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  1. I don't think they're elite either. He'll be hitting 3rd behind Forsythe and Seager. I'm not concerned about that part of their lineup. Turner should get plenty of RBI opportunities.
  2. How is not worth the risk at where you can get him? You didn't waste a high draft pick on him. I've drafted him in three leagues so far and he was a 15th round pick in each of those leagues. At that point in the draft I'm gambling on upside and you can't deny he has intriguing upside. I see him as a good low risk/high reward pick.
  3. I'll gladly take him as my starting 3B if I miss out on the top 3B. I believe in the power and he's hitting in the middle of a good lineup. I've been in three drafts so far and nobody seemed to want him. I ended with him in two of those drafts. In NFBC he's going after Javier Baez? Am I missing something?
  4. That's what I did in all of my OBP and BB leagues. I wasn't going to get any of the top 1B so I waited and drafted Santana. I even traded for him in a keeper league that has OBP. He's $ in those formats.
  5. He's going to be frustrating to own in leagues that have QS. I expect lots of 5 to 6 innings per outing.
  6. What really boosted his overall value last season were the 10 wins and 12 saves. Reminds me of when Clippard had 11 wins with the Nationals. He didn't even have the ratios that Miller had but was one of the top relievers that season in fantasy.
  7. The draft was last month already and at that time it was uncertain how much playing time Bird would get. There was lots of talk about a Carter/Bird platoon. That's the disadvantage of having a draft so early. Price was a 3rd ound pick in their draft and Desmond a 4th. Bird wouldn't have lasted until the 16th round if that draft was this weekend.
  8. Scouts still believe Winker can hit 15+ HR to go with a good Avg and OBP skills. There's always going to be room for those type of players. Schebler has more power than Winkler but baseball is more than just hitting bombs. Winkler is a much better hitter.
  9. I think LABR is a 2-catcher league so I assume that's why she went with Posey so early. I think she could have gotten him in the third though. I don't mind the Davis pick. He was the 9th 1B to go off the board.1B isn't that deep this season.
  10. That's what Alan Harrison did in the LABR draft. His first three picks: Trout Syndergaard Sale
  11. He's also starting to get more hype in the prospects rankings. Fangraphs has him at 39. BP at 17, James Anderson has him at 54 and Sickles has him at 59 (he considered ranking him higher).
  12. I like the system that Longenhagen always uses. Yes it's an overall ranking but he uses FV. Like he explains, there's not a big gap talent wise between players who are in the same tier. Someone might be ranked 25th but their FV is not much different from someone ranked lower but still in the same tier. Most websites just give overall rankings.
  13. If you don't mind listening to podcasts, Rotowire has good episodes on prospects. Another podcast I enjoy listening to when it comes to dynasty leagues is TINO (There Is No Offseason). That podcast is all about keeper and dynasty leagues.
  14. BP has him ranked 31st and James Anderson (Rotowire) has him at 17. There's lots of hype. BP recently did a 15-team prospects mock draft and Acuna went in the second round (27th pick).
  15. Mike Napoli Rajai Davis Dustin Pedroia Francisco Cervelli (especially in OBP leagues) Brandon Phillips (double digit HR/SB) Bartolo Colon John Lackey R.A. Dickey (back to the NL) Wei-Yin Chen (I expect him to bounce back)