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  1. IMO, Grant first and Anunoby if you must drop two. And having WCJ on your list of drops is a head scratcher.
  2. Very nice team for a first timer. If I had this team, I’d be looking to replace/trade a few players, including Kuzma (serious injury), Saric and Zubac (low playing time), and Milsap (load management). I also think you need a third PG and a more reliable 4th C other than Zubac. An alternative is waiting to see how your team performs in the first few weeks before making any changes.
  3. Doesn’t matter how many 5 on 5s Dipo plays, he’s gonna get load managed like crazy.
  4. Levert for me. Dipo will take some time to get back up to speed, if he ever does.
  5. Aim higher and see if you can snag a bigger name than JJJ. But I’d rather have JJJ than Zion due to his well rounded stats.
  6. Yahoo 12-Team H2H 9-CAT Lillard, Bledsoe, Lowry Levert, Smart, Redick, NAW Green, Portis, Green, Draymond Drummond, Aldridge, Carter Jr, Len
  7. All I know is that I have to trade this dude ASAP. Now, he’s dealing with a tweaked surgically repaired thumb. SMH, was so happy to draft him @ 105.
  8. So hard to predict with so many damn F/PF/C on that damn team for Fizdale to tinker with (Mitchell, Randle, Morris, Portis, Gibson). IMO, Crazy Eyes can carve out about 25 minutes, which might be enough to replicate or slightly exceed his production from last year.
  9. Going Levert here!!! The stars are all aligned for him to take the next step this year with KD out. Harrell was gifted with two alphas who’ll likely limit his touches
  10. With a 3rd waiver, I think it’s worth the gamble, but I’m not expecting much from Bridges this year considering that his mins are likely to drop from last year with a fully healthy roster.
  11. There’s actual talk of NAW supplanting Hart based on preseason play. I’m holding!