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  1. Every year Adam... I get a month or two of sweet sweet stats then you break my heart while you break your knee.
  2. I am totes falling for this just like every other year
  3. Marcus Mariota - QB - Titans Marcus Mariota (stinger) is questionable to return for Week 16 against the Redskins. It's the same injury that knocked him from Tennessee's game against Indianapolis. Blake Bortles will take over under center. Lol Rotoworld
  4. Am I having a senior moment or is he not on draft kings?
  5. wow i have ware and williams so best case scenario there. Samuels as my TE with Connor ruled out.
  6. The way I feel about it, my opponent would gladly start him as a TE against me, so I don’t mind starting him as a TE.
  7. Does Dr Chao specialize in poop over the internet too?
  8. It means absolutely nothing but yahoo has them projected just about even and cbs has Williams with a couple more points than ware. I don’t know. I don’t know what I’ll do, maybe just start Howard instead of either of them and then break my imaginary second place trophy when I pretend I get it.