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  1. Tye gone. QB avaliable - Pax Lynch, Fitz RB Available -CJ?K, Starks, Kevin Taylor, Dunbar TE available - Vance McD, Rudolph, Cameron, Maxx Williams D available - Buf, Cincy, Minny, Jax My roster- QB-Newton, Carr RB- Lev Bell, Gurley, Hill, Bernard, Smallwood WR- OBJ, Evans, Cooper, Cobb, Mike Thomas TE-Olson, Eifert D-CAR Stacked but not sure who is best player available to back up starter.
  2. Dynasty .5 PPR Sitting on the clock and I just dealt away Clive Walford for a 2017 third. I need to take a TE here since I have Olson (old) and Eifert (injured). Right now available is Jordan Cameron, Vance McDonald, Kyle Rudolph. I feel like Cameron could be good since Gase likes his tight ends, but Dion Sims has me slightly concerned. Vance McDonald is somewhat of an unknown but is the starting TE on a team that could be getting some good junk. I rate them about the same in dynasty terms but I am the back to back defending champ so definitely in win now mode. Leave your link and I will return favor.
  3. Josh uber Gordon
  4. Yeldon ain't playing, I would go denard...I can see him having 40 on ground and 50 out of backfield with several receptions and a chance at paydirt. Mine?
  5. Man that is tough. Lamar Miller has been killing me so I know what you mean. I think if you are looking good in match up you go safe and play Gurley and Williams. If you need high upside roll Miller out there over Gurley. good luck. Mine?
  6. Forte and Williams yes. I am starting Gore over Woody in my league and I would def start over James White. No he will likely get vultured by Iossofa (sp?) and bolden at GL. Mine?
  7. PPR I go Denard and Williams. But keep an eye on Williams in practice this week. Mine?
  8. Floyd and Cooper and not close IMO, those guys are great redzone targets. Mine?
  9. I would lean Steelers here, they will get up quick and those D-linemen will pin their ears back in the second half which should lead to sacks and turnovers. Mine?
  10. I rank em Eli, Cousins then Ryan. If by chance OBJ rolls suspension to next week instead I throw Cousins out there. Even if Brady starts he might only play a half, no way I risk it. Thanks for mine.
  11. Thanks for mine. Since it's .5ppr I go Denard and Williams. I would keep a close eye on practice this week though with Williams, if you are reading bad tea leaves I would go safe and play Woodhead.
  12. Murray, Hightower, Williams (if no complications in practice) then Denard. I would flex all over Floyd in standard...too many mouths to feed but if you are underdog he probably has the biggest boom bust potential. Good luck man.
  13. Standard please rank.... Gurley Lamar Miller Chark West Shoelace (assuming Yeldon out which looks likely) Buck Allen Half Point PPR please rank... Amari Cooper - busted out but facing Verrett Kamar Aiken - target monster against Pitt. Randal Cobb - Will Patterson shadow? Jeremy Hill vs DEN Gio vs DEN *Gulp* CMike vs STL Gurley vs SEA
  14. I don't want to delete teams because I want to make it easy for them to come back/be invited next year. I have searched ESPN really not capable of letting the commish lock team drop/adds?