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  1. Man. Those QBs are brutal. "It sucks that Luck retired but at least I can start Big Ben. he threw for 5k yards last season!" "Man. too bad about Big Ben's arm but at least I still have Cam. What a quality backup to fall back on!" "Errrr...Jimmy G, I guess?"
  2. Personally i have one spot for Galladay, Boyd, and Golden Tate XV. Boyd is out of my circle of trust so it comes down to Tate with that tasty match-up vs the Arizona "defense" or Golladay vs a much better Minny D. The match-up is the equalizer for me here and the only reason I'm considering Tate. Golladay just isn't quite a "set it and forget it" guy for me yet. I will more than likely go with him regardless of match-up because of the above info about Rhodes not shadowing and also just because he's significantly better than Tate in a vacuum. Tate is an example of a guy I grabbed off waivers a couple weeks ago I'd consider starting over Golladay, just to answer the question. I will say--Golladay has a tendency to put together a few good games, get you to trust him, then throw up a 2 point game. I don't think that's as much on him as it is on Stafford and the coaches.
  3. in the end, turf toe sucks. Generally if a skill position guy gets it he's gonna be gone for at least a month and you hope it's not something that lingers all season (it often does).
  4. i own no shares of this running game anywhere but..for the love of god Andy just pick one!
  5. I swear half of Belichick's genius is just consistently not doing really stupid s---. He coaches an intelligent game and 75% of the time whoever he's playing against does one or many stupid things and he takes advantage of it.
  6. Are you ready for a bidding war for Fitz between the Chiefs and the Steelers?
  7. Flacco makes a good throw and Fant with those alligator arms!
  8. the prognosis seems to be something between 2 weeks and 2020 week 1.
  9. update just said Mahomes was in the xray room for only 2 minutes before they ruled him out for the rest of the game. that's alarming.
  10. also--what the f--- is the point of doing a QB sneak there when your QB, who gets some not-insignficant part of his value from being mobile, has had a weeks long ankle injury? just run a RB up the gut. I don't own Mahomes anywhere, in fact i'm playing him this week, and that's just a stupid STUPID damn decision.
  11. i saw that replay of them popping his knee back in to place. I don't know if that's good or bad. i mean...of course it's bad he was hurt and that had to pop it back in to place but on the other hand hand he walked off with assistance and by the time he got to the tunnel he was walking by himself without a limp, almost strolling. I don't know what any of that means. (them popping it in to place and then the way his other leg straightened in pain was nightmare fuel, however)
  12. well done, sir. quality rant here. another quality rant. short and to the point. i am sorry for whatever caused you such epic frustration. for both of you i hope both your seasons turn around.
  13. this is a great post. unfortunately at this point in his career Brady just can't take advantage of the things Gordon is good at.