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  1. Hopefully championship for us, but maybe consolation money on the line. Both of these very well could be on your wire with the offenses they are facing this week. Who you like and why? Carolina home vs Tampa Bay New England home vs Buffalo
  2. Pick a WR3! WHIR

    Dede, you throw on Seattle not run.
  3. Pick two standard (kinda TD heavy and need upside).... Alf Morris Perine Drake Gio Mike Davis ALSO STANDARD.... Pick 2 RB's - Gio, Perine, Hunt, Mike Davis, Jamaal Williams Pick 1 WR - Sterling Shepard, Marty Bryant, Golden Tate For those above that didn't make cut whom do you flex?
  4. Ertz/Reed or keep 2018 picks?

    Trying to get ertz, would have to give up late first and early second
  5. .5 ppr keeper league Ertz looking like a legit stud with a great connection with Wentz for years. The tanking owner wants my projected late 1st and early 2nd but the Reed owner is texting me as well, I won't offer as much...probably the early second would be the highest I go on Reed. - Is the 2018 class that deep or rounding out to be more top heavy? - Can only keep two TE next year so I would have to sell or release Kroft, Eifert, Olson or Ertz/Reed during the offseason (though obviously Ertz would be one of my keepers) This would give me a superteam! But - Currenty 7-0 and cruising towards a bye week with a stacked team, however TE weak right now having Eifert on IR, waiting for Olson to come back and Tyler Kroft. So the investment would be for weeks 15, 16 and 2018 moving forward QB - Carr/Cam RB - Leveon, Gurley, Mixon, Gio, James Conner, Jamal Williams, Jalen Richard WR - OBJ (IR), Mike Evans, Mike Thomas, Amari Cooper, Theilen, Cobb TE - Kroft, Olson, Eifert (IR)
  6. 1) Kupp and DMC 2) Foreman and JJS Thx for mine
  7. Standard league, who you like rest of season?
  8. standard Any other week I go Diggs, however Slay sounds like he could be on him. On the other hand Xavier Rhodes will be on Jones on the outside so Tate could be the shark move.
  9. Who you like rest of the way in a standard league?
  10. Get Ertz send 2018 1st?

    its a rookie/FA draft but typically rooks go in first couple rounds.
  11. Should I risk it?!!! 100% WHIR

    Martin with the highest upside for sure if you drop TC
  12. .5ppr dynasty. Had Olson and Eifert but now looking like Eifert will be out for awhile and then probably suck when he comes back. I am stacked everywhere else so this is my weak link. Odds on favorite to win or make it far so it will likely be a 1.09-1.12. Pull the trigger or roll with Watson, zach Miller and company until Eifert or Olson come back to play at a level we expect?