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  1. Got the full 100, have plenty of 3b help but would look great in my UTIL spot. I have the full 100 bucks....drop most of it?
  2. Amazingly Justin Turner wound up on the wire yesterday. What blind bid % is he worth at moment?
  3. I have standing offer the 2.03 and 2019 dynasty first rounder projected high to mid for Adam Thielen. I own OBJ, Evans, Mike Thomas, Amari and Ryan Anderson. Pull trigger?
  4. We have a Yahoo League that I run as a dyno. (which is terrible because nobody wants to move to MFL) Our league is over at 16 but I want to keep waivers open through 17 but the add is "greyed out". I tried emailing but all I got was a bot response after a few days. Does anyone know how to set the settings where we can still drop/add after the championship game? Its great to be in championship/consolation game but that is 4 teams that can't drop their kicker for a prospect...
  5. Best DST Dyno stash?

    No kidding, unfortunately already taken so I am only looking at those teams listed
  6. Carolina Houston New England Arizona
  7. I am seen as favorite so I am leaning highest floor, fairly confident in all but each has their shortcomings. Please suggest two. Greg Olson - unsure about game script Mike Evans - unsure about double/triple coverage and winston Ertz - unsure about Trey Burton hawking TD's
  8. Gio or Evans (.5ppr)

    Hey sorry. fwiw I would have played tate
  9. Thought Evans was a lock for my lineup. Honestly still leaning but Mixon being out is a game changer. We have seen the floor with Evans, we know the ceiling. I think the game script will be about the same for Gio this week.
  10. Hopefully championship for us, but maybe consolation money on the line. Both of these very well could be on your wire with the offenses they are facing this week. Who you like and why? Carolina home vs Tampa Bay New England home vs Buffalo
  11. Pick a WR3! WHIR

    Dede, you throw on Seattle not run.
  12. Pick two standard (kinda TD heavy and need upside).... Alf Morris Perine Drake Gio Mike Davis ALSO STANDARD.... Pick 2 RB's - Gio, Perine, Hunt, Mike Davis, Jamaal Williams Pick 1 WR - Sterling Shepard, Marty Bryant, Golden Tate For those above that didn't make cut whom do you flex?
  13. Ertz/Reed or keep 2018 picks?

    Trying to get ertz, would have to give up late first and early second