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  1. Just don't understand why a league would be set up a where owners lose money even before they start playing ?
  2. I do have a few teams open in a ESPN , keeper :one hitter and one pitcher from last years draft spot , roto league. It's $200 per team - League Safe ,all the money goes to the winners. Interested?
  3. That's why I've been saying he should be moved to Closer
  4. I believe I'll be looking for an owner or two for a ESPN 13 team 6x6 roto keeper (one hitter and one pitcher from last years draft spot) Its $200 per team , all the money goes to the winnings via League Safe. I'll send you an email
  5. But the lack of K's are costing me points ☹️
  6. If there is a tie for the wild card; Does the play in game to play the wild game count as game 163 and stats count for the regular season ?
  7. Some infield hit against Gomez. But , I think it's time to go . Doesnt look like Neris is the answer lately
  8. Gave up the hit to tie the game
  9. Need to cut either Herrera or Miller ( for a bat ) non hold 6x6 daily roto Which one ? Coin flip ?
  10. They still will spend the money and they have a lot of it to spend
  11. Yes. Think he can get some K's as well
  12. Ventura vs CWS or Gsellman vs Braves
  13. Still could pitch on Saturday