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  1. Gleyber Torres 2018 Outlook

    They got him in a trade and then signed the guy that they traded him for. Brilliant. Every time a player who isn't supposed to hit for power breaks out, people scream "sell high". They did it with Mookie. They did it with Lindor. They did it with Didi. They did it with Albies. They did it with Jose Ramirez. Now they're doing it with Torres. But hey, keep looking at their minor league data.....
  2. Jameson Taillon 2018 Outlook

    Not exactly the most in-depth analysis. "Buy low because his FIP/xFIP/SIERA are lower than his ERA!". Last season his ERA ought to be lower as well but it never happened. 3 weeks have gone by since this article and now his SIERA/xFIP/FIP are all in the high 3's/low 4's. That's also what all the projection systems have for him RoS, an ERA between 3.86 and 4.09.
  3. Yordan Alvarez 1B HOU

  4. Luke Weaver 2018 Outlook

    Also from Fangraphs:
  5. Ronald Acuna 2018 Outlook

  6. James Paxton 2018 Outlook

  7. Eloy Jimenez - OF CWS

  8. Gleyber Torres 2018 Outlook

  9. Ronald Acuna 2018 Outlook

  10. Max Scherzer 2018 Outlook

  11. Michael Brantley 2018 Outlook

    He's crushing righties: .386, 1.105 OPS and .316 ISO. (Vs lefties: .280, .616 OPS and .031 ISO.)
  12. Matt Chapman 2018 Outlook

    Depends on what you expect him to be. If you expect him to be a guy hitting above .280 with power then you're going to be very disappointed. If you expect him to hit somewhere around .250/.260 with 30 HR then this is your guy. There's still value in a CI hitting for power in a pretty good lineup.
  13. Michael Brantley 2018 Outlook

    8 Doubles, 3 HR and 16 RBI in only 22 games. A 5,3 K% and 26,7 LD%. Please stay healthy!