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  1. Eloy has had some injury issues the past couple of years. He's no sure thing. Belly has proven he can hit in the majors. I would try to trade Eloy and Belly for a better keeper.
  2. Send me more info on the Harper/Bryant/Bellinger team. Thanks!
  3. This is an 8-team AL-only league that has been in existence for 25+ years and we recently lost one of our original owners. We are looking for 1 replacement to take over his team, which won the league last year. Based on that, we are going to have a slightly different keeper process this year. Normally, all owners could keep up to 25 players on their roster, as long as they stay under the $300 salary cap (only enforced on auction day). Since we are getting a new owner for the best team in the league, we are going to limit all teams to 10 keepers this year and we have picked the 10 keepers for this open team. The keepers are: Salvador Perez, Jose Abreu, Matt Olson, Whit Merrifield, Francisco Lindor, Mitch Haniger, Aaron Judge, Blake Snell, Corey Kluber, and Jake Junis. It is AL-only and we realize that Kluber could still get traded to the NL. In that event, Justin Verlander would replace Kluber. So it's a very good team. The entry fee is $110. Hosted on OnRoto, not dynasty(no minors), keep up to 25 players in all other years as long as under the salary cap (only applies at auction), auction w/ 3-yr initial contracts. It is H2H where you play a weekly game against each of the other 7 teams each week. Let me know if you are interested.
  4. I'm probably interested - Thanks!
  5. So how does this work? Where do you store your minor leaguers? Do you have a major league draft if you keep 27 and that's the size of your roster? I might be interested. The link just gives me all teams, is it only We Shotgun Busch Heavy that is available? Let me know. Email @ Thanks! Jeff Schmidt
  6. Looking for someone to join our league long-term, as we have had a couple of teams go through multiple owners over the past 5 years. The league has been in existence for 25 years and we'd like to keep it going with 8 teams. The league is hosted on OnRoto and the entry fee is $110. This is a keeper league where you play 7 H2H matchups each week, with 1 win per matchup and 19 categories (10 offense, 9 pitching). We have weekly lineups where you start C, 1B, 2B, SS, 3B, 3 OF, and a DH/UT, plus 4 starting pitchers and 4 relievers. So 17 starters and a 25-man total roster. We have a $300 salary cap and contracts, including short-term (1-year) and long-term (multiple year) extensions. We do not have minor leaguers on our rosters. You can keep up to all 25 guys each year, as long as you are at or under $300. The auction goes pretty quick, as guys generally keep 15-23 players each. The team available has Mike Trout, Joey Gallo ($1), Logan Morris ($1), Charlie Morton ($3), Sonny Gray ($16), Aroldis Chapman, and Nick Castellanos ($6). It has some good players, but does need some work for a season or 2. We allow 1st year owners to pay an entry fee of $55, so that allows you to build the team at a reduced rate this year. Let me know if you are interested. Email me at