybody was having a good day . The tigers are throwing trash out there right now
  6. Byron Buxton 2017 Outlook

    Buxton did it again . At least to some of you . He has done this a few times before including last Sept. He goes on a nice run to lure you back. Including me twice before but not this time . Sure the stats were nice for three weeks or so but now we are back to the same player he was for 4 1/2 months before . Hes 5/28 over his last 7 games and a bunch of k's . Good luck to those of you that took the bait .
  7. DeSheilds or Haniger?

    Haniger for sure is the guy you want
  8. September Closer Thread 2017

    Me too !
  9. Willie Calhoun 2017 Season Outlook

    Gallo- Beltre with back issues. DH ? Hmmm
  10. James Paxton 2017 Outlook

    Why? Because of the 50 pitch limit ? That could be 6 innings. The Stros just got swept by the A's. I own him and I'm starting him
  11. Drop Claudio and add SP?

    Archer ? Did I miss an update that says he will be back before the end of the season? Only what 29-22 games . If he came back now that's only 4 starts . Of the two left I favor Giolito .
  12. Danny Salazar 2017 Outlook

    No. He sucks
  13. Drop which pitcher ?

    Reynaldo Lopez Andrew Heaney Bridwell
  14. Choose one pitcher for ROS

    Heaney or Bridwell ? Bridwell had pitched very well until recently Heaney still working his way back Need to drop one