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  1. Dolphins may be the worst football team ever. Even the 0-16 browns and lions teams at least had 1-2 talented players
  2. Some might say your enthusiasm is infectious
  3. Yeah I ended up with this guy on pretty much all of my teams and have been pretty pleased so far. He got peppered last week and couldn’t quite deliver but this week he cashed in. As long as he keeps getting 5-10 targets a game he will be A ok as a TE1, plus Cam getting healthier as the season progresses won’t hurt.
  4. I would sell high. Not that I think he won’t keep the job ahead of JAG Jones (he will), but because this offense and backfield will be a dumpster fire overall
  5. I’m right here, he’s been awful. I thought the point of this thread was to tout saves, and he was free as a lottery ticket.
  6. Yeah I got duke late 5/ early 6 late in draft season after sniping him in 10 most of the draft season. I only play ppr so he’s a guy I wanted tons of shares of. hyde looked good, better than I thought. but the holes were huge and looked like mostly cutbacks so I think it had to do with specific plays called for him in a package. It’s worth noting duke had a big false start called on him on blitz pickup play and was hit and miss generally in blitz pickup. Still, this offense can float a committee so I don’t think it’s that duke people or Hyde people have to be right, there could be value both ways. It would have been some other JAG in hydes role even if they didn’t sign Hyde. 12-18 touches for duke was always probably the plan.
  7. I’m really confused why people are down on this guy. The #1 Wr is supposed to have a high target share.
  8. The fact is trubiski was awful and this guy feasted. What about last night wasn’t sustainable over a season? He was clearly the best player on the field for the bears O and was used appropriately. If anything he could have or should have had an even bigger night with his endzone usage. I’m all in on this guy, all the moreso if Mitch improves only just a little
  9. Yeah this guy has bust and this thread has cognitive dissonance to justify a pick written all over them, respectively
  10. HR and a steal tonight. This guy could have a nice month in him to close out the year.
  11. Urena save tonight. Hopefully y’all invested in the SP eligible closer like I posted 3 weeks ago.
  12. Brady this year is basically going in fantasy where he went in the real life nfl draft. enjoy kyler Murray 100 picks earlier; I’ll take the value and the league title to go, please