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  1. Todd Gurley has the same number of 20+ yard runs this season as Stafford and Osweiler. One.
  2. This is the same Brad Evans who several weeks ago tweeted to spend all remaining FAAB on Perkins and Bibbs because they're "close to breaking out". Earlier this year he even tweeted to hold on to Knile Davis because it would only take several weeks before he'd become the new RB1 in Green Bay.... This week he'll probably pimp Christine Michael and Rex Burkhead.
  3. Or you picked him up to wait and see if he can become someone you can start.
  4. 3.8 y/c against the Saints? Really? He could truly go without a 100-yard rushing game this season. Only one in his last 19(!) games.
  5. Not everyone plays in PPR leagues.
  6. You're calling people out yet you play in several 8-team leagues? Quite ironic.
  7. One of the few players who has been both dominant as an outside WR and then also dominant as a slot WR. It just shows how good he is. #HallOfFame
  8. Other than Luck, none of them had great rookie seasons. Rodgers never played, Smith was a disaster, Mariota showed flashes but was inconsistent. Goff is not Luck though. Luck was one of the most NFL ready QBs to come out of the draft in years. Can Goff be good? Maybe. I still expect him to struggle both this season and next.
  9. Right now the Vikings also don't have an established OL. They don't need more RBs, they need healthy players for their horrible OL. Seattle's OL is All-Pro compared to theirs.
  10. Over his last 17 games he has 3 runs of 20+ yards. He hasn't had a 20+ yard run in 11 straight games.
  11. That's a horrible argument. "Let's buy low on Player A just in case one of his OL gets injured".
  12. PPR GOLD
  13. There's only one WR that you can trust in Arizona.
  14. Le'Veon Bell missed 3 games and now already has more FP than Gurley. Gurley needs to have a very productive second half to finish as a Top 12 RB. Right now he's not even inside the Top 20, both in standard and PPR leagues.
  15. They never said that. Most said it would be a 60/40 split in favor of Booker. None of them saw Bibbs overtaking Booker this week.