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  1. Last year was a fluke. Never again.
  2. And now he gets to face Sale. Shocking that he has a ~.400 career average against him.
  3. I was really close to streaming him but I just couldn't do it because of his blowup history.
  4. Swap the Cubs with the Rockies at home but yeah, still not good.
  5. D-Backs have been turrible without Pollock... I'm starting him.
  6. He got hosed on some calls in the 2nd (Martin walked and then Morales hit into FC where Chapman goofed) but I digress. 3+ ERs in each of his last 4 starts but they have been against teams in the top 11 for offense.
  7. Manaea getting squeezed bad. EDIT: And now a Chapman goof.