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  1. Le'Veon Bell 2018 Outlook

    But that's the thing. It's against the league rules to agree to this extension at this time. So, at best it's a verbal understanding of commitment. This understanding won't be binding and either party can renege, so I don't think any team would be trading for Bell thinking they have him locked into a future contract.
  2. James Conner 2018 Outlook

    I don't see any scenario where Conner gets starter touches when Bell comes back unless Bell get traded. Bell is an impending FA. The Steelers will do just like they have done the past 2 years and load him up when they didn't have a long term commitment to him because they knew once they broke him, then could move on. They'll rest Conner more knowing that he's their starting RB going into the 2019 season (we just saw the same thing last nite with Ingram). At best for Conner, this things turns into a full blown timeshare, which will be just my luck as the worst case scenario considering I own both of them.
  3. AP or Mixon?

    I say Mixon with Gio out and AP turning back into a pumpkin at any moment now. Help with mine? http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/725926-rate-my-trade-whit/
  4. DJ for AB? WHIR

    I’d keep DJ. Help with mine? http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/725926-rate-my-trade-whit/
  5. CMAC for David Johnson?

    DJ 100% in standard. Help with mine?
  6. His Lindsay, Alex Collins, and aj green for my fournette and enunwa in PPR. Yay or nay?
  7. James Conner 2018 Outlook

    A 3rd round pick is easier to swallow when you sign Bell for 3 years. Not quite as appetizing when it's for 13 games. I'm thinking a 4th round pick is the offer.
  8. Quincy Enunwa 2018 Outlook

    Yeah, this game is all fine and dandy if he can match the Julio TB game from last year where he had 12 catches, 253 yds and 2 TD.
  9. Melvin Gordon 2018 Outlook

    Hunt for sure. I wouldn't have a problem with Fournette or Saquon going ahead of Gordon either. So, I'd draft him anywhere from #7 to #9 RB in my book. By consensus ADP he's #8 right now with both Fournette and Saquon in from of him and Hunt right behind him.
  10. Jesus Aguilar 2018 Outlook

    How good is the Brewers lineup that a guy with an .890 OPS can't find a spot in it?
  11. Gary Sanchez 2018 Outlook

    He's kind of a bust thus far based on where he was drafted. So, if Trout went 25/80/80/10/.280, then he'd still be better than the majority of OFs. So, by your definition, he wouldn't be a bust either in that scenario? I think he'll turn things around somewhat, but thus far he has been a disappointment.
  12. Juan Soto 2018 Outlook

    The problem with Paul O’Neill was that he didn’t come thru for George since his 2nd HR (inside the park) was ruled a triple and an error. Without Kramer’s quick thinking, Mr. Steinbrenner wouldn’t have gotten his birthday card. This is why O’Neill sucks and shouldn’t be used for comps with surefire rookie superstuds.
  13. Should I Do This Deal - 100% WHIR

    Need to see your roster, but on face value I don't like it for you. Hoskins is the best player in the deal and I usually lean toward trades where I get the single best player out of the deal.
  14. Bellinger Or Albies

    I just made this trade last nite, or close to it (My Albies, Familia, Strickland for his Bellinger, C Hernandez, Quintana), so I'm obviously leaning to the Bellinger side. But Albies is very good at a rough position, so I think it's fair either way.