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  1. Jhey really should've caught that benintendi dinger
  2. So hard to not cut this guy
  3. I wish the Nats would move to the state! Imagine 80 games of this nonsense!
  4. 4 lefties next week so might be a few rest days in there
  5. Bump for Thor's inevitable misdiagnosis
  6. Do we know if he's going Sunday or Monday?
  7. Just on the app colome looks like his pitches are all over the place
  8. Why do I keep donating money to DraftKings
  9. Meh I just leave him in there and if I see he got a hit or something I say "Yay!" then continue on ignoring the C slot
  10. I cant afford to hold with only a Sunday start then no 2 starts for a while. Unfortunate
  11. I need a goddamn permanent spot in this f------ piece of s--- thread. F--- this sport.
  12. Wait I thought Garrett was cy young reincarnated!?
  13. Can't be worse than Leon or d'arnaud so what the hell. You're up kid
  14. That ball was bryzzoed