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  1. Rank my offense 1 to 10, pitching 1-10, and overall team 1-10... This is a 12 team H2H Points keeper league with a 13 start max per week. Also, let me know what potential moves I could make to improve my squad. Thanks! C-Ramos 1B-Votto 2B-Altuve 3B-Bryant SS-Story OF-Braun OF-Myers OF-Ozuna OF-Duvall OF-Eaton UTIL-Villar DL-Brantley SP1-Greinke SP2-Wright SP3-Fulmer SP4-Hammel SP5-Eickhoff SP6-Conley SP7-Ray CL-Harris CL-Cingrani CL-Kintzler MR-Iglesias
  2. No doubt in my eyes that Yeldon leads the committee and outtouches Ivory in a weekly basis. 13-15 touches per week for him vs 8-10 for Ivory who runs in clock killing mode, short yardage, and inside the 10. Bank on this.
  3. @mrblonde1984 You still have not answered my question... If Robinson is a first round fantasy pick, and the statistics put both he and Hurns squarely in the top 3 WR duo's from 2015, why are you attacking my opinion (which as i said, is backed by statistics and numerous other analysts). Nothing you have posted thus far makes much sense... You argue that my opinion is "rubbish" and bias, yet you continue to make comments that only back up what I have said. I post credible statistics and give sources and you scoff and just continue on with your ra-ra rant. One of us here has backed their statement (me), the other is just finger-jamming their keyboard and posting opinions which are unsupported. Trolls gonna troll.
  4. I would agree with these. There are a host of teams whose WR's I'd take over JAX just because their #1 is much more dominating than Robinson. I would certainly argue that there are not more than 5 WR's in the NFL who are more physically dominant than Allen Robinson is. I would give you Julio, Brown, Hopkins, and Beckham... You could argue Green Marshall or Dez potentially but I personally wouldn't put those guys ahead of A-Rob. That being said, I don't think anyone on this list is "much more dominating" than him.
  5. Teams will call games differently in the 3rd and 4th quarter if they have huge leads. They won't get into prevent early, but they're not going to bring as many blitzes either. Also, the team trailing will throw a whole lot more. If the Jags defense and run game improves, it would make sense for Bortals and the WR's numbers to decline from last season. Even if they play better! Bortals had 606 attempts last season, which was 6th in NFL. He had three games with 49+ attempts and nine games with 35+ attempts. If the defense plays well, and the Jags can run the ball I'd imagine those numbers come down. Nobody really wants their QB throwing 49+ times a game. Good point. The only thing that I will point out is that it is not entirely accurate to say that the Jags had the 6th most attempts in the NFL. Bortles may have, but this statistic should really be Team Attempts. Bortles was healthy all 16 games. Other QB's may not have been. Thus, backups and starters combined could potentially throw the ball more than the Jags did but it would not show up in your statistic. The Jaguars were actually 10th in the league in pass attempts, not 6th.
  6. Looks like a nice little backtrack yourself there... If you think the Jaguars receiving corp is good, then please help me understand why my opinion of them being the best is: "Delusional." and how the "homerism is just beyond unimaginable." Why are you attacking a totally feasible opinion which is backed by numerous statistics, analysts and sports websites on a board ABOUT the Jaguars. Furthermore, you are curtailing this discussion by making comparisons to other players. Trolls gonna troll. Let's get back to the JAGUARS.
