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  1. yep just came across, broken bones in his back, his doctors wont let him play
  2. ESPN's Adam Schefter reports Keenan Allen (hamstring) is "not optimistic" he'll play in Week 8 against the Bears. Allen will test his hamstring pre-game before making any final decisions. Even if he suits up, coach Anthony Lynn said the Chargers would limit his snaps. Although Geremy Davis and Andre Patton would receive the reps, Allen's opportunity would likely trickle down to Hunter Henry, Mike Williams and Austin Ekeler above all. Williams in particular suddenly boosts to a WR2 after having seen 9.7 targets per game across from Allen over the last three weeks. Allen would be a boom-or-bust WR3 with no real way to project his playing time if he's cleared. Really thinking about playing him, other option is a banged up Jacobs (I know wrong forum)
  3. Don't have another option for 4pm game, do I play Josh Jacobs and take a chance or pick up Mike Williams for early game with Allen prolly out? PPR
  4. Do I drop Williams for either Golden Tate coming back or Cortland Sutton?
  5. PPR, ros Cortland Sutton or golden tate?
  6. I am expecting bigger things from freeman in his second year, unhurt and with different coaching. I would hold
  7. Have a chance to trade Jacobs for Fournette straight up in PPR? In a vacuum kind of liking the possibilities of the unknown Jacobs
  8. PPR, 2rb 2wr 1flex 4pt qbtd D Watson 'L Jackson Chubb D. Hilliard Cook A. Mattison Jacobs Penny R Freeman Adams Godwin M Williams Anderson Gallup Zuerlein Cowboy D
  9. the team can still request a 3 week roster exemption, which would keep him off roster and not count. its weather u believe they would do it to screw him up for the year
  10. correct, which is why he would only go to week 6, the team can use up to 3 week roster exemption and im sure they would if he pulled this.
  11. 10:17 PFT Draft: Best coaching trios in NFL 7:09 Is Clowney willing to miss regular season games? 5:09 Should Garoppolo take risks in preseason? NBCSN Channel Finder Enter your zip code to find NBCSN near you Click here for NBCSN TV listings Site Tools Send Scoop Main Feed Login/Register Send feedback Add to Facebook Follow on Twitter PFT Most Commented Report: Andrew Luck retiring from NFL (206) Patrick Chung indicted for felony cocaine possession (172) Aaron Rodgers felt “disgust” hearing Andrew Luck get booed (136) Andrew Luck on boos from Colts fans: It hurt (101) Reports: Miami interested in Jadeveon Clowney, who prefers Seahawks or Eagles (98) Carli Lloyd serious about pursuing NFL chance — in 2020 (78) Jerry Jones: We want Zeke fresh for the playoffs (76) Gronk: I could come back, but I don’t see it in foreseeable future (74) The Cowboys trot out a new strategy for getting players to take less (71) Andrew Luck: Retiring “the hardest decision of my life” (70) Cowboys may anticipate an Ezekiel Elliott return in October, at the latest Posted by Mike Florio on August 29, 2019, 10:54 AM EDT Getty Images Cowboys owner Jerry Jones may be trying to position himself for the ability to declare victory, even if running back Ezekiel Elliott‘s holdout lasts into the regular season. “We’ve got a marathon here,” Jones said earlier this week. “We want Zeke when we get to the playoffs. We want Zeke when we’re in the dog days of the season.” Whether they sign Elliott to a new contract or not, they’ll likely get Zeke in the “dog days of the season.” Signed through 2020, Elliott risks tolling his contract for a full year if he doesn’t show up in time to get credit for the fourth year of his five-year rookie deal. Under the Joey Galloway arbitration precedent from nearly 20 years ago, a player under contract gets credit for the contract year by playing in eight games. Given the possibility that the Cowboys will request and receive a roster exemption of up to three weeks when Elliott returns, his best move would be to show up right after Week Six. That way, he’s guaranteed to be available for eight games — from Week 10 (a Sunday night contest vs. the Vikings) through Week 17 — even if the Cowboys use the maximum roster exemption. The Cowboys understand these rules, and they surely assume that Elliott will show up in time to get credit for 2019, setting himself up for 2020 being the final year of his contract. By talking about the season being a marathon and wanting Zeke for the “dog days” and the playoffs, Jones hints at a regular-season holdout of up to six weeks, a roster exemption to get Zeke into shape, and then having Elliott on the team for the final two months of the regular season. Of course, it’s possible that Elliott, who didn’t flinch at forfeiting a year of credit toward free agency, won’t care about letting his contract toll for a full year. If his goal isn’t to become a free agent but to get more money from the Cowboys, he could choose to skip the full season, giving up more than $3.5 million but preserving his body. While that wouldn’t secure the same path to free agency that Le'Veon Bell finagled a year ago, Elliott’s leverage over the Cowboys comes from the withholding of services. And Elliott, who seemingly stunned the Cowboys with his training-camp holdout, could shock them by not showing up at all this season. For now, they assume he’ll be there, perhaps no later than the days following the sixth Sunday of the season. Unless the two sides begin to make progress soon in their negotiations, it’s time to start looking at Week Six as the potential point of no return
  12. no if he is on roster exemption he does not get credit. look it up. he has to be on active roster. it is 8 weeks for credit not 8 games per Galloway ruling. report by 6, 7 8 9 roster exemption, 10-17 to get credit