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  1. Baldwin for Watkins and Carson? WHIR

    True, thanks! His only other WRs are Hill and Evans.
  2. 1PPR w a flex, is Watkins and Carson for Baldwin giving up too much? Suggestions on a counter offer? Thanks! my lineup: Wilson McCoy Freeman Hopkins DThomas Reed Hopkins Arizona Bench: Riddick Cohen Watkins JRodgers Carson Doyle
  3. MThomas DThomas T. Pryor Cook
  4. DJ+Baldwin for Shady and D Murray? WHIR

    Yep...take it! Mine:
  5. Rate the Squad! - WHIR

    Yea, after DJ your RBs are iffy at best. If Woody or Jacquizz erupt, you'll be good. I love your WRs though. Good luck! Mine?
  6. Freeman and Gurley way overpay for Bell?

    Yea, I'd do that in a heartbeat...but I'd also be vigilant on the waiver wire for bench RBs. Mine:
  7. Rate My Team

    I like it...your RBs kind of worry me, but I am not high on Crowell or Hunt (Unproven). I love your WRs and am a lot higher on Decker (providing he stays healthy) then a lot of people. And if White pops, I'd be looking to trade for a RB. Thanks for mine!
  8. What do ya'll think of my drafted team? 12 team, 1 PPR: Cousins Murray, Martin, Abdullah, Gore, Prosise OBJ, Pryor, Jeffrey, Garcon, Golladay Bennett Sturgis Arizona D On the wire is Burkhead, JBrown, KWright, Kupp, Carson, EManning...would ya'll switch out anyone for these players?
  9. SP options...WHIR

    Godley and Marquez for me...with no Trout, less offense for the Angels, thus less chance for a win. Then maybe Blach. Good Luck! Mine? http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/648086-any-suggestionsslumping-team/
  10. Was in first week 1-6...7-9, dropped to 5...just a slumping offense or should I make a move? Suggestions? Last in SBs, AVG, Wins, and Saves...1st in HRs, middle of the road in R, RBI. 5x5 H2H categories 3 OF, 2 U league. C - McCann 1 - Votto 2 - Castro SS - Lindor, Seager 3 - Sano, JTurner OF - Springer, Judge, Bellinger, McCutch, Cargo, Owings, Dyson SP - Sale, Cueto, Wheeler, Gray, Godley, Bundy, Triggs, Senzatella RP - Holland, Rodney, N. Jones, Bedrosian Thanks in advance! And leave a link!
  11. Sunday and Monday what do you need

    Up by 54 in a 1PPR and they have Stafford and Tate. Hoping for the best!
  12. Sunday and Monday what do you need

    Up by 76 and done, he has Stafford, Bell, Tate, and Dixon. 1pt PPR Feeling less than positive. Thoughts?
  13. wr help

    Yep Lee, though I do also like Theilen against Indy! Thanks for mine!
  14. Ware or Kelley .5 ppr whir

    I like Kelley because 1. he caught a couple of passes last week, maybe he gets more involved in the passing game and 2. as of now, Kuechly is still in the concussion prot Mine?