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  1. Why do they give a TURD 3.1 YPC awful back so many goalline carries when they have a guy Beasting?
  2. i hate allen. wish hed get hurt
  3. Wow SlatyKamora is still a poster here. Saw this guy posting 7 years ago
  4. Can anyone explain why this is a RBBC when Allen is garbage who avgs 3.4 YPC?
  5. Favorite Announcers?

    I'm gonna miss Vin!
  6. Favorite Announcers?

  7. Favorite Announcers?

    I noticed that too. Phillies announcers are on my short list of most hated, actually. They just seem very smug/holier than thou.
  8. Favorite Announcers?

    Josh Lewin is good, but he doesn't do Ranger games anymore. I don't like the new Rangers play by play guy. Seems like a company man Nolan Ryan kiss a**.
  9. Word Association

    The Fonz
  10. Word Association

  11. Word Association

  12. Favorite Announcers?

    No McCarver for the ALCS. Francona taking his spot. Don't know if thats good or bad, I guess good because no one can be as big of a hack as McCarver
  13. Favorite Announcers?

    Josh clue why the Rangers fired him.
  14. Word Association

  15. Word Association

    Bobby Valentine