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  1. I think AL or NL only leagues make a lot of sense for smaller leagues. If you play in a 8 team league using the entire league, everyones team is stacked. There are no sleepers in the league since there's always going to be a very good waiver player options. The volume of impact players in baseball is much more than compared to football and basketball.
  2. Hey Bogs With word that Tyler Chatwood might be called up Tuesday, do you have any info on him?
  3. Well, it looks like Brandon Beachy will be the fifth starter for the Braves. Last year in the minors: 1.73 ERA, 120 innings/148 K's! Did pretty well last year for 3 major league starts: 2 of them against the Phils. From what i've read, good fastball, curve, changeup. I'm taking a flier on the kid...so far the track record is pretty good plus Braves seem to get the most out of pitchers.
  4. Thanks Bogs! Your reply was expected but i was hoping you would say one of those guys is a sneaky sleeper! Rotoworld should put you on their payroll!
  5. Hey Bogs Wondering if you had a sec to say anything about Barry Enright and Cory Luebke. Both play in the NL west - good matchups. both had pretty good minor league numbers and did ok in their respective call ups last year. I know i'm digging deep here, but i'm in a dynasty league and wondering if they are holds or instant drops. Thanks!
  6. Rotoworld would be a better forum if you never joined.

  7. Obviously i was just having a little fun fan bias with my original post. But Waiverwiz is correct. Kershaw is a stud and will be draft high. Will probably end up with similar value, although i'm hoping for a cy young type year. the rest easily have a chance to due much better than their ADP. The win totals will sucks, but other stats should make up for it. All of them will know they need a near shut out for a possible win. Dodgers offense is gonna suck
  8. +'s Kershaw Billingsley Kuroda Lilly Garland
  9. Ginocan, negative rating is not allowed. I tried, but 1 star is all is the lowest.

  10. The Chargers have granted the Seahawks permission to discuss contract terms with unsigned and disgruntled wide receiver Vincent Jackson. The story is confirmed by Seahawks GM John Schneider, so it's definitely legit. Yahoo's Jason Cole admits that "no significant progress has occurred to this point," sources say Chargers GM A.J. Smith is now "committed" to trading Jackson. The Bolts are convinced he will not play for them this year. The Seahawks have obviously been displeased with Deion Branch, and T.J. Houshmandzadeh is hardly a difference maker anymore. Jackson would give the team a bonafide deep threat who also dominates in the red zone and running game as a blocker. Aug. 20 - 5:53 pm et interesting develpment.