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  1. Still struggling on the road. 2H of last year he was unstartable away from Home
  2. If the Dodgers have an interest for Quintana he'd be a perfect piece to send over and we could finally see him break in as an AL regular . Him and moncada in the top half of that order would project some very high upside production.
  3. Looks a little like MadBums release point
  4. I don't think anyone else wants to sacrifice elite velocity for sound mechanics, no matter how much it makes sense in the long run. Instant results and a faster track to that possible 30m/year deal
  5. Have you had a chance to read up on McCullers change in mechanics and are you a believer? Many experts believe he's poised to contend for a cy young but that requires 190+ innings I'd say. If I remember your past work correctly you saw a ton of red flags with him and had serious doubts he could ever last multiple seasons on a full workload.
  6. The mechanics look super clean and I'm surprised how clean they are given his youth. Go check out the BA videos posted previously and you can see why he loves working the bottom half of the strike zone. I'm really excited about this kid