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  1. Nasty stuff. But, young & wild . But that is what makes him hard to hit .
  2. Looks like your right. Man he was soooo good a few weeks ago
  3. Going to hit one tonight
  4. There's no way
  5. Franco a FA ? Wow
  6. Not fooling anyone tonight. Tough match up.
  7. My other OF / UTL are Harper, Fowler, Altherr, Lamb , Ozuna , Polanco. Have to start 6. All good hitters that are really not hitting now.
  8. I have to drop Skaggs after today to activate Salazer for Thursday
  9. Please rank J Upton , E Rosario or Grichuk. 6x6 daily roto. Would have to cut one for Grichuk
  10. Tough schedule coming up , but do we think it's a bounce back start tomorrow vs Sea?
  11. He's throwing strikes this year. Simple as that .
  12. Needs to start heating back up Soon!
  13. Looks like he'll be sitting today 8/7
  14. If he starts tonight for aaa. Won't see him until Friday , if at all.
  15. Not even vs a lefty tonight