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  1. Theres just no no rhyme or reason to this guy anymore
  2. I don't think Meyer needs to be off physically to walk people, it what he do
  3. Hate starting this guy everyday but I'm too scared to miss out on a 2-4 steal day. I think he's gonna start seeing my bench though, he's just so bad
  4. Uh oh Gary is catching. Oh wait wait it doesn't matter, he sucks either way
  5. There you go Jose!
  6. Sat Saturday and sitting again today
  7. I have colome and brach. Ratios be damned I got two saves! I guess
  8. Getting real sick of this gif in every one of my pitchers threads
  9. Apparently not. Sitting vs the lefty tonight
  10. I've been rolling with him as my only ss since walker went down. Thought of course he'd be up. I know as soon as I drop he'll get the call so I'm playing without a ss until it happens
  11. Clayton Richards hitch in his giddyup drives me crazy.
  12. This guy ain't worth holding. He gone
  13. I grabbed him for this 2start week but man I'm worried. Vs nats vs Cubs is no cakewalk. Someone talk me out of starting him please