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  1. The Bucs are not planning on playing him outside and take Jackson's role. They like him as their slot WR. So it's the same situation as with Enunwa. They'll keep their old role in the offense and someone else will try and replace the injured player. The amount of targets that he'll get will rely on how good the other guys do at replacing VJax.
  2. It's a good thing that West isn't involved in the passing game! Oh wait.....
  3. Predicting game flow can be a very tricky thing. I agree on the Falcons but I also see lots of Jekyll and Hyde offenses on their remaining schedule. Teams like the Titans and Dolphins before the bye and teams like the Texans, Bucs and Browns after the bye. All those teams have shown flashes of what they can do but have also played games in which they were completely inept. The Chargers D just faced one of the toughest 3-game stretches. Indy, New Orleans and Oakland are 3 of highest scoring teams in the NFL. When you look at current stats, they'll only face one Top 10 run defense ROS and that's the Panthers. Depending on game flow, they could opt to run Gordon into the ground.
  4. This is the worst analyis that I've read so far. You mean to say: they lost because their stupid OC completely ignored the running game after the first quarter and deservedly got fired the day after. Now you're just implying that West was one of the reasons they lost when he wasn't. See, that would be the correct analysis of last week's game.
  5. How did Rivers do in the other game? You can't just bring up the one game that Rivers did well in. Bring up stats for both games. Because in the other game Rivers barely had 200 yards passing and 0 TD. That was in San Diego and the Chargers scored 3 points.
  6. Bruce Bochy. What. The. Heck.
  7. That might have been one of the most overmanaged 9th inning that I have ever witnessed.....
  8. Well this has been money well spend so far....
  9. Nope. Not a Trestman offense anymore.
  10. I said it yesterday. This is the kind of inept coaching that should get a coach fired and...
  11. 1. y/c actually does matter more than you think. See, it would be nice if a RB is able to break some long runs every now and then. Do you know what Miller's longest run this season is? 15 yards. 2. You mean the Chiefs who give up 129.5 yards/game rushing (4th most in the NFL) and a 4.5 y/c? Those Chiefs? Not exactly the Steel Curtain....
  12. Green Bay was missing it's 2 best CB's and it still took a incredible circus catch by OBJ to put points on the board.