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  1. This please
  2. To add a bit of fuel to the fire here, in my points league last year altuve and betts tied as #1 player. With trout 10 pts behind in third
  3. Oh dear stroman
  4. I got him on yahoo at #220. There is zero downside at that point
  5. TWTW
  6. 10 Daniel Hudson fanned all three batters he faced Friday in his appearance against the Rays. Advice: While Tony Watson has been a little shaky thus far, Hudson has allowed just one run in four innings and posted an 8/0 K/BB ratio. We like his chances of opening up as the Pirates' closer. (Rotoworld.com) any merit to this yahoo/rotoworld blurb?
  7. So yahoo pro team yo? 5x5 standard 12 team grandal myers murphy arenado russell sprjnger polanco hanilton eaton santana bench: keirmier brantley peralta thor, Tanaka, stroman, Paxton, gray, shoemaker, gray herrara, bedrosian, Rodney RP suck, love my bats, drafted 4 out of 12
  8. Got my yahoo pro draft tonight and I've been kicking around the idea of the all RP strategy discussed throughout this thread and I just don't think I can do it. While I'm sure it's viable, me personally, just don't think I can draft a team that way.
  9. But the players within the tiers are listed "in no particular order" so not really, trumbo could be listed first and trout last, theoretically.
  10. This doesn't really seem like tiers. It seems like a list of names. I understand you're doing the 13 players thing but if these were actually tiers you'd be cool with your OF1 whether it was trout or trumbo? They are in the same tier.
  11. Didn't know where to put this, are we getting the player thread index thread this year? I use that so much more than I thought I would
  12. That's how I draft too. But sometimes I even skip the ace part and just go spaghetti lol
  13. Is moncada going to be in the bigs this year? And when?
  14. Every RBI worth 3?
  15. I hope I draft a team this good.