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  1. Playing against Ryan, PHI d, Thomas, and Robinson. Those four alone above 120. On pace for 182 points, and still a 40+ loss. 🙃
  2. I been on the fence about dropping him after keeping him(literally deadline was a day before he got cut). But yup just cut him for Hardman lfg. ------------ Also to stay on topic. I could have just kept CMC but didn't expect anybody good not to be kept. Traded CMC for cook/julio to give me three keepers. Somehow zeke wasn't kept, and if I had just kept CMC I could have CMC and Zeke rn.
  3. Have had Ware stashed for weeks, but cut him to get another rb for Gordon. Ofc I do it yesterday, I hate having limits on positions. I just hope my not so serious league didn’t realize and I get him back.
  4. Same. I legit swapped Gordon for Adams at 12:59. I'd of been better off playing rocye freeman if Gordon sat 🙃
  5. Couldn't get myself to sit Gordon for Josh Adams, so hopefully I don't need to use the emergency 4:25 rb I just snagged in Royce Freeman.
  6. Been trying to get a third solid wr to go with brown and Ty. Someone dropped MVS yesterday to get a d to play for NE d(idk why they wanna keep that lol). So anyways I’m 8-2, and praying that 9th claim gets him. Since If so one of him/suttOn/or Tate has gotten become a solid wr3, hopefully ??.
  7. I’d take it. With DT coming on board Keke may not get a chance to take over Fuller’s load. Jones could blow up, but Sanders would really help solidify your Wrs, with three good rbs still. Help me with my 6-2 dilemma? http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/731727-need-help-with-a-blockbuster-100-whir/
  8. I got offered Aj green and one of Mack/k. Johnson for CMC and Wentz. So I was wondering: 1st-do I take the trade?(team in sig and im 6-2 fwiw) If so, which back should I get back in PPR?(could try for Cohen but ik the owners LOVES HIM.)
  9. Shoot can't edit, and forgot this. forums.rotoworld.com/topic/731692-need-some-help-will-whir/
  10. Sutton. I'm mad I didn't pick him up prior to last week games in hopes of a trade.
  11. Ya that what I was thinking, I just want second thoughts. Since this league isn't open to trading for QBs, and I don't want to have all three, but they're too good to cut.
  12. I would do it. Being 8-0 you can take the risk that Kupp may take a week or two to get going, and then that lineup come playoffs is scary.
  13. I wouldn't. While Gurley is the best player in the deal, Brown isn't TOO far off. While I prefer Michel way more over Goodwin.
  14. Alright my team is 6-2, and while I like where I am, I got a pretty enticing offer. AJ green and either Mack or Kerryon Johnson for CMC and Wentz. It's a PPR up to three keepers league My squad: QB: Cam/Watson/Wentz(so wentz's value is kinda minimized since we start one) RB: Gordon/CMC/Michel/Coleman/J. Richard WR: Julio/Hilton/Tate/Godwin/T. Smith TE: Ertz So should I do the trade, if so which rb should I ask for back? I could try for Cohen, but IK the owner LOVES him. But ya thanks in advance, and be sure to drop yours so I can return the favor!
  15. Traded some of my team’s depth to shore up my team’s starting lineup. In the process I lost both Chubb, and Johnson. But I got Ertz for TE, and have Gordon, CMC, and Michel to roll out. Anyways I lost some fun players in the process. But in the past 24 hours I have picked up Ronald Jones, Jalen Richard(full ppr), and Tre’quan Smith. Sitting at 6-1 I’m feeling good. Just gotta hope one of ^ hits, and I can upgrade my 3rd wr behind Julio/Hilton.