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  1. Yes because nothing says "I want to win" more than signing with a team that hasn't been to the postseason since 2011 and hasn't had a winning record since 2011. A real winning environment. Oh shoot, that's the team Bryce Harper just signed with. My bad.
  2. Get ready for the same next season. Arenado is going to look for a big contract and with him several other players.
  3. Stacked? Voit who has 257 career AB? Bird who has done nothing for how many years now? A 3B who can hit but is atrocious at defense? Tulo who is one play away from hitting the DL?
  4. Just end this already. What an anticlimax would it be if both players just end up signing a 1/2-year deal?
  6. Their other SP, Porcello, was another big FA signing. So 2 of the 4 starters in the postseason were FA signings.
  7. It is depending on how you spend your money. Do the Red Sox win the AL East and the WS without Price and J.D.Martinez? The reason the Yankees only won one WS was their starting pitching. CC was their only ace and without him, they don't win the 2009 WS. They invested in Burnett but he was a bust. They messed up Yoba. They gave Hughes a shot but he was very inconsistent. Wang was okay at best. Pettitte was done. Their farm system only had Nova. Look at this list of SP that the Yankees signed or traded for from 2010 to 2013: Bartolo Colon Javier Vasquez Hiroki Kuroda Freddie Garcia Michael Pineda Only Kuroda was a success. How different would the results be if Cliff Lee had not rejected their offer? Probably very different. Did the Yankees really need to trade for Curtis Granderson back in 2010 when you already have A-Rod, Teix, Cano, Swisher and Jeter? They could have used Ian Kennedy or use him in a trade for a SP. Yet they wanted more offense on a team needing pitching. It was quite similar to the Rangers acquiring A-Rod when they clearly needed pitching, pitching and more pitching. Signing a high price FA can be the answer but look at what your team needs before you do it.
  8. Now Nightengale is reporting the White Sox haven't increased their 7-year offer (it's Nightengale though so he's probably wrong lol). If all this is true and Machado settles for an 8-year deal then I find it even more puzzling why a team like the Yankees (or more teams) aren't pursuing him. Compared to a 10-year deal, that's 2 years of decline you won't have to worry about. Two of the best young players to hit FA in years will have to sign with two teams because those two teams are the only ones bidding on them. Try explaining that to non-baseball fans.
  9. I would not be happy with those last two moves if I was a Phillies fan. Not for the years that they're looking for. Maybe I consider it if they lower their demands. I still think the Phillies should have signed Morton to a 2-year deal and then go after one (or two) of the big SP next season. They probably didn't expect Morton to sign as quickly as he did. Most beat writers mentioned they were interested in him. Signing Machado and/or Harper doesn't mean they have to go all-in this season. You have those guys for 10 years. Save some of that money for next year's loaded group of FA.
  10. The $25 million/year he made during the first 5 years were a bargain considering he put up a 4.0 fWAR/ year. So yes, you overpay for what you underpaid in the first half of his contract. You don't hear owners or fans complaining about players making less than they should. And keep in mind, it's not a guarantee that he will underperform over those last 5 years. He could very well average 3.0 fWAR rest of the way and break even. Cano had a 2.9 fWAR last season in only 80(!) games. He wasn't bad last season. He was having a damn good season.