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  1. He’s also good at giving analysts boners apparently... thanks Rotoworld Gerald Everett is immediately in play as a top-tier streamer option. Everett possesses the type of size (6-foot-3 and 239-pounds), athleticism (85th-percentile SPARQ-x athlete) and basketball background to make any fantasy football analyst go from six to midnight in a hurry. He's set up well against a Browns defense that will be missing FS Damarious Randall (concussion).
  2. I guess I handcuffed him with Gallup. Feels silly cuffing a wr, But this one could work. Don’t ever plan on starting Gallup unless coops out so I’d rather keep him on my bench than spend tons of faab if/when coop misses time
  3. Anyone know if and when he’s pitching this week? Bulking opening starting?
  4. Can anyone tell me if junis folty and/or Roark are two starting this week? CBS had em but took em away Otherwise go Cole! And houser?
  5. What the hell happened to this guy? All he does is K
  6. Why bring Cole out for the 7th? Why oh why
  7. Same thing, I let my commish and my opponent kno that I have “one too many” starts because he isn’t pitching Tuesday and Thursday. I even opened a help ticket with cbs to fix it. Not that I think it’ll help it actually b fixed, but just to help my case.
  8. I’ve always wanted to do +5 if ur team defense wins the actual game and -5 for a loss
  9. No one cares but I kept Chubb and bought Julio so I guess it doesn’t matter
  10. The “have to decide in 3 hours” bump.
  11. .5ppr .25ppcarry no penalties can keep for next 3 years if wanted. Also have tyreek hill keepable but narrowed it down to Julio or Chubb. I’m honestly at a coin flip at this point. Who do you keep?