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  1. Matt Andriese Robert Gsellman (even if he doesn't win the #5 job, that starting pitching staff is a MASH unit) Mike Montgomery (might not be the #5 SP to begin the season but will be around the ASB) Wily Peralta (his K% was over 20% after the ASB. Looked like a different pitcher) I also expect veterans like Chen, Dickey and Leake to bounce back. I'm still a fan of Liriano but I doubt he'll end up on any of my teams.
  2. César Hernández. Really improved his BB% last season and showed some pop. Attempted 30 SB last season but was caught quite often. Two years ago he was 19-for-24 in barely 400 AB so he has 25+ SB potential.
  3. He had a higher HR/FB ratio at home than on the road. When you serve up HR Derby Balls the way he can do, it doesn't really matter where you pitch.
  4. ESPN Stats & Info‏@ESPNStatsInfo Aaron Rodgers Since Last INT (Week 10) Pass attempts 285 Pass yards 2,391 TD Passes 22
  5. Apparently he punched a hole in a wall outside the Giants locker room after the game.. Good to see his brick hands serve some purpose.
  6. Playing 81 games at Coors will mask lots of the flaws that a player might have.
  7. Unlike O'Brien, Adam Duvall was never a high K% in the minors. O'Brien was over 30% at AAA last season. That won't work in the Majors. Chris Carter was a high K% but also had a very solid BB% in the minors and still does in the Majors.
  8. This will make a difference. I know it has been mentioned that he played games at Coors (6 games) but look at his splits last season: Home: 17,7 HR/FB% Away: 11,5 HR/FB% His batted ball distance on flyballs/HR was slightly down compared to 2015 but it was still a healthy 290 feet. His Hard% was second among all catchers with at least 300 PA. The power is there. It will all come down to how much playing time he gets. If he gets enough AB, he could easily hit 20 HR.
  9. Kubiak was clearly upset by the Dontari Poe TD pass. Calling a TO with 8 seconds left and trying to get a last second TD. His QB can't even make that happen lol.
  10. The Steelers finally realised that they have someone named Antonio Brown who is playing against a depleted secondary. It only took them three quarters.
  11. Big Ben has 27 TD passes on the season. 15 of those came in the first 5 games of the season. That's 55%(!) of all his TDs. He has 12 TD over his last 9 games....
  12. Big Ben is broken. He's playing at home against a Jimmy Smith-less secondary and can't do anything. He's making horrible throws. How can you have Bell and Brown and still possibly miss out on the playoffs for the third time in five years?!
  13. Exactly and they still had Manning. Look at the AFC QBs this year who will most likely make the playoffs: Tom Savage, Matt Moore, Alex Smith, Matt McGloin, Tom Brady and Flacco/Big Ben. Other than Brady, that's a sad list of QBs. Good luck going into Foxboro in January and beat the Patriots.
  14. Just hand the Patriots the AFC title already.