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  1. ppl act like ray searage can turn water into wine. nonstop on MLB Network too, its so annoying.
  2. no love for Dozier. Is it because people always get him and Plouffe mixed up?
  3. It really is amazing. When a guy is lookin like pure crap to begin the season and is hitting around .230 in April. People say things like "the stats on the back of his baseball card will be there at the end of the season" and just like clockwork he's crept back up to last year's output.
  4. only ball I've seen hit that deep to center at the new yankee stadium was by Travis Hafner (i know lol)
  5. I'm gonna miss Vin!
  6. Glad he's balling out. Being the bball junkie that I am I remember watching some of the Nuggets SL games. He looked like one of the best players on the floor, glad its working for him. Have him in both my leagues
  7. watch the tape and get back to us on your assessments
  8. Driving a Rawls Royce all the way to the playoffs.
  9. good riddance allen robinson, don't own him but i played him in weeks 2 and 12 (go figure). special talent though
  10. FanDuels/DraftKings ruined it for everyone. Had they just flown under the radar and kept their mouth shut and didn't draw attention to themself with 1,000 commercials a weekend, it might have been okay. Had they approached this whole thing in a different manner they would have changed the entire landscape for online gambling (sports betting, poker, etc) and maybe paved the way for legalization of all platforms. Now since they went about it the completely wrong way, rather than things like sports betting being legalized, it will not happen just because of how sleazy DraftKings looks and those fake commercials with random douches like "Scott H" who deposited $20 and won $2,000,000
  11. Why is beat writer and reporter speculation reported on Blurbs? Yeah Foster might not carry a full workload, just like Ivory allegedly wasn't going to make it through THIS game.. lol
  12. MLB wise when are we talking about a call up? Cup of coffee in September? Make the team out of ST next season? 2014 July call up?
  13. I noticed that too. Phillies announcers are on my short list of most hated, actually. They just seem very smug/holier than thou.
  14. yeah I know, I threw it in there for kicks. Given the Twins rotation, maybe theres 00.0001%