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  1. Edelman as the QB would be quite the spectacle but I don't see it happening. Conisdering the Texans have a monster called JJ Watt, I can't see Belichick exposing Edelman to Houston's pass rush and taking big hits after each pass play. There's no need to take that risk. He's too valuable of a player for the Pats.
  2. If Gates goes down (wouldn't surprise any of us), that would be even better news for McCluster. The less players he has to compete with for targets, the better. The Chargets are not going to give Gordon 25 touches a game.
  3. You have to love it when a QB talks like this about a WR. Keep feeding him Joe!
  4. It all depends on the size of the league and the settings. In a 12 team PPR league, I wouldn't mind spending top dollars on Enunwa. He's the #3 WR on a pass-heavy team that is among the NFL leaders when it comes to using 3 WR sets. He has huge upside should Decker or Marshall go down with an injury. Say what you want about Fitzpatrick but he's not afraid to force the ball to his WRs. It's a nightmare sometimes for coaches but gold for Fantasy players. It's only week 3 and more injuries will happen but I would rather spend it on someone who has already shown flashes in 2 games and whose team has shown that they like to use him than spend my budget on some complete unknown. When you watch him play this season, he's making plays. In 12 team leagues, especially PPR, Fantasy players are fast and furious with their FAAB when it comes to WRs.
  5. That doesn't sound all too promising....
  6. That would be me. I already added both CAP and Dwayne Washington....
  7. Are people still looking at his time with the Titans? That's the same team that made Kendall Wright completely Fantasy irrelevant That's the same team that drafted Justin Hunter and DGB, who are both not on the team anymore That's the same team that drafted David Cobb and Bishop Sankey, who are both not on the team anymore If there's one team out there that doesn't know how to develop or properly use their skill players, it's the Titans.
  8. This is truly breaking news. Too soon?
  9. I was about to post this. I expect all 3 RBs to see work this weekend.
  10. I don't own any of them so I couldn't care less who starts. I only know that the Miami beat writer who touted Landry two years ago and Matthews last season before most Fantasy players had even picked those guys up, was all over Pead coming into this season. This coaching staff doesn't like Ajayi. If they did, they wouldn't bring in two RB and try to sign another one during the offseason. Do with it what you want. I'm glad I don't own any of them.
  11. There's a chance Jason Verrett might be covering Dorsett. Verrett did shut down both Allen Robinson and Maclin. Clay expects Verrett to be on Dorsett and not Hilton.
  12. Pead was inactive. Pead saw snaps with the first team offense during the preseason as well.
  13. More touches also means more chances for an injury. Last season he only had 6 games with double-digit touches despite the running game being a complete disaster. This season he already has two and it seems that will become a weekly thing. Time will tell if he can handle 10/15 touches and tons of snaps every single week.