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  1. ******** hell it would be nice if Samuels and kittle suited up for the 2nd half and scored me some points.
  2. On the other hand you could just be happy you have 20 points from a guy who was on waivers a week ago.....
  3. I think he was being sarcastic given he said that after the Ravens d scored a TD. Woooosh!
  4. It's close. I think I'd go with Robby unless I heard unequivocally that Juju was good to go. I have a good feeling about Anderson this week.
  5. Thanks for your help on mine. I think Woods over Washington is pretty straightforward. I love Washington long term but right now he's....5th in line for targets? Regarding your QB--I think Cousins might be your best bet. Allen might have a higher ceiling but I have a sneaking suspicion the Pats are going to shut him down.
  6. I have Adams, Thomas, and Thielen. 2 WR slots, no flex. I can only start two. I have Adams locked in to one wr spot. I'm going back and forth between the other 2. They were both generally great for most of the season and they've been complete poo for the last few weeks. Right now I'm leaning towards Thomas--I'm hoping the NO/Pitt game will be a shootout and maybe Brees and that offense get their juju back.
  7. I also think the Dolphins are the pick here.
  8. I'm leaning Dolphins. That Jax offense is in total and complete disarray.
  9. good god this sounds like a boring league. "Let's come up with a set of rules to restrict managers' ability to modify their teams, engage with the league, and react to changes in player availability due to short term or long term injuries, suspensions, or coaches whims. what we'd really like is to have half the league give up by the middle of the season because their teams are injured or out of it and they have no moves left to improve their teams. you should draft your 42 man roster, set your starters, and check back in in December to see who won. this is how REAL MEN do it and everybody else is just playing daily fantasy". your take could not be more wrong. It's ridiculous that you've come up with a way to denigrate active and attentive managers.
  10. this statement is a total misinterpretation of that. Eye witness testimony is often proved wrong due to people's inability to remember things as they actually happened for various reasons. That would have no bearing for a situation where you can watch tape and view recordings of events (football games, for instance).
  11. Across 3 games into the 3rd or 4th quarter NFC East teams have scored a combined 6 points and are being outscored by a combined 38. What a garbage division.
  12. Man...what happened to Meredith was pretty tragic. He seemed like he was about to blow up and then he blew his knee out and just hasn't been able to get back since. He didn't get any traction this year in NO and is finishing the season on IR. Him and Britt are two huge "what ifs" for me at the WR position due to injuries.
  13. i actually played in one of these this season. no TE with an extra flex spot. it was much more relaxing.
  14. Buffalo is out of healthy RBs, according to redzone. Dang.