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  1. Am I crazy to think he can still get close to 30 minutes?   With both Green and Gasol gone a lot of minutes opened up.   JJJ and JV will get their minutes but if Rabb can play both PF and C he could get a lot of minutes, especially when JJJ is in foul trouble.   The problem might be he and JV don't shoot 3's so they may not want to play Rabb next to JV for spacing issues.

  2. 2 minutes ago, StifleTower2 said:

    I'm an owner.  Didn't draft him, bought low from a panicked owner.  I value him as a second round pick or auction equivalent which is around $40.  I'd need a SG eligible player back as I have a very good roto team and don't want to shake things up too much.  I'd look to trade up not, down personally.  So I would try to trade my Butler + mid-tier piece for someone like Irving.  Or if trading down, I'd trade my Butler for your Klay + someone reasonable in the top 75.

      I also think he'll return 2nd round value and after reading some of the posts here after this week I got to thinking if he would be a good buy low.  Appreciate the feedback.  

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    6 hours ago, csklmf said:

    Has been quite inefficient scoring. I don't get it. I thought him and JJ Redick are the only two reliable outside shooters. 



    He had a rough shooting week, but he's still ranked 17th over the last 2 weeks.  Not sure why he couldnt keep this up for the rest of the season.  Everyone goes through shooting slumps, even the great ones.   

     Not an owner but would be interested in hearing what you guys would sell him for.  

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  4. 8 minutes ago, Mikhov said:

    So dumb, I can understand Bud benching players in ATL as they were focused on developing guys and competing for draft picks (post playoff hawks) but this team is competing for a top finish in the league. Especially stupid thing to do with him being a FA next season.


    Could be seeing what they look like without Middleton and sure, I can get behind “play hard or ride the pine”- but Bud looked stupid trying to make a statement when they lost the game to a lesser team. Obviously threw all of the Bucks off as well as an unnecessary distraction.

    He was outplayed by the bench.  I don't think the coach looked stupid at all.  Middleton was not helping them on the court and wasn't shooting well. Just because they lost doesn't make this a poor decision by the coach.   I like Middleton, I think he's a great player when motivated, but when he's not hustling and shooting poorly he's replaceable.

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  5. It was a blowout, he only played 25 minutes.  The same goes for the game before.  His stat line today wasnt that bad really.  I don't have any shares of Jimmy but I'd gladly take some.  He's their go to guy in the clutch and I'd imagine when Philly is involved in close games he'll be putting up some nice lines again.

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  6. 11 minutes ago, Dirty Little Birdie said:

    Anyone trying to sell high now before Dunn and Markkannen get back and his production takes an inevitable dip?

    I'm holding.  Most likely he does lose a few points but I don't think the return of Dunn and Markkannen will hurt that much.  Jabari has a pretty high usage rate in the starting lineup now and I don't think Markkannen's will be any higher.  Dunn will probably handle the ball more but he's not a big scorer, so Lavine will still get plenty of shots and may even get some better looks and cut down on his TOs a bit.   Lavine will still be their best scorer and go to guy.   

  7. On 11/7/2017 at 3:10 PM, nyfresh1 said:

    He fits perfectly on my punt FG, FT, points, rebounds, assist and TO team.


    2 hours ago, GriffeySwag said:

    This guy is great for a punt FG/FT/STL/BLK/TO Build

     I said about the same thing a year ago in the Josh Richardson thread and a little bit after that he turned his season around and had a monster season.  Lets hope this works for Cedi too!!!!

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  8. not much talk about this guy but he could be good for the upcoming 4 game week especially if Isaac is going to miss a few more games.  He's mostly a 3s and steals guy but could put up decent points if he gets the run.  He won't be worth holding long term but maybe for the next week or so.

  9. I've been offered Aldridge for Buddy.   I'm loving Buddy so far but I may take this deal.    I think Buddy will be good for the year but he can't sustain this shooting % and the return of Bogdan I would think would cut into his usage and assist total.


    Sorry if this is AC forum info, just thought it could help show his current trade value

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