  7. Posted by Pro Football Focus BEFORE they both ended strong: Robinson had a slow start to the season with one catch and two drops, but since then, has become one of the most dependable receivers in the league. He’s had a minimum of four catches for 50 yards in each of the last nine games, and only two drops on the year. Robinson continued that trend against Tennessee on Thursday Night Football, with five catches for 113 yards, helping the Jaguars get into field goal range multiple times to stay competitive and eventually topple the Titans. The 22-year-old Robinson’s overall PFF grade of 88.9 is the eighth best for all receivers, and the best for the 2014 rookie receiver class. His 17.4 yards per catch this season is the most for any receiver with at least 25 catches on the year, and his seven touchdowns are tied for second most among wide receivers. One of the men he’s tied with at seven receiving touchdowns is his teammate, Allen Hurns. Hurns came into the game against the Titans with a foot injury, which contributed to less playing times and fewer targets; but on the year, he also has been dependable. When he’s been targeted, Blake Bortles has an NFL passer rating of 117.5, fourth-best for receivers with at least 50 targets. Hurns has chalked up 285 yards on eight deep passes, seventh-most for receivers. The multifaceted nature of his game has helped Hurns achieve an overall PFF grade of 86.1, which is 13th best in the league. Who would have ever guessed that this second-year tandem in Jacksonville would become one of the best WR duos in the NFL this year? The Jaguars are the only team with two wide receivers with overall grades above 84 (ranked No. 8 and No. 13 overall). Final Numbers and a write up by's Bucky Brooks Hurns and Robinson combined for 144 receptions, 2,431 yards and 24 touchdowns. They ranked sixth in combined catches among receivers, but third in yards and second in touchdowns. Both Marshall/Decker and Thomas/Sanders combos out gained them and the Broncos pair is the only to earn more TDs. Robinson set a new franchise mark with 14 receiving touchdowns while pacing the NFL with 31 receptions of 20 or more yards. A true alpha dog, he wins at the catch point with size, length, exceptional ball skills, uncanny body control and superior leaping ability. Hurns boasted the league's longest touchdown streak, scoring in seven consecutive games. Wide receivers coach Jerry Sullivan told NFL Media's Jeff Darlington last November that Hurns' work ethic and toughness compare to Anquan Boldin's. Are they truly the NFL's top one-two punch? If not for Martavis Bryant's one-year suspension, the Steelers' dynamic tag-team of Bryant and Antonio Brown would be the obvious choice as the cream of the crop. NFL Media analyst Bucky Brooks ranked the NFL's top pass-catching duos late last month, placing Robinson and Hurns second behind the Jets' tandem of Brandon Marshall and Eric Decker. So yea, it's really not crazy or anywhere near delusional. You are laughable trying to argue this. When you add Julius Thomas, as I said, they are the best receiving corps. And even in my original post I never said the Jags had the best WR's i intentionally said receiving corps which is inclusive of TE last I checked. Get out of here with your weak arguments.
  8. Being in the top 8 in receiving yards has nothing to do who who the best receiving Corp is, for the record. There's important factors like health, QB play, play calling, game script, even defense that comes into play when volume is considered. What I do know is that the Jags were at the top of the league in explosive plays last year and had one of the only WR tandems ever to have 1000+ yds and 10+ TD each at the age of 23 or younger. Last duo to do that was Welker and Moss and they were nowhere near that young plus had Brady throwing to them. Crazy how little credit these guys get. I really don't know what more they have to do. Also - as to your point about "if you weren't a jags fan you wouldn't think that"... There have been a bunch of articles touting the Jags top two WR (not even including our elite TE) as top 3 in the league. Most top 2 behind only the Jets two WR. Just saying. Time will tell.
  9. Keuchly is currently the best LB in the NFL in terms of coverage and Davis is above-average. I will give you that. But Telvin and Jack are a much faster and more agile duo. Jack has the potential to be the one of the best coverage LB in the NFL based on his body of work at UCLA. If Jack pans out I bet you the comparison would be pretty close. For now it is potential, but I expect the Jacksonville combo to be elite in coverage if healthy. 1.) When you look at the teams you mentioned (Den, Arizona, GB, and NYJ) not one of those teams has a TE even remotely close to as good as Julius Thomas. Probably the most important point here when comparing receiving corps. 2.) The teams you mentioned, with the exception of Arizona, do not have as good #3 or #4 WR as the Jaguars. On the flip side, Arizona does not have an elite #1 outside WR, like the other teams mentioned on this list. 3.) All those teams have either (1) aging veteran wideouts (2) guys coming off down years or (3) guys coming off injuries: -Jets with Decker and Marshall being on the older side - more concerned by Marshalls age. -GB with Jordy coming off a major explosion-sapping inury (also old for a WR), Cobb coming off horrible and injury riddled season. -Arizona has Fitz who is very old, Floyd who has been unable to stay on the field throughout his career -Denver has Demaryius coming off a really horrible, drop-filled year. I would without a doubt take the Jags receivers, but I can see how others may argue otherwise. Whichever way you slice it, the Jags clearly have a top 3-5 receiving corps.
