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  1. Jamaal williams and Mcguire on my bench lol flip a coin might have better chances.
  2. My championship is a 2 week championship weeks 16 and 17. Baldwin Hill Wilson D Williams in same game might be too much risk. Edelman is safe play I agree I was swinging for fences since still next week for me.
  3. Start Brady and dont look back. He owns the Bills.
  4. My team Wilson Gordon ????? Hill ????? Ebron ????? Flex 5 RBs to choose from need to start 2 Mack D Williams Fournette J Will McGuire Baldwin/Wilson combo or start Edelman? Thoughts? Leaning towards Wilson Gordon Mack Hill Baldwin D Williams
  5. Was sensing some serious points in 2nd half.
  6. First play on the game and first play after half 2 turnovers wtf.
  7. I think this 2nd half will be much more interesting.
  8. Ravens just dominate time of possession with their play calling of run run run pass run run run run run. Chargers should just stack the box and dare Lamar Jackson to throw.
  9. Shootout in Seattle I am expecting 30-30 type game. Tyreek the Freak gets his. Giddy up.