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  1. Might want to consider that. It is a big difference . Those fewer games could win or lose in fantasy
  2. Yes but keep in mind the second half isn't the second half. Only about 68- 70 games . Those 11-13 games to make a half are HUGE !!!
  3. Its the no hair thing the last couple of years
  4. Agree Kershaw is history. But even with 300.00 budget those prices are cheap to what they would be in my league.
  5. Lottery ticket ? When was the last time you got a lottery ticket for free? When was the last time you won anything worth bragging about if you did win? Ain't nothing free pal. It will cost you one way or another.
  6. Under 20%? WOW !!! You are dreaming. I'm willing to bet by seasons end he will be closer to 30% . He'll get in a slump and get frustrated and start swinging at everything or watch good pitches down the middle. At this point he is what he is . Good luck with that.
  7. The real questions here are who has he faced this spring and has hit off that will be in the rotation of a real major league team and not riding a bus to minor league parks his whole career?
  8. Call it what you want. Just remember this in June when a bunch of us tried to warn you .
  9. Its a wise man who rules the stars. Its a fool that is ruled by them. Spring stats don't mean crap !!!!
  10. I don't own him. Looking for the best player to select with my one pick. I usually hare pitching prospects. But as I said I will keep an open mind.
  11. Wanted to bump this after another week of play. And now that Austin Hays has been sent down want to know how you feel about him over the others listed?Or is there another player that has jumped out ?
  12. I thought SS would help me last year. Wrong ! This guy is a walk DL
  13. Which do you guys like better ? Reyes or Paddack long term? Do both start the season in the minors?
  14. Keep forever league. Hoskins or Belly ? Draft Saturday. Leaning Hoskins now that Harper is in town.
  15. Harper, JDM . JRam. Indians have one less big bat
  16. I'm hoping for 28 starts.Maybe 170 innings
  17. Player AB R H 1B 2B 3B HR RBI BB KO SB CS BA OBP SLG Roto Rank Rhys Hoskins LF | PHI 528 96 138 67 36 0 35 108 83 135 5 2 0.2614 0.3676 0.5284 50 Carlos Correa SS | HOU 535 84 145 90 28 3 24 94 65 130 3 1 0.2710 0.3480 0.4692 43
  18. Would you trade one year of Sevy 2.00 for 2 years of Profar 1.00 in a 12 team AL only ?
  19. Hoskins has Harper . Who does Correa have ? Springer? Altuve? Will either be with the Stros in ten years ? Doubtful. Nice to think long term but I play one year at a time.
  20. Need to turn in my keepers by 6:00 pm Sunday afternoon. 7 players mixed OBP. Keeping Matt Chapman J. Baez Soto R. Acuna Corbin Kershaw Treinen or Wheeler for my final spot. I don't usually like to keep closers in this league but he is one of the few I trust .
  21. E . Florial ( Yankees ) and Kyle Lewis ( Mariners ) are other players I'm considering.