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  1. I believe I'll be looking for an owner or two for a ESPN 13 team 6x6 roto keeper (one hitter and one pitcher from last years draft spot) Its $200 per team , all the money goes to the winnings via League Safe. I'll send you an email
  2. But the lack of K's are costing me points ☹️
  3. If there is a tie for the wild card; Does the play in game to play the wild game count as game 163 and stats count for the regular season ?
  4. Some infield hit against Gomez. But , I think it's time to go . Doesnt look like Neris is the answer lately
  5. Gave up the hit to tie the game
  6. Need to cut either Herrera or Miller ( for a bat ) non hold 6x6 daily roto Which one ? Coin flip ?
  7. They still will spend the money and they have a lot of it to spend
  8. Yes. Think he can get some K's as well
  9. Ventura vs CWS or Gsellman vs Braves
  10. Still could pitch on Saturday
  11. Bustin out tonight
  12. Need to cut a OF for a streamer spot , 6x6 daily roto Ozuna -hurt Conforto- playing time Soler- playing time
  13. Maybe , but just don't see enough playing time to make that happen