  10. Also - to everyone commenting on the jags getting their stats in garbage time and blowouts... your very wrong. Look up the numbers. I've proven this out countless times in many different threads on these forums so I'm not going to do it again. But if you look it up, the jags actually played less garbage time than most teams.
  11. Bortles is ascending and in year two of Olson's offense. His receiving corp of Robinson Hurns Lee Greene is THE best in the NFL. Yeldon/Ivory backfield could be one of the top RB tandems in the AFC. Their o-line will be improved with Linder healthy, Cann taking the year 2 jump, and the addition of Kelvin Beachum to bolster the left side, especially in pass protection. Overall the offense on paper should be top 5 in the AFC, and all their pieces are relatively proven. On the defensive side, their secondary has a chance to be elite. Between Gipson, Ramsey, House, Prince, and Colvin they have some really great coverage guys. The improvement from last season will be immense. Mark my words. There are also two factors which will help bolster their coverage. 1.) The SPEED that exists in their LB corp between Telvin and Myles is insane. There isn't a team in the NFL with two LB that can match their speed, agility, and coverage skills. This will take TE's completely out of games at times, which was a major issue for them last year. 2.) Their D-Line is greatly improved which will limit the amount of time the secondary needs to hold their coverage. There were simply too many times where the QB was able to stand in a clean pocket for 5+ seconds until someone came open last year. That should change now, and hopefully, we will actually start seeing coverage sacks with the talent in our secondary. As mentioned above, the D-Line has improved immensely. We return Senderrick Marks, 8.5 sacks in 2014, who will upgrade the interior rush. We also get 2015 first round pick Dante Fowler back from his ACL injury, which he is now far removed from. Top it off with our big splash free agent signing of Malik Jackson who has the versatility to wreak havoc both on the interior and edge. We also added Ngakoue, Day, Holmes, and Woodard to bolster the rush both inside and out. Hopefully Odrick will also benefit by seeing less double teams and can improve on the 4.5 sacks he had last year. This D-Line unit should continue to be stout against the run, and with all their thumpers inside should have no problem being a top 5 run defense. Roy Miller excels here and will continue to play a major role for us on first and second down. Overall, this team has the talent to win 10-11 games. There are other factors such as strength of schedule, coaching, mentality, health, and luck which will come into play, but anything less than 8 wins has to be considered a disappointment. Playoffs are a strong possibility but only time will tell.
  12. WRONG. Get your facts straight before spewing false garbage.
  13. You're actually forgetting the addition of Prince Amukamara... Also forgetting two other things. Gipson allows Cyprien to play more of a box safety role which he excels in. He no longer needs to worry as much as he used to about over the top coverage (where he failed). Also, theres a chance that James Sample, who was injured early last year, can use this offseason to take the job from Cyp. Theres a chance that Sample might be a solid starter, so we will see how he pans out. Plus we've also added a ton of Leo, and Lotto type guys in the draft that will help the pass rush. Sheldon Day is a nice disrupter up the middle as well - kind of reminds me of a young Malik Jackson.
  14. It's funny because if he threw a CG shutout u would have people telling you to sell high and that's it's just one game. SAMPLE SIZE, SAMPLE SIZE! He won't be this good all year! One game doesn't make a career! But when he comes out with jitters pitching in terrible weather and does bad, everyone says, HES GARBAGE. CUT. DROP. NO COMMAND. What happened to the people who were preaching sample size? Sadly, these are usually the same hypocritical people who take both sides of the argument. Why don't we take a 3-5 start stretch before we make any concrete conclusions about this kid. He's a top 20 prospect with an elite track record. If you cut now, there's a decent chance you made a regrettable mistake. Hold is the right decision... And if you're that worried about your ratios, then him on your bench. That is the type of smart, pragmatic approach that wins championships. It's the owners who make the emotional/impulsive decisions and drop someone after one start who will be peppering your with trade offers the rest of the season for that same guy. Don't be that guy.
  15. If you would have checked out his BVP against the ChiSox you would have realized he was actually a solid start... Also, playing against his former team so he may have been extra motivated.