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  1. Taurean Prince 2017-2018 Season Outlook

    Lol. How many games are we into the season?
  2. Taurean Prince 2017-2018 Season Outlook

    Have you watched Prince play? He is a far better player than Carroll will ever be. The 3s, steals, and blocks may be similar, but Prince is way more talented in generating his own offense.
  3. 2017 NBA Offseason and Free Agency Thread

    Kyrie traded for IT2, Crowder, Zizic, and Brooklyn's 2018 first round pick!!
  4. Jose Bautista 2017 Outlook

    Dropped his a** a long time ago. There are plenty of other options available on the wire especially with all the call ups and potential call ups.
  5. I'm getting Chris Sale in a 12 team standard Pro Yahoo Roto League. I'm currently in 1st, but my offensive numbers aren't too great, so I'm thinking I should keep Nolan. My team is as follows: JT Realmuto Joey Votto Daniel Murphy Jean Segura Marwin Gonzalez Cody Bellinger Whit Merrifield Nick Williams Derek Fisher Rafael Devers Amed Rosario Lewis Brinson Justin Verlander Dallas Keuchel Ryan Madson Addison Reed Chris Devenski Brad Hand Collin McHugh Jose Berrios Charlie Morton Brent Honeywell DL Clayton Kershaw DL Mark Melancon
  6. Which side would you take? Disregard team build. Standard 12 team Yahoo roto league.
  7. Danny Duffy 2017 Outlook

    You're comparing apples and oranges. Gray does not equal Duffy. Gray more than often than not pitches well away from Coors for obvious reasons. Duffy may not be as good if his velocity is down. I would proceed with cautious for Duffy's 1st start back.
  8. I already tried dangling Verlander/Bautista for Darvish/Herrara and that was an obvious reject. I need to sweeten the deal, otherwise no one is going to bite. I also think JV and JB are done for this season and moving forward.
  9. Segura or Maybin?

    You should hold onto Cespedes. Your team doesn't look particularly strong in the HR department. I would probably package Segura and Cespedes for a good OF or a good 1B.
  10. Segura or Maybin?

    I don't think Segura will be stealing as much due to his ankle injury, but the average and runs you get from him are well worth his value. You might be able to flip Segura for someone better than Maybin.
  11. I like Kahnle, Kela, and then Vizcaino. Thanks for the help with mine.
  12. Ian happ or whit merrifield?

    I like Ian Happ. Hits in a dangerous lineup too.
  13. Zunino or Wilson Ramos?

    I'm still going with Ramos here. Definitely more upside.
  14. I'm getting Darvish side. I'm tired of JV and Bautista. Standard 12 team Roto League. I'm in 1st with 10 points ahead of 2nd. My team: JT Realmuto Joey Votto Daniel Murphy Nolan Arenado Jean Segura Steven Souza Jr. Brett Gardner Marwin Gonzalez Mallex Smith Cody Bellinger Jose Bautisa Wilson Ramos DL David Dahl Clayton Kershaw Justin Verlander Mark Melancon Addison Reed Chris Devenski Brad Brach Jose Berrios Brad Finnegan Doug Fister Taijuan Walker Blake Snell DL Dallas Keuchel WHIR