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  1. Looks like we just had a spot open up due to an owner missing our payment deadline and going silent. Let me know if you are interested.
  2. sent you some info on Mr. Roarke's Hockey League... we just had one spot open up.
  3. OK, it appears that we may have ONE spot just open up up as we have 15 of 16 owners paid up, and one who has missed our payment deadline and gone silent. Interested candidates need to "sell" me on why you'd be a great fit for this serious league and also be prepared to take care of league dues right away. Thank you!
  4. FYI, we are now full with 16 teams. Please email me (georgelindholm AT yahoo) if you'd like to be waitlisted for 2019-2020 or if someone drops out before our draft. Cheers, Georrge.
  5. Sent you an email (from georgelindholm AT yahoo) about our league. Let me know if you did not receive.
  6. Bump. We have ONE opening left for a serious, mature, committed candidate. Auction scheduled for 9/22.
  7. One spot remaining I believe. It is auction keeper. See above link for full settings and bylaws.
  8. Still have FOUR spots remaining for the right candidate. Slow Rookie Draft starts 9/13, online Auction scheduled for Saturday 9/22
  9. This may be pretty close to what you are looking for. Only difference is we're 16 teams. This will be a great league and you'll love it! This format has worked great for years in the Roarke baseball and basketball leagues I commish!
  10. bump: "Halfway there....livin on a prayer"...8 of 16 slots taken!