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  1. Me too. The only other time I benched him this entire year was his 3 HR, 10 RBI game. Unreal.
  2. Today is the day that Schwarbgoat explodes 💥
  3. Currently have struggling Contreras in my C spot and Schwarber is C, OF eligible, making this more appealing. Will Suarez regress? The possibility of Moustakas and Schwarber hitting their stride is tempting but risky considering they've both been disappointing. Any advice appreciated.
  4. Complete game shutout off the waiver wire. Was going to stream him and drop but I think I'll hold.
  5. Nice! Move of the week for sure.
  6. I hope you dropped him
  7. I like Ross at 35 mpg and the green light on offense. Would drop Frye or Yogi.
  8. I'm locked into a 1st round playoff bye, looking for best move rest of season.
  9. He looks really good out there. No reason why he can't return mid round value for the rest of the season.
  10. This is the time to pick up Kanter. We should know his time table around the 24th when he's due for his checkup. If it's bad news then drop him but I have a feeling he'll be back closer to the 5-6 week timetable considering his smiling, cryptic remarks yesterday- "With a grin, Kanter said he knows when he's coming back, but he wouldn't tell."
  11. #22 overall in the last 7 days and #47 last 14 days in 9 cat leagues
  12. Drafting in a couple of hours! Redraft ppr league- 1 flex