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  1. He hit the wire in our 10 team league. I have 87/100 left and was just wondering if this latest injury is just another step in a terrible season or if he is a good speculative add for a monster second half.
  2. Generally speaking...what are the deep/shallow positions for hitters this year?
  3. $25 to $50 annual preferably (no free leagues) Would love 2QB but fine for regular PPR (no IDP...just had a kid and simply don't have time to dedicate to learn IDP strategy) or PM me
  4. Bump. Injuries to major pieces of Carolina DST last night cement LA?
  5. DST is always slim pickens in my DYNO. However Houston (waiver runs Fri) and Rams (waiver runs Sat) are on the wire. We can only roster/keep two defenses and I currently have Carolina with 55% of my FAAB. Lock for playoffs, likely to get first round bye. Houston gets Jax at home week 15 and Rams get SFO week 16 at home. How would you rank Hou, LA, Car future projections? Go for HOU/LA combo but have to dump Carolina?
  6. .5ppr Cobb playing WR/RB vs Dallas Gio playing comeback @ New England Mike Thomas vs Carolina Leave a link
  7. .5ppr Todd Gurley @ Arizona Jeremy Hill vs Mia Amari Cooper @ Bal
  8. 12 Team keeper/dynasty I have been offered a projected late first in a 12 team dynasty for Carolina DST. Seem like a slam dunk with the draft class coming in but it is a defense hoarding league and pickens are slim. I currently have Green Bay and would have Miami D coming in return. I am a two time defending champ and odds on favorite to finish first in the standings and get a bye. I also have a mid to high first round pick coming via trade from last year. I love building for the future but I am so stacked (humble brag) and love having an advantage at every position every week including DST. Pull the trigger for a late first and send Carolina packing or hold steady?
  9. .5 ppr dyno...who would you roster? WHIR
  10. Tye gone. QB avaliable - Pax Lynch, Fitz RB Available -CJ?K, Starks, Kevin Taylor, Dunbar TE available - Vance McD, Rudolph, Cameron, Maxx Williams D available - Buf, Cincy, Minny, Jax My roster- QB-Newton, Carr RB- Lev Bell, Gurley, Hill, Bernard, Smallwood WR- OBJ, Evans, Cooper, Cobb, Mike Thomas TE-Olson, Eifert D-CAR Stacked but not sure who is best player available to back up starter.
  11. Dynasty .5 PPR Sitting on the clock and I just dealt away Clive Walford for a 2017 third. I need to take a TE here since I have Olson (old) and Eifert (injured). Right now available is Jordan Cameron, Vance McDonald, Kyle Rudolph. I feel like Cameron could be good since Gase likes his tight ends, but Dion Sims has me slightly concerned. Vance McDonald is somewhat of an unknown but is the starting TE on a team that could be getting some good junk. I rate them about the same in dynasty terms but I am the back to back defending champ so definitely in win now mode. Leave your link and I will return favor.
  12. Josh uber Gordon