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  1. Who you rather this season? PPR team in sig.
  2. Agree with the poster above, the Green Injury I feel makes this pretty easy. Any advise on my post would be great. a couple the same players involved. TIa
  3. I'd be all over Mixon, he might see a small bump as well now with AJ Green down. I'm a huge believer in Mixon's talent. Any help with mine would be great. Thanks!
  4. I'd most definitely pass, I think you can compete. I expect DJ's value to skyrocket this year compared to where it is now. I really feel he is going to get back to that top level he was at. Some help on mine would be appreciated
  5. League 1 - Mixon and Chubb League 2 - OBJ - DJ Moore I think it's pretty easy aside from Maybe Moore or Golladay. My preference is to Moore as I think he has a higher ceiling. Golladay might be safer.
  6. I wouldn't do it either, I'm a big Aaron Jones fan however. Maybe offer 2nd overall pick is Montgomery is who you would grab. Looking for some help myself on this post.
  7. I give: WR AJ Green (13.5 mill) 3 years WR Tyler Lockett (1 mill) 1 year TE Mike Gesecki (2.5) 2 years left 1st Round Pick (2021) 4th Round Pick (2020) I Get: WR Antonio Brown (15 mill) 1 year TE OJ Howard (2.5mill) 1 year WR Dante Pettis (2.5) 2 years I'm only getting some rental players, Pettis Ill have control of for a couple years.
  8. I think you did very well, especially for first time participating. Solid all around roster with age on its side.
  9. I'd keep Foreman as well, especially since he's Dynasty, he could take over this year but 2020 will be full time I tend to think.
  10. I get: Russell Wilson (1 year 5.7 mill) David Njoku (1 year 2.5 mill, after this becomes restricted and I have rights for two more years. 4th round pick 2019 I give Carson Wentz (restricted FA I can match any offer automatic 2 year deal) 2nd Round pick 2021 My current TE is Mike Geseki, I had Gronk but pretty glad he has retired. I could go after Ertz in FA but he's gonne be around 6-9 Mill range. I also have Deshaun watson under contract for this year and then restricted rights.