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  1. Kyle Schwarber 2017 Outlook

    He does yet people want to use the "he's being unlucky" argument. No he's not. His BABIP is .197 and his xBABIP is .205. This is not the same case as someone like Castellanos who is being unlucky. Schwarber's AVG is where it should be considering his peripherals so far this season.
  2. Kyle Schwarber 2017 Outlook

    Brett Lawrie had 9 HR, 7 SB and 25 RBI in only 43 games in his rookie season.
  3. Matt Harvey 2017 Season Outlook

    He's probably going to say that felt really good again....
  4. Chris Sale 2017 Outlook

  5. May Closer Thread 2017

    Their bullpen had a 5.18 ERA before today's game. They need to trade for bullpen help.
  6. May Closer Thread 2017

    They do. They have a bunch of 7th and 8th inning guys trying to pretend they can be a closer. It's inexcusable that a team that wants to win a WS has such a bad bullpen.
  7. Blake Snell-2017 Outlook

  8. Ian Happ 2017 Outlook

    Sounds more like every thread that involves a prospect getting called up.
  9. Chris Sale 2017 Outlook

  10. Ian Happ - OF CHC

  11. 5/11 Gameday Thread

  12. Marco Estrada 2017 Outlook

    53 K in 49 IP. A career high K% and SwStr%. Please stay healthy.
  13. Ronald Acuna - OF ATL

    This kid is going to be good. Looking forward to him and Freeman in the same lineup.