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  1. One Owner needed, please email JoeG414@aol.com. For roster and complete rules.
  2. Looking for a few Owners to take over teams in a Baseball Mixed Keeper Rotisserie league Please contact me if interested and will send the roster info for the teams. If interested, email : Joeg414@aol.com A quick overview of the rules :13 Team 6x6 mixed keeper espn roto snake draft. $200 fee per Team, payment made to League Safe; All the money goes to the winnings. Payouts: 13 Teams= the top 4 will finish in the money- 1st-$1250, 2nd-850, 3rd- 400 & 4th 100. Daily moves, but lineups are locked once the first game starts, free agent pickup limit of 200, all trades will have a two day review period. Waiver period of two days to pick up a release player. Keeper Rule: In 2019 You may keep one hitter and one pitcher in the spot he was drafted in 2018.Example: last year if you drafted a player in the 1st round then this year you can keep him as a 1st rounder; If a player is traded the same rule applies to the position where the player was drafted. You cannot keep players that are picked up as Free Agents during the season. A player can only be kept for 2 years after he is drafted.
  3. Charlie Blackmon 2018 Outlook

    Last 30 Days: 25/97 14 3 5 1 .258 .743 Yes, 5 RBI
  4. I have one opening in a $200 ESPN 13 team daily roto, keep one hitter and one pitcher from last years draft spot. joeg414@aol.com
  5. Jose De Leon - SP TB

    If he starts tonight for aaa. Won't see him until Friday , if at all.
  6. Jose De Leon - SP TB

    I hear you, but if that happens now , he'll sit in the bull pen as a long man.
  7. Jose De Leon - SP TB

  8. Rotoworld Software Upgrade Questions and Feedback

    When will the search function work ?
  9. Rotoworld Software Upgrade Questions and Feedback

    But, with the old site , you just had to click on the topic and it showed you the last post , without opening the whole topic.
  10. Rotoworld Software Upgrade Questions and Feedback

    About this new look to the site : I'm already missing the "tool" to just look at the last post of a topic on the main page, instead of checking on the the whole topic.
  11. Jose De Leon - SP TB

    Too bad. With the state of the pitching in LA;He would have a spot with the dodgers.