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  1. Stash Eloy in redraft ?

    I agree, I think he could be good down the stretch. Good situation in Chicago for zero pressure (due to the fact that they are no good) and I believe he can succeed. thanks for mine!
  2. Who’s my drop to pick up Eloy? WHIR

    Thanks! Indeed it was haha.
  3. 12 team H2H Who would you drop out of Calhoun, Muncy, Beltre or Martinez? Theyre all bench players that I move in and out of the lineup as needed. thanks and leave a link!
  4. Who to drop? WHIR!!

    I wouldn't drop any of those for Carpenter...if you're pretty set on getting Carp, then I guess I'd drop Moncada. Wouldn't want to though.
  5. Freddy Peralta or Reynaldo Lopez?? WHIR

    Close, but I'd say Peralta has the edge due to Ks...both play for "rebuilding" teams but I trust Peralta more than Lopez long-term. Thanks for mine!
  6. Trade Gallo?? WHIR!

    Yea, I'd do the deal as well...as long as a counter wouldn't turn him/her off, I'd counter with Gallo and Strickland for Corbin and Diaz. Doubt they bite on it but it's worth a try as long as the person doesn't get bent outta shape regarding your offer. Thanks for mine.
  7. Rank These OFs (Rest of Season)

    Acuna, Haniger, Inciarte, Rosario MIne?
  8. Soroka or Peralta? WHIR!!

    Soroka for me too. Mine?
  9. Closer help.... WHIR

    I'd stick with Knebel also. Mine?
  10. 3B help...WHIR

    I dropped Candelario last week when Beltre came off the DL and of course he was scooped up over the weekend. Probably should've held on to him, but now Beltre is likely headed back to the DL...who's the pickup? Leave a link! 12 team H2H categories Available: Descalso, YSanchez, Cozart, Longoria, or Davidson...leaning towards Descalso or Sanchez due to versatility. My Team: C - Gattis 1 - EE/Bruce 2 - Gordon SS - Torres 3 - OF - Springer, DSantana, JoMartinez, Inciarte, Scwarber, Soler DL - Myers, Beltre, Murphy, Molina SP - Verlander, Tanaka, McCullers, GRichards, Soroka, TAnderson RP - Davis, Doolittle, BB, Hader, Holland
  11. Jose Martinez 2018 Outlook

    El Martinez must've heard ya'll talking smack!
  12. Has enough time passed in order to evaluate Domingo? Drop for Soler, Cahna, or Schebler? Thanks and leave a link! 12 team H2H 5x5: C - Molina 1 - Bruce 2 - Gordon SS - Torres 3 - Candelario OF - Springer, JoMartinez, Inciarte, Schwarber, Dahl DL - Beltre, Williamson, Myers SP - Verlander, McCullers, Tanaka, Soroka, Lopez, Richards RP - Davis, Doolittle, Hader, Boxberger, Holland
  13. Taijuan Walker 2018 Outlook

    Owners still holding? Or is no news, bad news?
  14. Week 3 RP - Yonny or Chatwood (WHIR)

    Yonny for sure. Mine?
  15. Time to drop Brinson?

    I'd drop for Cordero. Mine? http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/700505-whos-the-drop-to-add-rizzo-and-myers-this-week-from-the-dl-whir/