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  1. maybe so, but I'd still take Booker over him
  2. This is what I'm wondering. Who is a better own rest of season? Booker or Goodwin? I also have Knight stashed hoping Knight makes it back soon. But also wondering who the best player is between Booker and Goodwin going forward. I'd say Booker easily. I'm an Archie owner but if/when Knight comes back Archie will be the one losing minutes. Booker is also a better player IMO I'd swap Goodwin for Booker in a heartbeat if the Booker owner would take it. Don't get me wrong, I'm enjoying the "Beast's" production and plan on riding the wave as long as I can
  3. This is the first Ive watched him this year and he looked awful. Chucking up shots and not within the offense. Hard to believe he's a starter the way he looked tonight
  4. In an 8 cat dynasty league, and am not worried about this seasons results with these players, just interested in their future. How would you rank these 3? Larry Nance Jr., Jerami Grant, Jeremy Lamb
  5. You're 100% right.Isn't it ironic that the three guys who beat the Yankees today (Price, Smoak, Tulo) were three guys the Blue Jays went out and got? Isn't it ironic...don'tcha think? A little too ironic...and yeah I really do think... hasn't Smoak been there all year? Already up 4-0 before Tulo HR. Not a factor in todays game. Your post is mute and non sensicle. He has, your post wasted minutes of our lives zero irony Well there is a little irony in there...the song he was quoting is from a Canadian singer
  6. I was at the game. He looked good. The 2 runs were basically 2 bloop singles and a double on a hard hit liner down the first base line from a right handed hitter who was late on a fastball. I don't think Pawtucket's lineup is anything special but he still looked sharp.
  7. He's playing on roids???
  8. So if you were to do this build next year, who would you begin your team with if say you had the 8th pick out of 12? Is Kawhi too much of a reach? Most elite talents in the first round have a hard time scoring less than 20 ppg so that would be counter-productive unless you plan on flipping him. I'd like to know how you'd start this draft off if you'd be so kind. I punted points a couple years back drafting Chris Paul in the first. It worked out well. That being said I didnt go in to the draft with that set plan.