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  1. August Closer Thread 2017

    Who is closer in Minny? Did Hildenverger get the save and is he worth an add? Belisle should have been available.
  2. Mike Montgomery 2017 Outlook

    Taking Andersons spot soon?
  3. Raisel Iglesias 2016 Outlook

    For all those who were commenting on his velocity being down and how they were going to trade him immediately because they thought he had better stuff than this (despite good results so far).... He is throwing 92-94 today. 1-2-3 first inning vs some very good hitters. Hopefully he keeps it up. Either way, the velocity is back, if not better than last year. (91.3 mph avg in 2015).
  4. Raisel Iglesias 2016 Outlook

    i watched the entire game and nothing was hit hard at all... polanco and jaso popped up for cheap doubles down the line on balls that were mis-hit. everything else was just singles. it was also about 40 degrees and windy.
  5. Brett Anderson 2013 Outlook

    nice... let the guy throw 110 pitches opening day coming off TJ surgery lmao... his arm will fall off again soon. the arm action on that slider is not pretty.
  6. Brett Anderson 2013 Outlook

    watching the game, i think he legitimately throws 65% sliders.