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  1. Harold Baines HOF???

    I'm pretty sure this guy is the worst HOF'er of all time: https://www.baseball-reference.com/players/w/wanerll01.shtml 24 WAR, never above 3.6 WAR in any season and a lifetime .747 OPS. Brutal.
  2. Kareem Hunt 2018 Outlook

    Yup. Now we get all the speculation of what KC management knew and when. This is the Rice fiasco all over again.
  3. I like both offers for you.
  4. Drop Taylor Gabriel for Dez?

    I say it's worth a shot. On a better offense with a much more accurate QB. A slight chance of a resurgence, but that's still a better chance that Gabriel.
  5. Do you ever get this mad?

    Sounds pretty passive aggressive of him if you ask me. Just don't send him any offers. Problem solved.
  6. This is a tough one. Normally I would play for the win now, but the 2 stars you're trading for play for juggernauts and they're loads could be lightened a lot by championship time while Conner should end up getting full workloads till the end (assuming Bell sits out the rest of the year). And then losing Conner as a cheap keeper for the next few years? I think I stand pat.
  7. Who should I flex? WHIR

    I'd go CT in a juicy matchup.
  8. Vetoable? WHIR

    This trade isn't vetoable at all. Don't be that guy.
  9. Yes or no to trade offer?

    Absolutely not. Mixon is a burgeoning stud. The other 2. Not so much.
  10. Le'Veon Bell 2018 Outlook

    Playing for the Jets is like taking off a year.
  11. James Conner 2018 Outlook

    The part that confuses me is the exemption list maneuver the Steelers are going to use. The team and Bell have to negotiate the payment terms of this. So, what if they don't end up agreeing to terms? Bell signs the tender. Pittsburgh puts him on the exemption list and says they don't want to pay him. Bell says he should be paid. Does it go to arbitration or what?
  12. Trade Trubisky for Woods?

    Allen, Baldwin, Kupp, Goodwin, M Bryant. Start 3 WR and a RB/WR flex.
  13. Trade Trubisky for Woods?

    Moron still cluttering up my thread. Take your idiocy elsewhere, troll.