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  1. It's waiver wire pickups like these that help win leagues.
  2. Because if there's one medical staff that can actually make things worse, it's the Mets'.
  3. Only 3 K over his last 2 starts. His SwStr% has been below 7% in three straight starts.
  4. Fire. The. Doctor.
  5. His velocity was way down tonight. Hopefully it's not injury related.
  6. His velocity was way down today. Hopefully not another pitcher to hit the DL...
  7. Probably because he's not a new shiny toy. He's no Greg Bird.... The same happened in the Mike Napoli thread last season.
  8. No worries folks. This train is back on track!
  9. A healthy Ryan Zimmerman is a really good hitter. Beast.
  10. From a Fangraphs article that was posted today:
  11. He's usually a player who rakes before the ASB and then stinks. Since the ASB last season: .217 - 20 HR - 45 RBI in 332 AB. I still like his power upside and lineup spot but his ADP was too rich for my blood. I liked him much more last year when you could get him at a discount. By the end of the year the HR and RBI are going to be there but I'd be surprised if he hits over .250. I expect him to have Chris Carter-like season.
  12. I've always been on this train but if he's going to start stealing more bases then I'm all-in.
  13. Every non-Thames owner so far this season....
  14. Yea I don't get buying low on a pitcher who hasn't pitched yet because of injuries and has never pitched a full season in the Majors.