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  1. I like your WR core for PPR, but your RB situation is a bit dire, with the uncertainty of Fournette. However if Woodhead avoids the injury bug I think you will be okay. Eifert isn't a strong PPR play, just hope he plays all year and continues to eat the RZ targets.
  2. It's true, after the top 5 the rest of rosterable TEs is a crapshoot. Just be aware in rounds 9-10 etc, you will be drafting bench spots for other positions as opposed to a TE that would be used weekly, so don't corner yourself with the absolute bottom of the barrel.
  3. I'm against carrying more than one TE or QB as it's a burned roster spot that could be used elsewhere.
  4. IMO I don't think Hogan will be the main beneficiary of the Edleman injury as I feel the Patriots will adjust their scheme or spread out the targets. If you really want to place a bid I would go no higher than 5% of your budget.
  5. I would make the deal, you already have two young RB in your system and Kamara might not see a significant role for a couple of years, I believe Ingram is under contract for 2017 and 2018.
  6. West has the path of least resistance to playing time. Since you already have Hunt you might as well handcuff him since he is still unproven.
  7. I would wait until there is absolute certainty that Elliot will not miss any portion of the season due to NFL investigation before committing to that trade.
  8. I like Cooper, established chemistry with QB, more proven with two 1,000 yard seasons, higher ceiling (IMO).
  9. Hunt. Mixon has too much competition at this point in the season.
  10. If you can start all 4 WR post-trade (Baldwin, Pryor, Fitz and Allen) then I would do this trade. You will be banking on Mixon, all signs point to him taking over but you never know with rookies, especially with Cincy already having two established (yet underwhelming) backs. If you can't start them all, you will definitely have to do to follow up trade for an RB. It may seem like you are giving a lot but you are getting the best player in the deal and Baldwin is typically underrated.
  11. Randall Cobb Ted Ginn Jr Corey Coleman I'm leaning towards Coleman but I like Ginn with Brees slingin' the rock.