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  1. Up by 54 in a 1PPR and they have Stafford and Tate. Hoping for the best!
  2. Up by 76 and done, he has Stafford, Bell, Tate, and Dixon. 1pt PPR Feeling less than positive. Thoughts?
  3. Yep Lee, though I do also like Theilen against Indy! Thanks for mine!
  4. I like Kelley because 1. he caught a couple of passes last week, maybe he gets more involved in the passing game and 2. as of now, Kuechly is still in the concussion prot Mine?
  5. Another vote for Bills over Denver. Mine?
  6. I'd go Farrow in a potential high scoring game...ridiculous upside. For a safe "kinda" floor and 70 total yds or so, I'd go Gurley. mine?
  7. Yep, Hill for me too. Mine?
  8. Jeffrey for me...he's gotta wanna prove something, right? Barkley is serviceable even with a low temp in Chicago. Mine?
  9. In the Flex should I start Farrow vs. Oakland, Rishard M. vs. KC, or stick with Edelman vs. Den? Leave a link! 12 team PPR, starting: QB - Brady RB - Howard, Kelley WR - OBJ, Evans TE - Ertz Flex - ? D - Houston K - Bryant
  10. Not really...plus Dak just got scooped up. Here's my team: QB - Rivers RB - McCoy, Howard, Michael, Crowell WR - J. Jones, Jeffrey, Fitz, T. Benjamin, S. Sheppard TE - Olsen D - NE K - Novak
  11. Yea, Thomas for me too if he plays...too many mouths in NO. Thanks for mine.
  12. Yep, do it up! I think you'll be great with Murray and Howard as your 1 and 2, and JJ and OBJ (he'll get back to his norm) is a brilliant combo! Thanks for mine!
  13. Thanks for mine! I'd say you are good as is, if your league is PPR, then I would probably start Meredith over Matthews in the hopes that the Chi/Jax game will be a high scoring shoot-out.
  14. Jones, Landry, Meredith...unless JStew is out, then I'd substitute CAP for Meredith. Mine?
  15. I would lean towards Mariota, primarily because of what you already stated...his schedule is sweet for the next few games. Plus the rushing perk....he's my vote over Stafford and Cousins. Mine?