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  1. David Phelps is gonna rack up a bunch of holds and has high K upside. I also feel like he's gonna pitch in 10 saves this year (some of the 2 inning variety)
  2. Front office was quoted over the winter stating he will have no restrictions on IP this year. The only reason that he slots 5th in the rotation to open the season is because they purposely gave him a late start to spring training to make sure he was fresh coming off the big jump he made last year.
  3. Charlie was well on his way to doing this last year and a leg injury cut the breakout short. This more of the same from what he displayed last season prior to the injury
  4. Cardinals have no reason to limit his innings and this is a contact year where ol' Lance will be looking to get paid. If he was on an imposed IP limit , I don't think St. Louis would have him as the spring training IP leader thus far in camp.
  5. I think the inconsistency came from the organization yo-yo'ing him betweeen 1 and 3. When this guy settles in and gets locked in it's fun to watch. Count me in as a buyer as well.
  6. Brinson is on the way too
  7. Looks a little like MadBums release point
  8. I don't think anyone else wants to sacrifice elite velocity for sound mechanics, no matter how much it makes sense in the long run. Instant results and a faster track to that possible 30m/year deal
  9. Have you had a chance to read up on McCullers change in mechanics and are you a believer? Many experts believe he's poised to contend for a cy young but that requires 190+ innings I'd say. If I remember your past work correctly you saw a ton of red flags with him and had serious doubts he could ever last multiple seasons on a full workload.
  10. When's does his next turn in the rotation come up? ESPN has never accurately tabbed his next start scheduled all year long as Melvin has continued to move him up/bump him back. ESPN is reporting Sunday which would be a whole week between starts which doesn't seem like something they would do.
  11. In the 5th inning he threw a 3-2 seed at 95mph right down the chute to machado and the ump didn't ring him up. Changed the entire complexion of the 5th inning
  12. I expect 3 more turns through the rotation until we see him. So about 12-15 days away. May 15th- ish
  13. That hasn't been officially reported, only speculated. I think it's possible they give him the Saturday start this week if nothing else to get him stretched out for 5+ inning workloads moving forward. Anderson's performance doesn't really warrant a 4 man rotation
  14. Not loving him in my H2H leagues. Atlanta philly and Miami are the only teams he's faced so far. He ends the day with 4.32 ERA and has 2 out of 4 games where he's yielded 4+ ER. Maybe it's just a slow start but this is the portion of the schedule I thought he should be taking advantage of.
  15. Dude is a grinder and just doesn't give in no matter the situation. You know what you're gonna get with him and every now and then the zone works with his perfectionism and he cruises to a monster day. On the flip side he will put up QS after QS and is rarely gonna give you a month or even 3 straight starts worth of suck. I think this is the year where bullpen and run support finally exists in his starts and he puts up 15 wins.