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  1. Ozuna Trade

    I play in an AL east/NL only 10 man 4x4 league. Cats are Avg., HR, RBI, SB, Wins, Saves, ERA, Whip. $260 cap. It's a Keep 6-10 with my current keepers being- Smoak $7, Dejong $8, Shaw $13, Arcia $4, Trea Turner $13, Hoskins $4, Souza $12, Gray $9, Knebel $4, Neris $9. I have an offer on the table for Marcell Ozuna $10 for Smoak and Roberto Osuna $20. He already has Kimbrel at $23 and we need a minimum of three relievers on our squad. I do think this makes my team a little better but is it too much of a lateral move? Plus, I would be giving him another elite reliever which tend to get hoarded in my league. OF and 1st base are about equally deep too. Is this a no brainer? Am I over thinking this? Help and WHIR!
  2. Dynasty Trade: Judge v. Seager

    OBP I take Judge. He walks a ton and that Yankee lineup is going to be scary. Help?
  3. I would go Lynn depending on where he lands. He will actually contribute this season and he's cheaper than Nelson. Help?
  4. Kluber Dynasty Trade Help Please

    I think you should take a starter and upgrade at UT. You could definitely use a more potent bat at that position. Especially with all the depth you are going to have at SP. Help?
  5. Off-season Closer Thread 2017/18

    He was top drawer last year because he got so many saves. His other stats were not that elite. Also his stats as a setup man were pretty similar to his stats last year. If you ask me he is a better than average closer and a better than average setup man. I think if he gets traded there's a fair shot he could end up doing either. As for him having that it factor, that is something you see, a manager might see it differently.
  6. April Closer Thread 2017

    Apparently Osuna went down with Cervical Spasms. Anyone know how long those last and can maybe give a rough timeline for his return?