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  1. I think that the information value of this = 0.
  2. Am feeling undecided about either... Jordan Howard @ GB or Terrance West @ NYJ I currently have Howard in, but I never like using players on short weeks. Thoughts? Thanks!
  3. You can guess what I'm doing with him with confidence: dumping.
  4. Is that a "money back" guarantee?
  5. Couldn't agree more. Ertz is "my" drafted TE, but I, now, have no confidence in his performance. Basing future performance on a previous (half) season with a different QB and HC, now, seems nuts to me. I hope for the best for Ertz and Ertz "owners", but I may be done with him after Sunday's game. Peace.
  6. Last bump. (Going with Baltimore unless convinced otherwise).
  7. Please, help me! Please!!!
  8. KC @ Pittsburgh or Baltimore (home) vs Oak Thanks!
  9. What's the over/under on fumbles? Five?
  10. I'm starting him without confidence. (I start all my players without confidence).
  11. My brain tells me that I should not think with my intestines.
  12. Last year, Richard Rodgers ended up being the 7th best TE in my league (TD-heavy league). Richard Rodgers! As a Cook owner, I am very encouraged by this.
  13. Why have running backs when you have Newton?