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  1. With 6 points for passing TDs, I'd stick with Rivers. Allen's primary differentiated value is his legs - in other words, even in matchups like this week's, I'd go with Rivers due to his higher probability of throwing for more TDs than a scrambler like Allen.
  2. I'd trade Hyde for either of those TEs, based on your preference.
  3. I'd roll with Duke. Too many options in Was - would like to see how targets pan out over the next couple weeks.
  4. PPR league - who would you start this week at QB & Flex? Brees at LAR or Mayfield at NYJ Dede at HOU or Landry at NYJ I like the idea of MNF Cle connection but would like some opinions. Full disclosure: I start OBJ and Kamara as well, in case that factors into your consideration. Thanks and leave a link.
  5. This is all complete bull****. Staged for drama on HBO...
  6. I'd counter with Winston or maybe Woods instead of Cooks or Ingram/Murray instead of Freeman.
  7. for a 14-team big money league, I think you did well. Wouldn't expect to see much slippage in a large, serious league like that.
  8. I like it. Get who you think is going to outperform ADP when you feel like you need to, which it looks like you did with Gordon - good gamble.
  9. I like your draft. Would be the type of team I'd shoot for if drafting 12. Nice job.
  10. Freeman and Ballage would be my two to cut. Trading Henderson to the Gurley owner might help but I'd hang on to him otherwise. Freeman and Ballage have had chances in the past and did not shine. Don't give up on the rookie in a great run offense with a gimpy star ahead of him.
  11. I think that offer of Ekeler and Shepard for JuJu might be feasible but imo only if both guys have solid+ games in week 1. The guy who owns Zeke and Gordon must be panicking now, even more sore if Zeke sits. Doesn't hurt to throw the offer out there now but if things break your way this week, you'll be in a better spot to land that deal.
  12. I have pick 6 in a 0.5 PPR league. Seeing a top 7 of Barkley, CMC, Kamara, Zeke, DJ, Hopkins, Adams. I'd be very happy with any of these guys, so I'm trying to make peace with myself passing on Zeke if he's there at #6 overall. Convince me that I'm wrong and should take Zeke all day long at 6... and if so, how far would you reach for Pollard later on? Thanks and leave a link.