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  1. is James Washington getting the most of AB's targets now? Keeper alert?
  2. is James Washington a huge keeper pickup now?
  3. 49ers offense will turn it around with Jimmy G. He's going to be good.
  4. i think colts could use them both, hilton running slot routes a lot, other two, great mentions .. 49ers want to splash and it's a good spot for him with Garcon being the underneath guy if healthy. Panthers have no one and Cam will lobby for him I bet. Samuel is a good complimentary piece.
  5. the Marvin Jones line looks realistic and a bigger version of him is probably a good comp.
  6. what team is Gordon going to next year? It's not the Browns unless they decide to shower him with money which is doubtful. 1st instinct is to say Patriots because Gronk seems like a good influence on him ... right? Luck or Brees could use another target at WR though.
  7. and i have brees so the yardage is relevant.
  8. Anything else, I've got baltimore D so ... negative points are possible
  9. any potential stat corrections this week? im up by .92
  10. I gotta lot of push back about projecting Ottavino to be the closer by August last year because he wasnt far out from TJS. Worked out fine for me but there can always be a setback of course. The delivery likely makes Capps more of a risk but his numbers cant be argued with.
  11. babe ruth, probably. Lots of players have made the switch from pitcher to hitter like Brandon Belt
  12. Way too optimistic. Especially in the hr department. .282 78 13 75 8 .... that look about right?
  13. He's showcasing his skills soon but the original date was postponed due to a fever of some sort. He was the no. 3 overall best player left in Cuba according to BA. Anyone think he'll be a top 100 fb player in the US? Projections? Ill take a stab. .285 80 22 85 8 in his first full year.
  14. right handed Odor. Maybe a little bit of A-rods swing too.