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  1. Noah Syndergaard 2018 Outlook

    I’m in medicine, not that speciality but medicine nonetheless, but adults with this often don’t get the rash kids get but instead get a flu like illness
  2. July Closer Thread 2018

    Boxberger and iglesias clean innings in Nonsave situations. Can’t remember the last time reds had a lead in the 9th...
  3. Manny Machado 2018 Outlook

    I love prospects and the whole thing but minor league arms are a dime a dozen and getting that head start on negotiating with machado, after he’s had a chance to know and love the team, have purchased a home, etc so having the inside track to signing him is worth some guy who could be bumgarner or could be Jacob turner. Not to mention the added benefit of a possible pennant this year. I googled mlb rules and can’t see anything about a traded player not getting compensatory picks. The process was revised in the new cba but only as pertains to revenue sharing teams vs luxury tax teams getting different rounds. Edit: I found another source that says you can’t make a qualifying offer to a traded player, so that’s why. What kind of compensation pick will a club that loses such a player receive? It depends. Under the previous CBA, if a team made a qualifying offer to a player and he signed elsewhere, it would get a supplemental first-round Draft pick (right after the end of the first round). That has all changed. Under the new rules, if the team that loses the free agent is a revenue-sharing recipient, based on its revenues and market size, then the selection -- if and only if the lost player signs for at least $50 million -- will be awarded a pick between the first round and Competitive Balance Round A of the 2018 MLB Draft. If the player signs for less than $50 million, the compensation pick for those teams would come after Competitive Balance Round B, which follows the second round. The following 16 teams currently qualify for these picks: A's, Astros, Braves, Brewers, D-backs, Indians, Mariners, Marlins, Orioles, Padres, Pirates, Rays, Reds, Rockies, Royals and Twins. If the team that loses the player does not receive revenue sharing and did not exceed the luxury-tax salary threshold the previous season, its compensatory pick will come after Competitive Balance Round B. The value of the player's contract doesn't matter in this case. The nine clubs that fall into this category are the Angels, Blue Jays, Cardinals, Cubs, Mets, Phillies, Rangers, Red Sox and White Sox. If the team that loses the player went over the luxury-tax threshold, the compensation pick will be placed after the fourth round has been completed (as with the previous scenario, it doesn't matter how much the player signs for). The five clubs in this group are the Dodgers, Giants, Nationals, Tigers and Yankees. Keep in mind, these team designations could change every season. As a quick rule of thumb, Draft-pick compensation breaks down like this: * General rule: Compensation after Comp Round B (in pick 75-80 range) * Exception 1: Team paid luxury tax = Compensation after fourth round (mid-100s) * Exception 2: Team received revenue sharing AND free agent signed for more than $50 million = Compensation after the first round
  4. Manny Machado 2018 Outlook

    Is that new in the latest cba? It didn’t used to work that way. Regardless I still think they should do it for the other reasons noted.
  5. Manny Machado 2018 Outlook

    The NL is pretty wide open, as a Phillies fan id be fine seeing them give sixto Sanchez and another couple prospects for Britton and machado. If worst case machado walks you get a draft pick to recoup the minor leagues and you’ve addressed the bullpen and given your team a chance to win this year. From what I’ve seen with the nationals and the Mets in recent years, the worst thing you can do is to slow play a year where you can compete by assuming you’ll be there’s in future. It rarely works that way. If you see an opportunity, seize it. That’s what the eagles did and the sixers failed to do... and I’m hoping it’s what the phils do here.
  6. Bryce Harper 2018 Outlook

    As a Phillies fan I can’t help but chuckle at how bad the nats misplayed the Harper Strasburg window... and now it’s closed. This arrogant team and management shut stras down bc they figured they’d be there year after year and 3 years later the phils and Braves caught them and now it’s all caput. I don’t blame Bryce for checking out on this team and giving 50% effort before going to NY in November
  7. Walker Buehler 2018 Outlook

    If jerking him around was the nature of the problem, I wouldn’t count on that not being the case given the pending logjam of 7 healthy sps in LA. Generally the guys with minor league options are the first to bump
  8. Hyun-Jin Ryu 2018 Outlook

    Maeda pitched out of the pen last night so there’s your spoiler alert. It may be that it was his throw day and the asb looming but he did it last year. My guess is maeda goes to the pen first, followed by stripling if need be. Hill has been terrible though so they may feel that stripling should stick given he’s a cy young candidate. But this situation will likely solve itself via injury
  9. July Closer Thread 2018

    Provin all dem haters wrong. Still confused why analysts are saying the dbacks will add a closer, their late inning bullpen has been near tops in MLB all year long and Luvullo strikes me as a guy who wouldn’t mess with established roles unless he has reason to.
  10. Madison Bumgarner 2018 Outlook

    He’s running out of gas late in games. Yesterday loaded the bases and if memory serves a few ER late last time. Still probably building stamina after the late start, bochy letting him work through it. He’s a beast still even at 91 mph
  11. Eric Thames 2018 Outlook

    Pulled hammy. Good timing with the all star break at least
  12. Tanner Roark 2018 Outlook

    Doesn’t look like it. I just bought low on him in a super deep NL only so I’ll be a regular in these parts but not looking pretty. Still even if they acquire an arm hellickson is likely to get bumped first.
  13. Robbie Ray 2018 Outlook

    Hey with all the negativity in this thread guy deserves a hand for a half decent performance in a nightmare scenario. I think there’s still some performance left in his arm this yr
  14. Ross Stripling 2018 Outlook

    I’m worried about his role not his production. I think it’s possible they limit his innings. But the 6 man rotation will help and although it has sucked sometimes pulling him after 5 or 6 ip also helps. So really it comes down to will the dodgers all be healthy? I think roberts wants to make all the pitchers prove that before he mucks with roles.
  15. Kris Bryant 2018 Outlook

    Here’s to a fun second half