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  1. Which is the ******** problem! I would rather he get shut down, but that’s not happening. He’ll just keep sustaining random phantom injuries until the end of the season.
  2. It’s so obvious the fix is in. Dude didn’t even hesitate to leave the floor.
  3. This blows - would rather have bloody Kawhi!!! At least you know he’s going a hundred when out there. Barkley said something last night that stuck with me about guys getting injured when half-assing it!!! Something to ponder.
  4. Dedmon has been a 3rd rounder over the last month. You decide if Zubac can possibly outperform that.
  5. Traded to Sac in middle of game. Nba is a cold bizness.
  6. Kleber IMO. Picked him up right after the Jordan trade and has yet to disappoint.
  7. Guy is more of a hustle and shoot-first PG. If anything, he’s going to take shots away from from Mikal.
  8. Damnit, I just saw an ESPN scroll that he’s out for the year. Anybody else see it??!
  9. Call me crazy for hanging on to this “lottery ticket” despite Cuban’s ambiguous language and the high drop rate in yahoo leagues. Everything I read in Mavs chat rooms point to this guy being cleared to play and him really wanting to play. Plus, here he is at practice, though all he is doing is shooting FTs. I’m going on a limb and predicting that he plays this year.
  10. in redraft, that’s tough. But not a bad trade for this year.
  11. Who benefits from this deal? Certainly not Rodney.
  12. Nope, the real mistake was paying Paul. Don’t let Faried’s momentary production blind you to how valuable Capela is to this team.