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  1. My league switched from auction to snake this year. Would have had to take him with my 3rd pick, he was gone for my 4th. One of the pitfalls of snake drafts. I guess I was unwilling to use my 3rd. Sorry Oh Lord thou are foresaken
  2. Thy Lord helped me win the chip what seemed just a fortnight ago, alas I was unable to draft him this year. Congrats to you all and never take thy Lord for granted.
  3. Well I guess he proved me wrong. I'll be having my crow grilled tonight for dinner
  4. Was just looking at him for possible pickup for next week (4 games). He gets a lot of boards but doesn't score a whole lot. He's never been a big contributor in steals or blocks which limits his upside and makes him more of a boards specialist. I do think he can be useful in a 4 game week if you need boards. He could also give you low TOs and decent FG% on low volume. If he stays in the starting lineup and continues to see minutes in the upper 20s he could be very useful
  5. Completely agree. Unfortunately I don't think he has built up enough trade value yet to sell high. Not sure people trust him due to the concerns you mentioned.
  6. Buzzkill!!!! haha, actually I do share your concerns but on the flip side the Kings have a winning record and Buddy has been a big part of that. Bogdan will get his minutes but hopefully they are more at the expense of Shumpert and Buddy still gets 30+. But I guess you never know with the Kings.
  7. I'm guessing you offered this trade? Don't be surprised if he counters with something crazy out of spite. That's not enough for KAT. Lou Will is not even in the top 100 so far this year and with the other guards there I'm not sure he gets there. Horford is currently 65th (9 cat) KAT has had a slow start and is still ranked 21st. If you really want him you are going to have to offer better players or you may piss off the KAT owner.
  8. I second this. I haven't watched him much but from what I saw he seemed to play better with Love in the lineup and the focal point on offense. I do think he can be a solid player if he can cut his TOs and start hitting his shots at a better %. I'm holding in my 12 teamer. It's a weekly league so I can just bench him for now.
  9. As a PUSSY owner I'm very frustrated with the performance of late, but as a past PUSSY owner as well I often think about and remember the joy those boxes brought me. Therefore, you are right that I won't sell for just anything, but what makes me consider selling is the lack of heart this year. I have no doubt PUSSY will return to form at some point. But nobody wants a soft, heartless PUSSY on their team. Just ask Jimmy
  10. Looked good out there today. Hustled on D and on the boards. Has put up some decent lines when given enough minutes. Any chance he can get consistent minutes?
  11. Terry Rozier and Dennis Schroder come to mind. Rozier was big last year when Kyrie was out. Schroder may have some value with or without Westbrook but definitely gains value if Westbrook goes down.
  12. Announcers just said Blake would be scrimmaging with the G-League team tomorrow. Didnt give an exact return date but sounds like he may try to suit up soon.
  13. Any chance Miami has a 10 game week coming up so he is playable in weekly leagues?
  14. Damn $16?! I was happy when i got him for $2, but now I want my $2 back!
  15. I second this. I've won my matchups since sending Russell to the bench. Fortunately I have Dinwiddie. I'm in no hurry for D-Lo to return. Dinwiddie is a better fantasy player.
  16. I think Dinwiddie is going to be a better fantasy asset than Russell. Better FT, lower TO's and more assists. I own both and I wouldnt mind Russell being out a while. His inefficiencies were killing me.
  17. He fits perfectly on my punt FG, FT, points, rebounds, assist and TO team.
  18. Those were some great lines I'm pretty sure Waiters was out at that time which would explain the higher point totals
  19. I don't think its over. He's still getting minutes on a fast paced offense. He wont be getting 15-17pts most nights but the other stats will be there
  20. This guy is just not good for fantasy. He is not aggressive on the court and just camps out at the 3pt line most of the time on offense. The defensive stats are nice but he really doesnt get enough useage. Unless Waiters or Dragic go down I dont think he will be very good this year for fantasy purposes. I hope I'm wrong. Had him last year and thought this could be the year for him.
  21. Isn't this just basically the same thread as the Giannis thread? Have the feeling he'll be mentioned here every game.
  22. I don't want to speak for Kamura but I think you may have misunderstood what he meant. I believe he meant getting Turner after pick 20 is crazy, and that Turner deserves to be top 20.