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  1. You clearly haven't been reading this thread correctly. I keep hearing their team is so good that they probably don't even need a QB. Minnesota vs teams over .500 in 2015: 2-4 Minnesota vs teams under .500 in 2015: 9-1 Scoring D vs teams over .500 in 2015: 22.8 Scoring D vs teams under .500 in 2015: 14.5 This is why I don't care about overall stats. I couldn't care less what a defense does against the mighty Rams and Falcons.
  2. I keep hearing the comparisons with Wilson's rookie season but it's not the same. Wilson was asked to manage the games when he was a rookie. That also limited his upside. He had a strong running game and the best defense in the league that he could count on. The Cowboys have a strong running game but their defense is really really bad. They don't have a pass rush, Sean Lee is injured again (surprise, surprise), they have little depth. I expect them to be in plenty of high-scoring games. There will be some games where they can rely on Zeke but in games against teams like Green Bay, Washington, Pittsburgh, Baltimore, Giants, Dak will have to make plays too. Which will maximimize the risk but also the upside. Maybe Wilson's floor was higher in his rookie season but I do think Dak has a much higher ceiling.
  3. They really are trying to get him more involved this season. He was lining up as a WR on several occasions against the Colts. He could have another one of those very productive PPR seasons.
  4. It's both ridiculous and sad how a team can make such a mess out of a backfield. "We have Justin Forsett so let's draft two rookie RB's and also bring in West and we'll try to give all of them a role on offense". I'm waiting for Trestman to come up with a play where all 4 RB's see the field at the same time. The Wildcat Deluxe formation.
  5. He was brought in for depth at the slot WR position. I assume the 49ers don't expect Ellington play 16 games this season. Staying healthy hasn't been his forte. He already has a hamstring strain after just recovering from an ankle sprain.
  6. Yep. A Miami Dolphins beat writer said on Sirius XM that he doesn't expect any of the Miami RB's to get 15-20 touches per game, even if one of the starters gets injured. Pead was brought in because they value his pass catching ability. Should Foster go down then Ayaji will be the early down back and Pead the 3rd down back. If they were so convinced that Ajayi was a three down RB, they wouldn't have brought in two veteran RB's who are known to be good at catching the ball. Miami wants to be an up-tempo passing offense this season. It's also the main reason Kenny Stills is being used so often. This is the same Dolphins beat writer who two years ago predicted that Jarvis Landry would break out and last season he was touting Rishard Matthews all preseason. The man knows his Dolphins stuff.
  7. A 2B who won't hit for average but has tons of power and can draw a walk?
  8. Player A is batting .333 with 4 HR - 16 RBI and a .865 OPS after the ASB. Player B is batting .200 with 3 HR - 9 RBI and a .710 OPS after the ASB. So what do you do? You make Player B the leadoff guy and let Player A bat 8th in your lineup....
  9. This month: .311 3 HR 10 RBI 3 SB 17,8 BB% 15,5 K% .920 OPS 152 wRC+ 45% Hard% The overall production is still bad but he's having his best month of the season. Season highs in OPS, Hard%, wRC+, SB, BB% and a season low in K%. His splits when it comes to situational hitting are quite extreme. Bases Empty: .225 - .709 OPS - 90 WRC+ Men On Base: .290 - .809 OPS - 112 wRC+ Men in Scoring: .311 -.910 OPS - 145 wRC+
  10. This month: .356 - . 907 OPS - 1 HR - 5 RBI - 3 SB - 5 XBH - 13 R in 14 games.
  11. It would be really nice if he could get one more start at 2B this season. It would make him 2B/3B/RF eligible next season.
  12. You already know this comment is going to lead to two names: Tom Brady Russell Wilson Maybe there's a reason that even 50 years from now we'll still be talking about these two names when it comes to late round picks who became franchise QB's.
  13. Game planning for Tony Romo who moves like a 50-year old grandpa and a scrambling QB are two completely different animals. You think defenses use the same game plan when they face Mike Vick instead of Peyton Manning? There's lots of things you can and cannot do when facing a scrambling QB. It's much different.
  14. He looked impressive but let's not forget that defenses don't gameplan during the preseason. They get to face 2/3 QB's during a game who most of the time don't even have the same skillset. His big test will come when defenses actually prepare to face the Cowboys with a scrambling rookie QB and not Tony Romo. We all saw what happened when defenses prepared themselves for Sam Bradford and the Eagles. He went from Joe Montana to Ryan Leaf. I'm not implying this will happen to Dak but this does show that preseason is preseason.
  15. Exactly one year ago, Sam Bradford looked like Joe Montana during the preseason and the Eagles offense was going to be The Next Big Thing.... ...and then the regular season started and defenses stopped playing their vanilla schemes.