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  1. Got sent to the G League. What does this mean for dynasty owners?
  2. Nah. Marc Gasol is matched up against Jarret Allen, not JJJ.
  3. Good to see that he's been very assertive this game, but the Nets are also a favorable match up in general. Things can only continue to go up for Memphis.
  4. Devin Booker made 4-of-12 from the field for 12 points with one rebound, seven assists, two steals, four turnovers and two 3-pointers in 35 minutes against the Pelicans during a 119-99 loss on Saturday. He was locked down on defense by Wes Johnson and Booker put up easily his lowest usage rate on the season at 20.7 -- it was 26.5 against Toronto on Nov. 2. Booker has been a usage monster in all but two games with at least a 32.6, and his efficiency is improved while he's growing as a passer. He'll be putting up big numbers, especially if the Suns can continue to play teams close. Lol please. If they really watched the game, it was Jrue Holiday locking Booker's a** up.
  5. Most people won't be drafting him until the last couple rounds of the draft anyways. I don't think you need to stay away from him at all, but rather just drop him when he doesn't produce. The 1/1/1 is always there any given night he plays. Great value in my opinion late in the draft.
  6. My brothers, did I not say to refer to future Trae Young posts?
  7. Yep, I knew it was you Puzz. Had to give you a shout out.
  8. It's most likely due to the change in hand checking rules. I think one of the Rotoworld members had a post regarding the dip in steals over the past decade and you can clearly see the huge dip in year over year trends. The decrease in blocks may be due to the fact that players play away from the basket now and drive less, which probably had a higher chance of getting their shot/layup blocked.
  9. I would probably drop Pau. At least Lin will get more usage than him.
  10. The trade is a wash since you're just acquiring steals for steals. I would take Murray over Young.