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  1. Anybody watch the Indians regularly and can report back on how he’s looked at the plate? He’s killing me, but obviously his .171 BABIP and 8% k-rate seem to indicate that he’s just been wildly unlucky. Considering cutting this guy in my keeper league for tellez or some other flavor of the week, but feel like it could burn me.
  2. Really wondering where this charmin-soft POS goes in drafts next year. If anyone takes him in the first 2 rounds I’m going to smile condescendingly...until I realize that he’s likely to put up 2k yards and 15 tds while I have no shares of him anywhere.
  3. How do you let Eli throw the ball 42 times in the rain when you have Saquon? I don’t care if he averages 2 ypc all day, you feed him until he throws up.
  4. Was not a great week to start Maher at K...especially with my opponent getting 18 points from Fairbairn
  5. A 6-7 team is about to make the championship game in my league while my 11-2 team will be playing in the consolation bracket. 🤣😂
  6. Yeah - all were catchable - it’s raining hard at MetLife though and clearly the ball is slippery
  7. I’m leaning toward benching him but don’t have great options. Would help if any browns fans could give us some intel on the way they use Denzel Ward.
  8. Anybody know if Ward shadows guys into the slot or if he patrols one half of the field? Trying to set my lineup and have no interest in starting Boyd with AJG out if it means he’s getting blanketed by Ward all day.
  9. Houston gives up little on the ground and game script more than likely renders AP useless today. I would bench him if I had any other options.
  10. The reporters have been wrong all year long about Bell’s reporting date/intentions. The fact that they are reporting now that he will not show up on Tuesday actually makes me nervous as a Conner owner that he now will show up.
  11. -6 from the Oakland dst in my league - as if watching this awful game wasn’t punishment enough